Ali Fallahian

Former Intelligence Minister defending mass executions, censorship...

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maziar 58

yaveh gooyan

by maziar 58 on

why fallahian don't admit his role in the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires case since he's WANTED by Interpol ? Maziar


منتظری کجا و شماها کجا


این یاوه گویان تصور میکنند که با گفتن این حرفها از محبوبیت آیت الله منتظری کاسته خواهد شد و نمی دانند که خواسته جوانان ایران آزادی و جدایی دین از دولت میباشد و آقای منتظری به این خاطر عزیز است که برعکس این آقایان که کور کورانه از خمینی اطاعت میکنند (عین میمون های مقلد)  با فکر و اندیشه های خدا دادی با زورگوییهای خمینی مخالفت میکرد. مردم ایران خصوصا جوانان با خرد میمون نیستند که کور کورانه مقلد مغزهای پوکی مانند خامنه ای و امثالهم باشند


To Fred

by Benyamin on

Probobly he killed him because his shadow covered his(Falahian`s son). This guy, Falahian is a servant and nothing else. every word that came out of his mouth there were 100 questions formed in my head.

They are all murdarers and thieves and MoFos. I hope Khomeini is buring in hell.

Worcester Mo

Hopefully one day we

by Worcester Mo on

Hopefully one day we "justify" his execution soon...



by XerXes. on

Akhund e dozd


His brother is also a thief

by mahmoudg on

Took over (by force) the store leased by the Mozafarian Jewelry in front of the US embassy on Takhte Jamshid avenue, and has used it rent free for over 25 years.  Now that is Islamic Justice for you.  Take all you want by force and say that Mohamad, or Hasan or Hosein or some other dead Arab murderer is OK with it.  Ha, islamic justice my rear end.


Fallahian Jr.

by Fred on

Whatever happened to his son’s case?  After a young policeman in his father’s security detail rebuffed his advances, Fallahian Jr. shot him dead on the spot.