Mohammad Reza Ali-Zamani

Sentenced to death following "confessions" at show trial

TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian court has sentenced to death a man who took part in opposition protests over a disputed election in June, a reformist website reported on Thursday. Mowjcamp, which gave no source for the report, said Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani was informed of the verdict on Monday. It did not give details about the charges against him. Ali-Zamani was among more than 100 opposition supporters, including senior reformist figures, who were accused of fomenting post-election street unrest in a series of mass trials that got under way in August. A semi-official news agency, Mehr, said in August he was accused of fighting against the Islamic establishment and active membership of a "terrorist" monarchist association, and other crimes. There was no immediate comment from the authorities. There have been no other reports of death sentences issued against people involved in huge demonstrations that erupted after the poll, which the opposition says was rigged to secure the re-election of hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

کمیته گزارشگران حقوق بشر- محمدرضا علی زمانی، عضو انجمن پادشاهی ایران که در جلسه دوم محاکمه عوامل دخیل در اعتراضات مردمی پس از انتخابات ریاست جمهوری، اعترافات مفصلی از وی اخذ گردید و سخنان وی در دادگاه انقلاب با پخش تلویزیونی نیز مواجه شده بود، روز دوشنبه 13 مهرماه از بند 209 زندان اوین به شعبه 15 دادگاه انقلاب به ریاست قاضی صلواتی منتقل شده و حکم اعدام به وی ابلاغ شد. هیچ یک از متهمانی که در جلسات دوم و سوم دادگاه های علنی، مورد محاکمه قرار گرفتند، امکان دسترسی به وکلای انتخابی را نداشتند و با وکلای تسخیری مورد تأیید دادگاه انقلاب، در این محاکمات حضور یافته بودند.


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I had a big crush on General Khosrodad

by statira on

 Hamrazman video reminded me of General Khosrodad.He was such great looking man! I cried for days when I learned he was executed. God bless his soul and other brave Iranians.


How come and why are you people surprised?

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Were you expecting the Islamic Republic to throw a party for these guys and give them bouquets of flowers?

This is result of Political Islam. Evil. 


Thank you Darius for the context

by bachenavvab on

Before we judge, let's at lease walk a mile in their shoes in our imagination.  It is easy to verbalize pain, torture and fear, but to feel it would have to be excruciating and horrifying.  Different people have different thresholds for pain, and they reached theirs.  What they say means nothing else to me.

Darius Kadivar

Ham Razmanam ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Fereydoun Farokhzad - Hamrazmanam



by yolanda on

I e-mailed the Iran's ambassador to UN, Mohammad Khazaee,

I also e-mailed Rafsanjani,

I told them that I hope they can extend the Islamic compassion to this guy and his family and spare his life! Both e-mail got thru and did not bounce back.

I hope there will be a miracle within the next 72 hours! I wish I could do more to stop the execution, unfortunately I am one of the least important people on this planet! I am just little potato! My prayer and heart goes out to this guy and his family. It is hard!! Thanks everyone for the posts and video!




Youtube video, Mohammad Reza Ali-Zamani to be executed Oct 11th!

by Jasbe9 on

Tehran Irani

Judge Salavati - Salavatetto bekhoon...

by Tehran Irani on

According to "Student Information Center" blog // & as Yolanda posted earlier, the judge who sentenced MohammadReza Ali Zamani is called "Salavati".  He is the chairman of the Revolutionary Court Branch 15 and issued this sentence on Monday, Mehr 13th.  Unconfirmed reports say Mohammad was executed today. (I hope not)

Neda ye Iran e Azad

برای محمد رضا علی زمانی

Neda ye Iran e Azad

نمیشناسمت. حتی دادگاه فرمایشی ات را ندیده ام. میگویند وابسته به انجمن پادشاهی هستی. درباره اش هیچ نمیدانم. پادشاهی میخواهی. من نمیخواهم. من حکومت مردم سالاری میخواهم. حکم اعدام برایت صادر کرده اند ؟؟؟ وای بر من اگر سکوت کنم! وای بر من اگر بنشینم و تماشا کنم!!! وای بر من اگر صدای اعتراضم بلند نشود....وای بر من اگر بگذارم عقیده را اعدام کنند. مثل همه این سی سال گذشته. وای بر من اگر تو را جدا بدانم. وای بر من ... وای بر من 

سبز سبز تا بهار



this is what u get....

by shushtari on

when you get rid of the shah!!!!

he had his issues, like everyone else, but he loved iran and wasn't an animal like these akhoonds!

how many millions have been killed and displaced over the past 30 years of hell?????

how many trillions of dollars of national wealth have been stolen, wasted, plundered by the akhoonds and palestinian terrorists????

these freaks should have been exterminated back in 1963....or when khomeini the devil was in iraq!!!!

what a waste!!!

let's free iran in 09!! 


