Iran reveals Qom nuclear plant

Iran tells IAEA it is building 2nd enrichment plant

Reuters: Iran has told the U.N. nuclear watchdog that it has a second uranium enrichment plant under construction, a belated disclosure sure to heighten Western fears of a stealthy Iranian quest for nuclear arms capability. Iran told the International Atomic Energy Agency of the plant's existence in a letter to IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei on Monday just as six world powers and Iran prepare for rare talks on October 1 on its disputed nuclear drive. The plant is located inside a mountain near Qom, 160 km south of Tehran. The revelation, extending a history of Iran withholding sensitive nuclear plans from U.N. non-proliferation inspectors, may sharpen a standoff between the powers and Iran over its nuclear ambitions and give grist to Western calls to consider tougher U.N. sanctions against the Islamic Republic.


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by timothyfloyd on


javad agha esfahani

          At the

by javad agha esfahani on

          At the expence of "stating the obvious" , I would like to remind everyone that the Korean and the Iranian involvement in nuclear ambitions is the direct by product of the neo conservatives flawed foreign policy . Bush's  military attack on Iraq and his continious verbal threat on the countries he called " the axis of evil" caused insecurity for their suppresive regimes and their rulers .

          Regarding nuclear issues , US position has always been  hypocritical and self serving or (Israelee serving).

           If it were not for the  lunetics in charge of the government in iran , I would support the right of Iran to acquire nuclear facilities .  Unfortunately , however, we have irrational,   cruel and mentally deranged individuals in charge of Iran . As our friend Ahura said a nuclear bomb in their possession would be like a " tighe tiz dar kafe zangye bad mast'  meaning :, " A sharp knife in the hand of a belligerent drunk" .



by timothyfloyd on


Mola Nasredeen

"They should be surgically removed"

by Mola Nasredeen on

Said Hazrate shotor.


"You mean the Iranian nuclear sites Hajagha?" I asked worriedly.

"No, the moles on Natanyahu's ass" said he.


What's real?

by Abarmard on

Seems to me that Iran did not want the new nuclear facility to become known and they just recently declared it to IAEA.

The bottom line is that the West wants Iran to stop all its nuclear activities because Iran poses a threat to the balance in the middle east, that's Israeli dominance balance. I believe the chance of attacking Iran has just increased, yet the situation remains the same, that any strike won't stop Iranian regime to seriously pursue a nuclear weapon if they were not thinking of doing so at the time being.

Finally, it seems that if Iran does get a nuclear weapon (and any other country for that matter), the world would be a peaceful place!



Th crux of the issue

by kharmagas on

As stated by Dr. Sahimi: 

"The crux of the issue about Iran's nuclear program is, in my opinion, as follows: If Iran has the ability to make the bomb on a short notice,
it becomes unattackable.
That is not something that the US and Israel
can tolerate. They want to be the hegemone of the Middle East."

Farah Rusta

Wrong under the Shah, wrong under the Sheikh

by Farah Rusta on

The idea of possession of nuclear weaponary by unstable and undemocratic states, be it managed by a royalist, a republican or a religious regime must be resisted, rejected and if needed removed by force. The consequences of inaction are too costly to be borne by the nation and the world.




by Irooni on

Israel has been threatening Iran since the revolution! They have been talking about military attack for at least 20 years! Israel has been in fact the only country in the region after Saddam who has attacked and invaded a neighboring country. Please remember all the Israeli atrocities in Palestine, Lebanon, attacks on Iraq and Syria, etc... Iran has been much more PEACEFUL compared with Israel. As I mentined in my post, it's all DOUBLE STANDARD!

Viva Iran Green or NonGreen!



by KouroshS on

Yes It is.

That IRI employs brutal tactics has been proven beyond a shadow a doubt, but consider the facts. It is not just that US or other countries operate not so flawlessly in the world, the issue is that they are more capable of making things happen in matter of days. IRI with all its ruthlessness won't even remotely match that immense execution power.

