Mohammad Reza Ali Payam (Haloo)

Pokes fun at Fars News for linking hejab with low rate of throat cancer


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Oh Goodness

by Solitude on

This was GREEEAATTT.. Thank you Ghormeh Jaan. Needed something as funny and witty as this!

واقعا که هنرنزد ایرانیان است و بس...  احسند


asume they are correct

by choghok on

what is their point, that men must also wear hejab so not to get cancer?


what should we do for prostate cancer and other types of cancer then? 


hejabo o hanjereh

by aziz on

Have Fars news missed all those Arab men head covering with scarf-like Shumagg and Ogal which as well may trap and suffocate the cancerous cells!?


Very funny! Hejab o Hanjereh?

by Souri on

That was too funny. Although it strikes to me as a bit too racist, but in the spirit of the poem and the main point of the poet, I can say it was hilarious!