Suhaila Salimpour

Belly dancer


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Anahid Hojjati

She is beautiful and dances well. If she were too skinny

by Anahid Hojjati on


She is beautiful and I like her dance moves,  If she were skinnier, That would be ugly to watch bunch of bones going up and down, left and right. So she is good the way she is.

Jahanshah Javid

Very sexy

by Jahanshah Javid on

Her movements, her curves, her smile are very attractive. She's enjoying herself and it shows. I enjoyed the dance from start to finish.



by abc123 on

I used to dance at school for my friends when I was a teen. Now, my belly is big like hers...I'm wondering is this a sexy dance? I'm asking gentlemen. The costume that she is wearing (should say not wearing) is so transparent, but I don't see anything sexy. Nowadays, in Iranian parties it's a luxury to have belly dancers (perfect parties should have one!) and middle aged and old men watch them with open mouth:) is it really sexy?

I wasn't so impressed. I think the movement should be faster and have more character. She should practice more and don't eat rice:)


Bellydancing is soooo Arab /Sheikh/ Harem i.e not Persian

by mannya2001 on

I am far more supportive of hip hop dancing because it is actually fun to watch, with acrobatic moves at times,...

but I can't bear to watch Belly Dancing for more than 30 seconds,  it is just so pointless.  It is neither erotic, nor athelitc, it is part of Arab culture.  It does nothing but re-inforce to folks in the West that people in the Middle East are still living in tents, with harems and camels.  It is similar to seeing Afro-Americans engage dance in circles with a banana skirt and a bone sticking out from their hair.

Please leave Belly dancing to ARABS.  If you have to dance, try dancing like Brtiney Spears, Aaliyah or Justin Timberlake.

And BTW, have you noticed that usually the not so attractive White girl take up Belly Dancing, I mean ones that are usually way overweight.  Please don't post a video of an attractive White girl dancing- that would be an exception to the rule



by Emil on

She hasn't got the body for belly dancing...she needs less belly and smaller waist with nice curves...F+



by HHH on

Lower body movement needs work. Waist and hip movement too rigid.

Teacher must have been American. Dance seems more like Hollywood portrait of Middle-eastern dancers than real dancers.

It gets better just near the end.


B+ To B :)

by R2-D2 on

She needs much more pratice - Her skills not yet refined :) - !




GS! Nice Share!

by Monda on

Salimpour is great and looks even more sensual Live! My nieces and a friend who took her belly dancing classes told me that she inspires students to create their own moves in addition to what they learn in her classes.