Shah: Norooz 2535

Mohammad Reza Shah's Persian New Year Speech on 50th anniversary of Pahlavi Dynasty


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Exactly as Napoleon died for France!

They, both died for thier ego, Ali jan.

Ali P.

Just for the record :-)

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"Mohammad Reza Pahlavi mentions in his speech that his father Reza Shah
died for Iran.  That is wrong.  Reza Khan did not die for Iran.  Reza
Khan died alone in South Africa."

- American Dream


He didn't say WHERE he died.

He said WHAT he died for.

American Dream

Reza Khan died for Iran?

by American Dream on

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi mentions in his speech that his father Reza Shah died for Iran.  That is wrong.  Reza Khan did not die for Iran.  Reza Khan died alone in South Africa.  It is time for truth.  It is time to expose the lies that have been told to Iranians.  We have the clip here.  The 2500 year celebration took place in 1971.  2500 minus 1971 is 529 B.C. 

The Persians were dominated by the Medes until the accession to the Persian throne in 550 bc of Cyrus the Great.

What about the Medes?  They were dominated by others and were not deemed in history as the Persian Empire's history...

Beginning about 835 bc the Median tribes became subject intermittently to the kings of Assyria. About 715 bc the Median chieftain Dayaukku, known to the Greek historian Herodotus as Deïoces, led the Medes in an unsuccessful rebellion against the Assyrian king Sargon II (reigned 722-705 bc). The later rulers of Media considered Dayaukku the founder of the Median dynasty. Subsequently, another chieftain named Khshathrita (r. about 675-653 bc), known to the Greeks as Phraortes, united the Median tribes and expelled the Assyrians. Khshathrita was killed by the Scythians, who invaded Media from the northwest.

Khshathrita's son Cyaxares (r. 625-585 bc) chose as his capital the city of Ecbatana (present-day Hamadān, Iran). In 625 he drove the Scythians out of Media and imposed his rule over the Persians. He attacked the Assyrians next and captured (614 bc) the city of Ashur. In 612, in alliance with the newly independent kingdom of Babylonia, he captured the city of Nineveh and overthrew the Assyrian Empire. Thereafter Cyaxares extended the territory of his kingdom to include all of eastern Anatolia. Cyaxares was succeeded by his son Astyages (r. about 584-c. 550 bc). The Persians, under Cyrus the Great, revolted against him about 550 bc. Joined by a portion of the Median army under a chief named Harpagus, they took Ecbatana and deposed the Median king. From that time Media was politically subservient to Persia; the Persians, however, regarded the Medes as equals, and thenceforth the two peoples were considered as one.

What about the Arab conquests?

The Arab army moved quickly to Ctesiphon, the capital of the Sassanian Empire, where in 637 it seized a huge Persian treasure trove. Many tribes in the conquered land were Christian Arabs. Some of them converted to Islam, and the others were allowed to stay provided they paid a poll tax.

There was never a continuous 2500 years of monarchy in Iran.  It was made up.  Probably the Shah thought the Iranian masses were stupid.  Just propoganda was for public consumption.

After the Arab Invasion there wasn't a monarch dynasty in Iran until several centuries later.

In the period between 1040 and 1055, their chief, Togrul Beg, conquered most of Iran and Iraq and made himself protector of the caliph of Baghdād, spiritual leader of the Sunni (orthodox) Muslims. Togrul was given the title sultan by the caliph and made war on the Shia Muslims, who rejected the caliph's authority.  And this was the Seljuk dynasty.

In the 11th century Turkic tribes began migrating to Iran, settling primarily in the northwest. The Seljuk Turks (see Seljuks), who had converted to Sunni Islam in the 10th century, defeated local rulers and established dynasties that ruled over most of the country until the Mongol invasions in the 13th century.

Was the Mongolian occupation also part of that 2500 year rule?

Ask any monarchist and they will say no.

Between 1381 and 1405 invasions by Turkic conqueror Tamerlane destroyed more of Iran’s cities and undid most of the progress Ghazan had achieved.

During the 15th century several competing families and tribes, mostly of Turkic origins, ruled over various parts of Iran. Notable among them were the Safavids, who headed a militant Sufi order founded in the northwest by Shaikh Safi of Ardabīl in the early 14th century. His descendant, Ismail I, conquered first Tabrīz and then the rest of Iran. In 1501 he proclaimed himself shah (king), a title commonly used by Iranian rulers in pre-Islamic times.

The 2500 year anniversary that is mentioned so often is bogus.



Philosophy 101 for VJ aka DK

by فغان on

" Faghan Jaan YOU and YOUR Comments Are Not Even Worth Sh..T to Flag ...;0) "

Let your statement above be an instruction directed to whoever keeps flagging my comments destined to you.


" And Now Your HATRED Pushes you to Wish My Death "

There is no personal hatred in me. We are all dying, since the moment of birth; clinging to the past, as you do, makes it only more painful.

The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.

Darius Kadivar

Faghan Jaan Is Allowed to Wish My Death ? ...;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Oh So My Poor Little Boy Is Offended bY THE TRUTH ? ...

And Now Your HATRED Pushes you to Wish My Death ?

I See Bad REvolutionary Habits Linger On ...

Yazdi and General Rahimi :


Nojeh Heroes :



Faghan Jaan YOU and YOUR Comments Are Not Even Worth Sh..T to Flag ...;0) 




Fereydoun Farrokhzad - Irani Boodan :


Here is My Addition to Your Leitmotive Comments From Now on ...


Ciao Arab Boy,









Mola Nasredeen

"I, Mammad Damagh, aka, Mammad the Nose, aka, Shah

by Mola Nasredeen on

The son of a stable boy named Reza Savadkohi, aka, Reza Gholdor.

Was assigned by the British and Americans to be the Iran's dictator.

The first time I ran away from Iran was when Dr Mossadegh was elected by the popular vote of Iranian people, But no worry I was reinstalled by the British and Americans and had Mossadegh arrested and imprisoned...I killed thousands, imprisoned and tortured hundreds of thousands, I created a freeloader class called "Hezar Fameel", We looted, raped and ruled Iran,  Before I left Iran crying, running away, being scared of being lynched by the angry Iranians I sent billions of dollars to Swiss banks..."


"Where's our billions Mammad Damagh?" Interrupted by Hazrate shotor.


At least

by MRX1 on

he was a nationalist and patriot and loved Iran which is more than any one can say about Islamo + communist in what ever flavour and shape or fashion they come these days....


VJ aka DK

by فغان on

I won't flag your comment for abuse. As a matter of fact I welcome any telling sign out of you guys which demonstrates the amount of your anger and desperation.

You have every right to be angry with me, I can't deny this fact. I, we, defeated you on Bahman 22nd,1357 only to be defeated by our common enemy on Farvardin 12th,1358.

I was among those who kicked you out of my country and I am very proud of what I did. Having one enemy common between me and the likes of you is not enough to make me feel like your friend.

That's why I can't wait see you dead.

No physical threat is being either implied or intended.


The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.


Norooz 2535 Speech

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به همه اسلامیست ها و چپی ها : مه فشاند نور و سگ عو عو کند !

And for those who can't read Farsi:

The moon sheds light and the dogs bark !

Can't you still get it ?

javad agha esfahani

blood sucking dictator

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           Singing  the masses into asleep . As Foroogh Farokhzad put it " Lalayee tamadono farhang " , ( the lullaby of culture and civilization) . What civilization when people were treated like herds of sheep with no respect or dignity ?

            Did'nt he say : " if you do'nt like the system , get your passport and leave ?

            This video causes "nausea" rather than "nostalgia" .