To Bachenavvab

by Benyamin on

I like that she`r thank you for posting it.

I guess sometimes even a fake confession wont save you! what could we learn from this?


Compare the faces

by Leonis on

Please have a good look to the above picture; and compare these noble faces with the filthy face of the newly elected Basiji Commander posted yesterday on this site and judge for yourself; who is the criminal?


The Barbarous and Sadistic Religion of Islam

by Leonis on

Not a single day passing without horrifying and repulsive news of high crimes and atrocities committed against their own people, particularly women and children in Islamic world, and  top of them the IRI.

The Islamic countries are the very bastions of barbarism and ignorance.

The foundation of this sadistic religion, Islam was shaped in Iran (the Arab invasion) in form of rape, murder, destructions, lies, distortion, corruption and ignorance; And today..... the bit goes on in form of Islamic Republic of Iran, the most inhuman form of government ever existed on this planet.

Don't you people have enough it?


ولع سیری ناپذیر “جمهوری” اسلامی برای اعدام و گسترش فرهنگ خشونت


 من یک جمهوری خواه عدالت طلب هستم. و معتقدم که:  با اعتراض جدی به این حکم وحشیانه و ضد انسانی ایرانیان مبارز نشان میدهند که یک هدف مهم جنبش ازادی خواهی منع شکنجه و اعدام  و  احترام به حقوق انسانی هر فرد مستقل ازعقیده و مرام اوست

نظام قرون وسطایی ولایت فقیه برای محک زدن واکنش جنبش مردمی حکم اعدام یک شهروند معترض وابسته به انجمن پادشاهی را صادر نموده است.

  ما میخواهیم با فرهنگ استبدادی در جامعه خود مبارزه کنیم. یک پیش شرط اساسی‌ برای این کار دفاع بدون قید و شرط از نقض حقوق هر انسانی‌  به وسیله هر گروه یا کشور است. در مخالفت با مجازات اعدام: // 


Malek-ol-Shoara said it best:

by bachenavvab on

ما درس صداقت و صفا می‌خوانیم

آیین محبت و وفا می‌دانیم

زین بی‌هنران سفله ای دل! مخروش

کآنها همه می‌روند و ما می‌مانیم


از این بی‌ رحم و بی‌ انصاف‌ها هم مگر چیز دیگری انتظار داشتید؟‌


ای بابا، اینها منتظرند آب‌ها از آسیاب بیفتند، اون موقع هست که
موج جدید اعدامها شروع خواهد شد.


I think all the Iranian

by statira on

I think all the Iranian organizations abroad should do something about this. We should not allow another innocent freedom lover get executed? I'm gonna write a letter to white house  and Obamullah, and make him at least  to say something about the human rights violations in Iran. It looks like all his talking and lectures were just empty promises.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation & Amnesty Intl (Links)

by Darius Kadivar on

Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation


The Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation for the promotion of human rights and democracy in Iran (ABF) is a non-governmental non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of human rights and democracy in Iran. The Foundation is an independent organization with no political affiliation. It is Named in memory of Dr. Abdorrahman Boroumand, an Iranian lawyer and pro-democracy activist who was assassinated allegedly by the agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Paris on April 18, 1991, the Foundation believes that promoting human rights awareness through education and the dissemination of information are necessary prerequisites for the establishment of a stable democracy in Iran.

Amnesty International:


Names, Names Names..

by on

Is there a website that collects names of Judges and politicians in Iran that order these horrible death sentences and hangings?

It needs to be a simple to view site in English.

Should have an excel sheet format. If there is such a site, what is the address?

Not just for this sham trial but all the other ones even non political ones, hangings, stoning, and all those horrible things.

We should send then the excell sheet to the Foreign Ministry of the country we live in and ask them to consider these politicians and judges as criminals.





Thank you , Sam

by yolanda on

I read about the Shiraz bombing before the election:


it is amazing that the 4th accused member ended up in this show trial. I truly hope this guy's life can be spared.

