Sourena Vasseghi

Author and motivational speaker honored by Yasmine Pahlavi

Foundation for the Children of Iran Director Princess Yasmine Pahlavi honors Sourena Vasseghi with the Soaring Spirit Award. Born with severe Cerebral Palsy, Vasseghi is confined to a wheelchair, and has a marked speech impediment. Despite his disability, he earned his Bachelor's degree in Business & Marketing from the University of Southern California, then started his own firm, providing business & marketing services, and has written two books. The foundations of his success are the unique tools he's pioneered, based on his innovative adaptive skills and his passion for life. With the help of an interpreter, Sourena empowers the audience with the skills necessary to create passionate, successful life and career paths >>>


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correction on the title..... Pahlavi's were honored

by capt_ayhab on

Pahlavi's were honored by this young man.



To 'PERS66'

by Raoul1955 on

I am NOT Darius Kadivar, but again some readers assume that I am Hispanic! 
You are welcome to speculate, fantasize, or daydream.  However, reality is independent of our fantasies, daydreams, desires, or speculations.


After reading

by Emrooz on

After reading up on Sourena and watching his clips on youtube I find myself totally inadequate as a person, although "his" motivation, drive and joy for life have now been ingrained in my mind.

Here is a young man who has had to fight all his life for the simplest things, and yet his attitude is that of a true winner!  He has written a book about loving life.

I will need to rethink and re-evaluate myself. 

Thank you and the very best of luck Sourena.

Here is a link I found, there are many more... //


Raoul1955, No Wonder....

by PERS66 on

yes Raoul is DK flatering himself, LOL


Her English Accent....

by moftaki on

Doesn't her English accent remind you of the way Faezeh Rafsanjani speaks?

Of course Faezeh shows more cleavage when she makes public appearances.

The Iranian community does not deserve to have someone with her qualifications as it's first lady. Batool is more suitable.


I think Reza 2 has to a "Masoud Rajavi"

by JavoonDeerooz on

i.e. he needs to disappear and make the Mrs.  in charge of the opposition. She has more presence and certainly a better command of English language than him. 


What a classy lady!

by Milan on

We need more people like her, unaffected by status and other superficialities!


I bech ya ;)

by onlyinamrica on

I bet Raoul1955 is DK ;) LOL

Cheers ;)


Getting back to the subject of the blog...

by jamshid on

I salute Sourena Vasseghi for his incredible determination and for his success despite a major disability. It is a testimony to man's incredible powers and ablilities.

zendeh baashi!

Maybe we can all collectively learn from this young man. And maybe it is also a good time to count our blessings.

I also raise my hat to Princess Yasamin for her Children of Iran foundation. What a lovely lady and what a breath of fresh air.



by Raoul1955 on

I have a huge smile on my face reading your last statements.
Most humans are easily [self-]deceived by the 'facade' despite their thinking that they are too 'smart' to. 
I have been viewing this and a few other sites for the past 4 years or so, and have noticed articles posted by Darius Kadivar being of much informational value.  You may want to read his posted material.  There are a few more authors on the site that post material of valuable content, but most of the visitors [here] engage in nonsensical interaction, or ‘jump’ at any posting without much thinking, but that is fun as well.  LOL



I do believe that it is an overgeneralization.......

by Latina on


With all due respect not all Iranians think and act the same. Just like not all Hispanics act and think the same.

I do concur with SamSamII that your statements are subjective.



Note: I would like to note that Raoul does not speak for all Hispanics.

How does anyone know this person is Hispanic? I have not been on the web site much lately. :o)


Dear Samsam

by jamshid on

I totally agree with you. Hearing it from another Iranian, I may even join in and bash that ugly part of our culture in full force.

But hearing it from someone called "Raoul"? Then I just gotta rub his pooz on the dust! Can't help it ;)

P.S. My friend, if I was smart, I wouldn't still be pinching myself for my past mistakes. shoma ostaado maa moride shomaa.


Jamshid jaan

by SamSamIIII on


This H-B Hispanic is telling a halftruth be it in his own subjective way. . You know I  concur with you on most items & if there are minute differences @ times I keep quiet knowing you gotte be right since you are smarter ;) but here I think you might have misread his comment. Lets be objective, You gotte sense some elements of truth in his sentence; Iranians [culturally speaking] live in the 7th Century Arabia

Culturaly,linguisticaly & socialy a large portion of us live in 7th cantury Arabia, dont we?. Look at our leaders, look at the folks who follow them, heck look at our opposition, look at our literrary elites , look at our cherished icons, look at our names...etc. Ironic that even most of the Arabic vocabs of our Arabized language are  lexicons of 7th/8th/9th century Arabic language which are obsolete in connotation in contemporary Arabic. I agree that his was a generalized exageration but nevertheless a wiff of truth to it.

Cheers pal :)!!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


does not have an inferior brain. He has *no* brain. 

Raoul tried to speak for the Iranian people. If he did have a brain he would know that no one is able to do that since we are a diverse culture. As for the American woman he should go find himself one. No doubt none of them would touch him.


Raoul, you have an

by jamshid on

Raoul, you have an "inherent inferior cultural state."

There, you are told as suggested in your advice. Will you now "follow a logical path to modernity"?



by Raoul1955 on

For a nation to make any progress, and in this case cultural and social progress, it [the nation that is] has to acknowledge its [inherent] inferior cultural state, and then follow a logical path to modernity.

Those who feel ‘offended’ by being reminded of their cultural backwardness, continue to live in the 'dark.'



by Elham57 on

The only things offensive to us, Iranians, on this page, are YOU, and YOUR comment dude.


No Wonder

by Raoul1955 on

Iranians didn't like their royal family. This lady is a highly educated and very attractive American woman.  Iranians [culturally speaking] live in the 7th Century Arabia, hence such a lady would be too offensive to them.