Anousheh Ansari

Encourages students to pursue science


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Sakineh Bikineh


by Sakineh Bikineh on

You're an Anshtan yourself girl ;)

Iranparast - did your father ever have the same analogy for "good men?"  You know, in the equal and opposite direction?  Or shall I say in a parallel universe?  Seriously, I'm interested to know.

Demo and others who criticize case you've been in a cave or under coma:  She helped change the world!!




Anousheh Ansari, my HERO!

by Yana on

Ghormeh jan thanks again, I was just wondering what she was up to these days.


Demo Comments

by Leonis on

Demo, your comments indicate your very limited brain functions.

Definitly, you are not in a position to judge this highly accoplished lady.

Just shut your F... up. 


what is wrong with some of you!

by puss on

We don't need to know her with all the details in her life to be happy for her and to be proud of her.

fact is, she is an accomplished Iranian woman, she is brave and
intelligent. She has used her own money to make her own dream come true...what is wrong with it?!!!

Good for her.  Why
some of us can't be happy for her?! We don't see what she has done
because we don't want to see. we are jealous and unkind like so many
other Iranian.

The only thing has brought us together is this green move ......

I have moved to the USA 15 years ago.. unfortunately I never met
even one kind, warm hearted and nice far.. we are so xxxxx

"ma roye har chi  adame bi atefe ra sefid kardim.."


She is a good woman ...


My Dad used to say that a Good Woman can make a success out of a bum, and a Bad Woman can destroy a successful man ...

She is definitely in the former category ...



Marjan Zahed Kindersley

I know very little about her, if anything at all

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

I remember someone telling me that she flew in some space shuttle and there was some ludicrous dispute about flags (yeah, space is so ethnic!), but I'd be interested to know if that was just to annoy my teapot kettle's tiny carbon footprint, taking hobnobbing with the stars literally or did she do some scientific research up there?


Ms. Ansari's experience with the current recession

by farrad02 on

Reportedly, after spending over $100 million dollars out of her pocket on a startup company in Texas (Prodea Systems), and after several rounds of painful layoffs, her company has had no success in generating enough sales and faces bleak prospects for its future!



To: Demo

by Mamane-Omid on

you sure sound like you're jealous.

Jahanshah Javid

Role model

by Jahanshah Javid on

For women -- especially Iranian women treated like scond-class citizens for so long -- she is an inspiration. Shows how far you can go if you dream and work hard.



by Demo on

First was spending 20 million bucks to just visit the space, and then was showing herself off on TV show of Opera on earth. None brought her the needed attention & she was quickly forgotten. Now here we go again. As psychologists say “people with Attention Deficiency Disorder or ADD are even willing to kill themselves to get others’ attentions!!!”