Thank you for your posts.




What we should do

by bahramthegreat on

We should find out the name of all individuals involved in this barbaric act: The judge and other key players. Their pictures should be distributed all over.

Long live Iran 




by SamSamIIII on


No dear, the other 3 were executed but Zamani seems to be placed on a death row to join them.The regime has absolutly no clemency  when it comes to nationalist & patriots compare to other  ommatie groups such as reformists or religious left since the fight by folks like Zamani is ideological and about the concept & identity of Iran.  They know that at some point they can all shake hands and make up with the latter since the differences in ideology is minimal & cosmetic however their beef with patriotic fronts are fundamental and about who we are as Iranians .So in simple terms it,s a fight between the camp of Ommatie Iran/Ommar ibn khatab vs true Iran/beloved Cyrus . that simple, believe me. 

Cheers !!!


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Darius Kadivar

Confirmation by Reuters via Reformist Website

by Darius Kadivar on

See Here:

Monarchist protester on death row


"A semi-official news agency, Mehr, said in August he was accused of fighting against the Islamic establishment and active membership of a "terrorist" monarchist association, and other crimes. There was no immediate comment from the authorities."

Darius Kadivar

Link ...

by Darius Kadivar on


How come this news has not made it to other news sites?

by choghok on

I haven't seen anything on BBC or CNN yet. Do you have any links to confirm this news?

bacheh irany

every person they execute in

by bacheh irany on

every person they execute in the name of islam, is yet another nail in their coffin! can't wait to see their faces on judgement day when we are all standing infront of almighty...just can't wait! them basterds!!

lets get'r done!!


So detective Sam

by yolanda on

So he got executed already? OMG!



He is the 4th so called Anjoman Padhsahi member executed

by SamSamIIII on

 Darius & Khar;

Last year I wrote a blog here about the 3 innocent patriots aged , 21, 19 and 25 yr old in Shiraaz who were hanged on the fake charge of blowing up Basijii husseinieh in Shiraaz. I said then as I do now that they were nothing but a few young patriots in love with their Iranian heritage and regime used a made up charge to get even with them. Funny how that my only few responce then in that blog was by known ommaties accusing me of supporting "terrorism" but now that the extent of regime made up lies is all in the open we can all have a moment of truth for those 3 innocent lives wasted by this regime,k

دادستان عمومي و انقلاب شيراز گفت: عاملان اين حادثه تروريستي كه امروز در شيراز اعدام شدند محسن اسلاميان فرزند محمد با نام مستعار فرمانده بهمن يا يار دوم، علي اصغر پشتر فرزند كرم با نام مستعار آراسپ و يارسوم و روزبه يحيي زاده فرزند مجيد با نام مستعار روزبهان است.

معاون قضايي دادگستري كل استان فارس نيز در گفت وگوي اختصاصي با خبرنگا رايرنا گفت: تدبير در اجراي احكام اعدام سه عامل اصلي انفجار در شيراز جلوي سوء استفاده‌هاي بعدي دشمنان نظام را گرفت.


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Death Penalty Must Be Abolished Once and For All

by Quebeqi on

I will carry his name so it can be remembered by my Quebeqi hamvatans to the upcoming Amnesty International demonstration against the death penalty and human rights violations (especially in Iran) that will be held in Montreal at the Parc des Amériques (corner Rachel street and St-Laurent boulevard) this coming Saturday, October 10, from 11 AM to 1 PM.

If you are in Montreal, please come in great numbers and don't forget your umbrella since it may rain. Also, invite a Quebeqi friend.


I hope

by yolanda on

I hope the sentence will never be carried out. Can he appeal? Can they have some Islamic clemency? I hope his life can be spared!

  Here is the Google translation, it never mentioned what this guy did:

Human Rights Committee - Mohammad Ali Zamani, a member of the Kingdom of the factors involved in the second trial of popular protests after the presidential elections, his confessions were obtained and a detailed speech the court faced the revolution was televised, day Monday 13 October from Evin prison, section 209 of the Revolutionary Court Branch 15 Judge Salavati transferred and death was communicated to him. None of Mthmany second and third meetings of the public courts, cases were tried, access to lawyers and attorneys were not selected capture confirmed the Revolutionary Court, were to attend the trials.



Islam's Justice!!!

by Khar on