Voters World-wide

Iranians around the world who will vote in the presidential election

Compiled by pro-Mousavi


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Just a reminder

by Abarmard on

كافر همه را به كيش خود پندارد


رائ برای ایندیی بهتر


I'm just curious about who will apologise in 4 years. I love those young and brave supporters inside and outside of Iran, the rest can stay abroad for the next 500 years.


Alahazrat Hajagha

no word!

by Alahazrat Hajagha on

I have no word for you Mr Kadivar. you need professional help
I am out!



by zigourat on

I'm tired to hear these iranian or so call who are constantly complaining about these regime and doing nothing to change it. Ok guys if you don't approuve IRI take a weapon and go fight against it or at least made a party to overthrown it. Just don't insult people who does'nt think like you. You are acting exactly like your ennemy who name his opponents as israeli spy.  

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

They are Too Young and Naive to realize the WRONG SIGNAL they are sending to the World and to their compatriots ...






by Reza12345 (not verified) on

People will rightfully exercise their right and vote. Thank you so much for this beautiful video. And don't mind these people here. There are just a handful of out-of-touch, bitter, resentful "Los Angelesis" who despise anything good that happens inside Iran. They are the only ones NOT voting :) Let them fool themselves into believing that people are waiting for their Shah to come back :))

Vote! Kick Ahmadinejad out and let's build that country together with all the real actual tools that we have. Not with "illusions". Let these people call the elections a "show" all they want. They have nothing better to say.




Thank you to my intelligent, politically conscious and beautiful compatriots!  Love you!



by mas (not verified) on

i believe this so called election ia just a show and even if someone wants to make a change, he does not have the power to do so but if anybody wants to vote let them vote its their decision. boycotting does not help either(i'm not voting)
the only solution is to get rid of mullahs


Thank you

by Hesam Samimi (not verified) on

Thank you Negar! It was beautiful.

Come on people! This is us. Don't confuse the people and the government. If we're bitter about our government that's understandable, but don't separate yourself from your own people.

Yes. There are legitimate democratic ways we can improve our government. One is not: sitting around and cussing the IRI.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

You said it my friend.
What is so funny and sad in the same time is the action (vote) of those people who believe there would be change if any of those candidate win...


cheap propaganda

by MRX1 on

IRI propaganda video's are always so poorly done that you can always spot it in a second. Apparently 20 people out of a million or so political and economic refugee from Iran are going to vote! while they are at it they should vote for me too. come to think of it each one of them should vote for like 100 people.


Az Mast keh bar MAST!

by AnonymousPB (not verified) on

z Mast Keh Bar Mast

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

naive and patethic ppl ... !


R. I. P. 2009 boycott movement

by Q on

Poor boycott movement. Died of a tragic accident when the loaded "anti legitimacy" gun it was aiming backfired and knocked out the shooter instead.

Rest in peace boycott (aka. Buy-coot), we shall miss thee.


Time of death: June 2nd, 11:45PM.

Big Boy


by Big Boy on

Too much Iran and Irani hating Iran and Irani going on.  Vote for change, vote for reform, or suffer the consequences under Ahamadinejad for another 4 years.  The stakes could not be higher this time around.


So the people scattered round the globe from IRI will vote!

by ramintork on

This video indicates that millions of people were forced from home and live around the Globe so that they can get away from the Islamic regime. Moscow, Prague, US, Europe, anywhere to get away.

Now the regime scattered some of its own people to look after its interests in all these communities.

Most of the people living outside Iran are either refugees or ex refugees another words they ran away from the country because of the opressive nature of the regime.

The rest are there for economic reasons, another words they have no economic future either for themselves or their kids so they choose somewhere where they have a chance to prosper. 

Given that IRI has been under an International embargo, we are not likely to see many people living here on the basis of say an exchange program and be permenant residents.  For majority you don't get residency in most of these countries unless you are a refugee.

Now, why would anyone from the first two groups who could not put up with either social repression or economical meltdown put on Hijab and campaign for what they ran away from, all of the sudden?

You have to be a hypocrit if you are part of the first two groups and proudly hold a banner and support the scam of the election!

Do the guys who made this video realize what message they are sending?

Hey guys, we forced you out of your home to where ever you could disapear but you still love us and come back and vote for us!

Who is buying this?

This is like Castro hiring 5 latino actors in Miami and selling the idea that those refugees who left at the risk of life and limb are his supporters! 



by Roodabeh on


Once traitor always traitor ! Just for your information :

 who that approves women  stoning belongs to stone ages , ...


Omid B

by XerXes (not verified) on

I vote for Mousavi and I am not "benefitted" (benefited) by IRI(lol) so shame on you for accusing me. You don't have the answers just zer zer, we have heard you enough for the last three decades. Just go and watch Channel One TV or Tapesh and leave politics to those who got brains.

You too Rudabeh. Your times are long gone. You guys are dinosaurs of the Iranian society. Visited Iran (eyeran) lately?


Do they know?

by farokh2000 on

I am not sure if anyone has told these groups of Iranians that the Presidents in Iran have absolutely no executive powers.

The Head Mullah and his turbaned buddies are the real "Deciders".

Those are the people who should be kicked out. The President is nobody but the mouth piece for these criminals.


IRI agents

by Roodabeh on

They are the ones who benefitted from IRI.

You said it all ..

Thank you



by Omid B (not verified) on

Few of the Iranians who live out of the country, still vote for the IRI. They are the ones who benefitted from IRI. Shame on them!

Big Boy


by Big Boy on

Bravo to all!  Take back the future direction of Iran.  This election is crucial to Iran's destiny.