صورَت دَر صورتْ


BBC: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he is willing to have "face-to-face" talks with his US counterpart, Barack Obama. In a televised speech to expatriate Iranians, Mr Ahmadinejad said he was ready to hold a debate with the US leader in front of the media. He said he planned to be in the US for the UN General Assembly next month. The move comes after fresh sanctions by the international community over Iran's nuclear programme. The White House has yet to respond to the challenge but has previously declined similar offers >>>

08/03/2010 - 10:28


Obama is a puppet

by iamfine on

Obama gets his order from AIPAC. He will not take any action related to the middle east policy without consulting his boss (i.e. AIPAC)


Are you joking Shazde?

by asadabad on

Ahmadinejad is smarter than Obama.  For better or for worse, Ahmadinejad is a shrewd politician.  On the other hand, Obama is a clutz who stumbles through interviews.  He is completely impotent w/o a teleprompter.  Ahmadinejad knows how to handle hostile interviews.  Obama would never allow an Iranian or Venezuelan to interview him.  His behind would be torn apart.  

That raises the question..

What is your alternative to Ahmadinejad?  Shitzadeh Reza Pahlavi?  He is a wimp, who would never be stand up to anyone if he were in power.  At least Ahmadinejad has the guts to stand up to the US...


Obama might be okay, BUT or BUTT!!

by Javadagha on

Obama might come across okay to American and Eye-ranians, BUT, he is no angel.  The US military is destroying several countries as I type this.

I never forget when Shah went to the USA, many Eye-ranians were not happy.  Time has changed, but Eye-ranians are the same BUTT head.



by Khar on

It's almost impossible to have a meaningful and relevant dialog with an ideologue, especially AN.


آن ممه رو لولو برد


I heard the speech and according to Mahmoud ...



Saman Ahmadi

his last name is ahmadinejad . . .

by Saman Ahmadi on

not ahmadi.


There can only be one

by divaneh on

Red wine. Very nice job. Would AN ever stop talking garbage

یارو رو تو ده راه نمی دادند، ساغ خونۀ کدخدا رو می گرفت


Well done

by comrade on

The enigmatic concept of your work is worthy of Time magazine paying you for use of your idea. 

There's a part of me that jokingly wishes that Time magazine slaps a copyright infringement suit against JJ!

Every Day We Get A Little Bit Closer!

pastor bill rennick

A better comparison would be...

by pastor bill rennick on

the left side of Brother Ahmadinejad's face juxtaposed the right side of President Obama's butt cheek! 

As for this nonsense of face to face debate between Ahmadi... and Obama reminds of brother Sad'dam who wanted to have a face to face with President Bush in the months leading to the Iraqi invasion by the US. 

I think Amadinejad and his IRR gang are about to be Sad'damized very soon.



khaleh mosheh

Who wants to live for ever?

by khaleh mosheh on

Ahmadinejad sure will- in infamy.


Sargord Pirouz

I don't get it. What does

by Sargord Pirouz on

I don't get it. What does the title mean: "There can only be one"? One what?

Hey, a dialog would be great. But yes, it won't happen. Obama is not Nixon. And the Taiwan lobby back then was not omnipotent as the Israel lobby is today. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Ahmaghi vs. Barack

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

IQ: 61 vs. 181

Humility: 0 vs. 100

Honesty: -5 vs. 94

Kindness: n/a vs. 231

Value to humanity: zip vs. 1000

Obviously, Ahmaghi wins hands down! He is the best prez for the Islamist Rapist Idiots!

Maryam Hojjat

Obama would not

by Maryam Hojjat on

talk to this stupid, rude, lier bastard.  I promise you.



by Bavafa on

Should read after

either way

The contest between a dictatorial regime vs. an imperialist regime



I want to have a face to

by benross on

I want to have a face to face televised discussion with the Pope too.