Lots of regimes have imposed torture and humiliation on their nations, look at dictatorships inLatin america, But is that enough reason for you to believe that they are actually and practically able to cause harm on a much grander scale?


The West has been outfoxed

by Ashkan on

You can have a low opinion of Mullahs, which I certainly do, but they seem to have taken the wind out of the sail of the West. It is apparent that the West knew about this new facility and was planning to use it to its advantage when and where it would have most impact. I think they are mad because a bunch of mullahs have outfoxed them by reporting the new facility to the IAEA first and thus, for all practical purposes, made it a non-issue. So, we are now left with sensational news.


تیغ تیز اندر کفّ زنگیه مست


The Islamic Republic of Iran theocrats, their armed thugs (sepahis), and paramilitary hoodlums (basijis) have subjugated Iranians by terror and coercion for thirty years. The members of this religious dictatorship are neither Iranians (being hostile to and destructive of pre-Islamic Iranian culture) nor Moslems (engaging in the business of religion, imam, imamzadeh, and effectively practicing idolatry Shia style.) Their primary objective is to remain in power and consequently all their national and international agendas serve this main purpose.  If threatened they have shown their bestial nature by murdering, hanging, raping, torturing, and imprisoning their opponents in the name of God. This regressive dictatorship with its seventh century Sharia laws has absolutely no concept of human rights and democracy and cannot provide the leadership that Iran needs in the twenty first century world.

 The mullahs started to pursue a clandestine nuclear weapon technology in the early years of war with Iraq. With acquisition of an Atomic Bomb they plan to prolong their autocratic rule on Iranians and advance their hegemony on Moslem nations as stated in Article 11 of IRI constitution:

In accordance with the sacred verse of the Qur'an ("This your community is a single community, and I am your Lord, so worship Me" [21:92]), all Muslims form a single nation, and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has the duty of formulating its general policies with a view to cultivating the friendship and unity of all Muslim peoples, and it must constantly strive to bring about the political, economic, and cultural unity of the Islamic world.”

It is not the pursuit of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes that the USA, England, France, Germany, and a host of world democratic countries oppose, but the acquisition of an Atomic Bomb by these fanatics and ruthless dictators and their whimsical use of it. Iran has every right to develop peaceful nuclear energy technology but not under this imposed and unelected religious dictatorship.


Nukes are the poor man's choice (to Rahmanian)

by kharmagas on

It is a moot point to say bomb for IRI or not.... none of the nuke owners got their nukes with permission from any other country ... they got it because of their own determination.

And yes we should not forget about Iraq warS, the war that was directly and indirectly orchestrated by the west agaisnt Iran, and the recent war that was staged to control Iraq and Middle East ...... Nukes are the poor man's choice to prevent U.S/west to do the same to Iran..... the only choice.


Bulls Eye

by pars35 on

Now we are taking .. The Mullah Inst. of Techology (MIT) is making nukes?? Two Birds with one shot

Let's Take out Qom completely... an paint the jets Green

G. Rahmanian

No Bombs For IRI!

by G. Rahmanian on

They Kill People With No Qualms

Imagine If They Got Bombs!

The above is a line from a song I'm writing after seeing the brutalities of the murderous regime in Iran vis-a-vis Iranians.

The regime in Tehran has lied to Iranians and the whole world for the past thirty years. The recent events proved to the world how unpopular the regime is.

IRI is desperate to start a war, at any cost. Let's not forget how the regime sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives during Iraq-Iran war only to consolidate its grip on power!

In the past thirty years, Iranians have feared the regime much more than anything else. Without this regime Iranians would not have to worry about any external "enemy."


They don't own the world, Fateh

by kharmagas on

They don't own India, China, .... because they have the nukes .... India and China are almost starting to own them though.


So far, it looks like they have played by the rules

by Bavafa on

The IAEA rules that is.

 the Americans, Israelis and other power may want to have access to every corner of the country... they may want to know every little activity that goes on, but the IAEA rules are that the inspections should be limited to the Nuclaer facilities and they need to declare the activity six months prior to introducing nuclear material. 

