Shirin Ebadi

Invites people worldwide to join the July 25th protests

See rally details in city nearest you here: Ebadi also asks women worldwide to go to their neighborhood parks on Saturdays between 7-8 pm to show solidarity with Iranian mothers who have lost their children to recent brutalities in Iran. She further invites UN head, Ban Ki-moon to go to Iran and review the violations of human rights. Last she outlines a list of demands for the Iranian government as a way out of the current crisis:


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I don't trust her

by AK69 on

and I don't like her...




by Leonis on

Islam is an insult to the human dignity.

Ahmed from Bahrain

Gul Dust

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

I am fully with you. Perhaps this is not the place but as humans we have free will. How we choose to use it is up to us. Indeed in this case we are gods of our own destinies and yes God is on holiday and we are in charge of this planet. i think we all have noticed that!!

It is up to us to view every life as sacred and do whatever we can to protect that life.

Now if anyone who chooses to follow any religion and has similar beliefs then kudon to them and if they don't then they should truly be just ignored. It is the only way to deminish their power.

Check this out and enjoy:


Ahmed from Bahrain


Islamic regime? this is a Mafia regime! Islam is used to silence

by gol-dust on

people, especially the oppositions, and rule in the name of God the merciful! What God? What merciful? Where is God? If there was a God it wouldn't allow this crimials kill and torture so many innocent people and steal from people!

Rafsanjani is on top of the list along with ahamadinejad and khamenei etc. They are all gods at this time!

The best form of obtaining power and maintaining that power is through religion. Then, you would call your oppositions, Oppostions to God, Islam, Jesus, Moses what have you. Under this pretext, you can order them Killed and elimiate them. That's how religion is used!

They use our beliefs against ourseleves! That's why millions of people like me have left the religion and became athieists! May be this is the best thing that happend to us! It opened our eyes! This regime will be gone in matter of years.

God? It is in your heart! If there is a light in your heart, you can then discover the God! it is not anything in the sky! This is bull shit!

Ahmed from Bahrain

Aghai Khamenie and Ahmedinejad

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

What this brave lady is asking for is the very basic right of every individual. If your religious teaching can not allow such basic needs for life then you both should resign and let other Iranians who can and are willing to provide such basic rights to step in.

I was born in Shi'ah family with a 100 year famous Hossainiah in my family home. A number of men used to attend these sessions under the influence of alchohol or narcotics. Everyone knew them but not a single person would give themselves the right to tell them off or deny them entry into our home. I loved these people because their hearts had brought them there and despite what they had done to themselves, they still had faith in their hearts.

What you, Mr Khamenie, as a leader of Muslims do, is far from justice, kindness, forgiveness that your very Quran preaches.

Take a closer look at every chapter in Quran: they all begin with the words: In the name of God; The Merciful, The Compassionate.

Show a little mercy and compassion for your own kind, for God's sake. Otheriwse, if Islam is like you, then I will have no bar of it.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Ma enghadr bad bakht hastim keh yek tripod barayeh doorbin

by gol-dust on

Nadarim? Such an an impotant speech with a shaky picture! We have a long way to go to catch up with china!



by alirezag on

Ms. Ebadi, since you like rioters who burn the streets and loot, can you please post your address? Perhaps people will give you a gift. Let's see how quickly you beg the police to arrest the rioters when that happens.



Excellent speech! 

by Anonymouse on

Excellent speech!  She has the right idea - a campaign to get UN's president Yon Ki Moon to travel to Iran to discuss the human rights violations. I have a feeling if it was Kofi Annan he'd traveled already.  

Everything is sacred.


Honest and Intelligent

by Dariush on

Honest and Intelligent nationalist such as Shini Ebadi with proven records are the best choices.  It guarantees freedom, human rights, democrocy and national security. 

Dorood bar Shirin Ebadi for being so dedicated to justice, people and Iran.


Maryam Hojjat

Thanks, Shirin!

by Maryam Hojjat on

We are proud of you. 

Payandeh IRAN & Iranians

Down with IRI

hamsade ghadimi

shirzan iran

by hamsade ghadimi on

great spokesperson for our struggle against tyranny. i'll be at a rally today as well.

khaleh mosheh

Excellent speech

by khaleh mosheh on

Well done- deserving of the Nobel Prize!

Mona 19

July 25 ~ Global day of Action for Iran

by Mona 19 on

Darius Kadivar

Shirine YOU ROCK !

by Darius Kadivar on



Bravest Lady, A Nobel Prize Winner Very Well Deserved

by Leonis on

My highiest respects to this brave Lady. She sets an example of honosty and endurance, a true fighter for a noble cause. If Iranian men had a fraction of her courage..

Bahram G

Iran's Women

by Bahram G on

I always felt that the Iranian women are the main engine for pulling our country out of its presence quagmire. And Shirin Ebadi is proving the point. She is one of many outstanding women of Iran who are "more men than men." I pride in Dr. Ebadi and every last one of Iranian, women and men, who believe that HUMAN RIGHTS ARE GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS and fight for it.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

I'm really surprised. What a courageous lady.


You go Shirin!

by Mehrban on

No one can fault you on this one.  She is living up to her Noble title.  No Hejab either.