Jimmy Delshad

Second term as Mayor of Berverly Hills

I would like to nominate Mayor Jimmy Delshad, the Iranian Mayor of Beverly Hills as Iranian of the day. In the 105 year history of Beverly Hills, he is the second person to be Mayor twice in a 4-year city council term. He is the first Iranian Mayor and is the highest ranking Iranian public official in the U.S. To learn more about him, please watch this video and see how he brought Iran into Beverly Hills on the night of second term installation March 16th.


Darius Kadivar

In addition to being a fellow Shirazi he has another quality

by Darius Kadivar on


When I grow up...

by Daadaash on

I want to be just like him! :)


Hat off to "Mohammad Qumi" too!

by reader1 on


I will also take my hat off to any secular Iranian with a name like “Mohammad Qumi” to make it in the west. Unfortunately the numbers are few and far between. Good luck to all Iranian jews but please also spare a thought for a “Mohammad Qumi” of a humble background who resisted the temptation to change his name to  “Mike Quiton”  and yet made it to a  position comparable to that of Mr Jimmy Delshad.  Wish all Iranian jews a happy nooroz.


There are many iranian chiefs in L.A! Of course, jewishnes helps

by obama on

If one is Iranian jew, s/he should use that to his advantage since the American jews have the real power in this country. Mr. Delshad like any smart politician is playing his hands right. More power to him.

However, there are, or have been, many influencial Iranians in charge of important positions here. Cases:

1. David Hamid Nahai (iranian jewsih american) up to recently was the CEO (General manaer of LA Department of Water & Power). This is a multi billion dollar agency that is more powerful than the mayor of Beverly Hills. He recently resigned and joined the clinton adminstration on Green energy.

2. Andrew Adelman - General manager of LA Building and Safety. Vey powerful position and great asset to developers and politicians. (why adelman, you might ask - my guess is he knew the power of jews and he foold politicians making his names sound jewish by dropping the "d" and changing the first name - he is actually a bahaii) he recently resigend due to political games)

3. Peykan abbassi - CEO and general Manager of the LA Convention center. he is still there.

and we have many more famous sureons, professors, engineers, scientists, businessmen etc. that we don't have room to write. That is why they declare Norooz as Persian new year in LA.

Good luck to them all!  Long live Iran!


Yes We Can, Iranian Can and Shall

by Amir Normandi on

Thank you Jimmy Delshad, better days to come. 

Please show the way.

Amir Normandi


what a country

by rtayebi1 on

this great Iranian could not hold an office in  Iran because he is Jewish, and yet he can become a mayor in America!!!   he is very smart and so so funny. Jimmy joon  best still to come


Q: How Iranian is a Jewish Iranian?

by eroonman on

A: More Iranian than an Iranian!

Delshad is yet another example of how Jewish Iranians are often more proud of being Iranian than Jewish. Which makes absolutely no sense! I have been to Bar/Batmizvahs that were full-on Iranian weddings. Delshad shows that with smarts, and pride in who you are, you can also succeed and win.

Although an Iranian as the Mayor of Beverly Hills is an utter LA joke.

Assuming we should run for office only to dole out political favor to one another, is actually corrupt and illegal. So we should not run for office unless we are the best candidate for ALL America, not just so we can help Iranians.

Although the next time I get a parking ticket on Rodeo, I'll have to remember to call JD.


nice job Jimmy

by seannewyork on

good iranians out there doing good work.



by timothyfloyd on



I just saw the video and the explanation of his name.

by پیام on

His case proves once again how assimilated and integrated we Iranian are in the world. There are no barriers to our ambitions and nothing is out of reach. Good for him, I wish him good luck with the second term.


An enigma?

by reader1 on


To many Iranians, not  much exposed to the American and western culture in general, he is probably an unknown quantity and  an enigma.  There is no doubt that Jimmy or perhaps ‘Jamshid’ got where he is by accentuating his jewish heritage + change of first name +  jewish American wife +  local Iranian American votes and most importantly by his hard work and resilience.  Will I vote for him? I will certainly do. He comes across as a good and decent man.



thanks - how about support?

by MM on

If we feel that we are proud of his work, we should $upport him and encourage other Iranian-Americans to run.


ناتور دشت

Proud to have him what?

by ناتور دشت on

He is a Jimmy.

Darius Kadivar

Payam Jaan "Jimmy" is Short for "Jamshid"

by Darius Kadivar on

In Rome do as Romans Do !

Bravo Mr. Delshad for making us Proud as Iranian Americans !



Proud to have him

by Abarmard on

Thank you for nominating him.


What kind of Iranian name is Jimmy?

by پیام on

What is this fellow's real name?