I wish them all the success, whether they are doing it legally or not.  Unless all are playing by the same rules... Iran should continue as she has.



Qom Enrichment Facility

by vildemose on

Qom Enrichment Facility Revealed;
Moves to Sanction Iran gain Momentum

So I did this posting on Thursday night, below, on how I perceive President Obama to be maneuvering Iran into a box, wherein it faced increasing chances of the ratcheting up of sanctions by the United Nations Security Council. Then I went to bed and got on a plane the next morning and checked in late Friday to find that Obama had announced that Iran had informed the International Atomic Energy Agency that they had begun


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Is it really an exaggeration? I don't think so.

I'm not saying that the U.S., for example, is without flaws in the way they operate internationally, but let's be realistic.

The IR poses a very tangible threat to the area. What makes them an even bigger threat is the way they have brutalized the Iranian nation and the Iranian people.

Any regime that does that to their own won't even blink at the prospect of inflicting harm upon others.



by Faramarz_Fateh on

NEWS FLASH: They DO own the world, fortunately or unfortunately for the time being.



These A** H***s think they own the world(to Irooni)

by kharmagas on

Irooni. I hate the double standards of the west too!

I am not a Muslim, I did not vote for IRI (I was in Iran at the time), I am not happy with any of IRI factions, I have no dependency to Iran, I rarely visit Iran, my kid(s) don't know a Persian word, my relatives in here are Americans ..... yet since the start of this nuclear issue .... I have been staunch supporter of Iran. That is the main reason I do not advocate IRI's topling despite my deep disagreements.

These A** H***s and their Pitbulls in the M.E think they own the world

Fouzul Bashi

Who's more dangerous?

by Fouzul Bashi on

USA is the only country to have actually used nukes to kill innocent people! Pakistan is an unstable country harboring Al-Qaeda and the Taliban with proven records of attacks on innocent people and they have already blown up some nukes to show India they got it!

GET REAL for f#!% sake!



by KouroshS on

That is such an exaggeration.

None of those counrtries? Case in point: the US of A You really don't think that it poses the same danger as the IRI or worse yet, they take the International laws into their own hands? I hate this regime and i abhor those who support its Go-nuclear stance, but the way "they" operate is no worse than that of the superpowers.


I wish Iran total success

by kharmagas on

IF indeed the government is planing to make Iran nuke ready (or better nuke have) I wish it total success, under greens or non greens.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

There is indeed the appearance of double-standards, but it also bears remembering that none of the other countries you mention pose the type of threat the IR does.

The IR wishes to play by their own rules, as though they have they upper hand at all times. And as long as that remains the way they operate this perception shall remain.


it sounds like a setup

by IRANdokht on

They do with countries like ours as they please... make up WMD stories, elaborate on nonsense, spread false info and propaganda just so they can sway the public opinion.

Halliburton must be in need of more no-bid contracts again.

this is scary 



Do Israel, US, UK, ...,

by Irooni on

Do Israel, US, UK, ..., Pakistan, India, etc... report every fucking move they make to the IAEA? I hate Ahmadinejad, but in the mean time, hate the double standards of the west. Period!


Viva Iran!

by Irooni on

Viva Iran!


Iran doesn't want the IAEA

by vildemose on


Without surgical attacks, this regime ain't going nowhere

by mahmoudg on

We have to get serious about this regime and its intentions.  Building a plant in Qom only to ensure that no one hits it, because of its proximity to "sacred" sites and religious shrines, is the lowest form of conduct we have yet to see from this regime.  But the brighter side is when (and not if) these sites get hit, with it will go into oblivion hundereds of worthless emamzadeh's, mosques and mullahs.  To that glorious day, when the US and Israel will Bomb the sites and the regime military outposts into oblivion.

Iran has every right to peaceful nuclear technology, just not under this regime.


Airtight sanctions NOW!

by Fred on

Before the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, imposes another devastating war on the enslaved Iranian nation, the sane world needs to impose airtight sanctions and support the people of Iran with material and moral support to overthrow this Islamist world menace.