Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi

British actress of Persian origin

Roxanne (born Rokhsaneh) Ghawam-Shahidi (born May 27 1980) started her career as part of Contact Young Actors Company in 2004 in the UK and went on to work for Peskar Productions as a drama workshop leader within the Oldham and Bolton communities. Her theatre credits include "East is East", "Janus" (for West Yorkshire Playhouse), "Freshly Scratched" (for the Battersea Arts Centre) and "Rafta, Rafta..." at London's National Theatre. She has appeared on British television in shows such as "Sinchronicity and Emmerdale", playing the part of Leyla Harding from 2008 onwards. She has also acted in radio plays, e.g. Nadeem Aslam's "Maps for Lost Lovers".



She is gorgeous and she

by vildemose on

She is gorgeous and she should never do a nose a job. It will runi her face completely.


I have seen her a few times

by javaneh29 on

I have seen her a few times and wondered if she was Iranian... !

Shes beautifuland great actress... the yorkshire accent is really authentic too. 


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

aside from being beautiful and talented........

she was grown up in England for 30 years...and NO...... the british common welfare will not cover the nose job or any of that sort....

But good luck for her career in british medias.

baad begoo Rasht bad ast .          Maziar


NO Nose job / NOT Blond.!!!

by Emil on

An Iranian girl with NO nose job & NOT bleached blond hair...HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN..!!! And she is beautiful....

Look like most of the clips showing her kissing that to make us jealous...?