Esmaeel Ahmadi Moghaddam

Police chief calls for firm action to prevent trouble on Charshanbeh Soori


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can you say smelly

by XerXes. on

Hey dumb ass, instead of talking to people these non sense, go and make the bomb quickly so we can be more powerful.



by Yaasi on

I wonder if they have heard of bath "Hamoom" and cleanliness .  They all look so "Cherk" and I am sure they smell like crap....Oh yea I forgot one of the necessities of being a good Muslim is to be really dirty and smelly....


Moft, Khoor /s ...

by Arthimis on

In the real and sane world, Esmaeel Ahmaghi Moghadamns... would simply be allowed to become Salaakh O Ghasaabs (Butchers)... Or even a Moghanee (Toilet pipe repairer...) LOL...

A "Police Chief" giving his backward opinions and comments about Iran and "Chaahaar Shanbeh Soori" ???? Khaake bar saremoon...

Ey Khoda, Iran raa az dast in kesaafataa Azaad kon. Amen.


I agree w/ Abarmard - but, also hear a change of tone from IRI

by MM on

Previously, chahar chanbeh souri was not a sanctioned IRI activity and folks who celebrated it were beated and chased away.  But here, the great sardar-e Zellat (or, was it Mellat?) is saying that the police would prefer people celebrate chahar chanbeh souri privately, w/ family, around their houses (fire and feshfesheh is ok) rather than demonstrate like 22 Bahman or Ashoura.

Hey sardar, is taraghgheh ok?  How big of a taraghgheh can we bring out?


It's called Chahar Shanbeh Suri

by Abarmard on

Not Chahar Shanbeye Akhar e Saal!

Either speak about our cultural events in its proper name or shut up. Simple.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I'll explain reason why you see all these middle aged men in IRI's security ranks.  See, IRI is a mafia style criminal organization.  In order for one to advance in such an organization, one would need to show absolute loyalty, and that is usually accomplished by committing the ultimate act: murder.  This will serve two things actually.  First it shows that you will do whatever is asked of you, and second, it will make you complicit in the bosses crime, you won't turn on the boss.  So, these guys that you see here haven't gotten where they are because of merit or performance.  They are where they are because they were probably the firing squad executioners and / or hanging crane operators back in the 1980's.   That's how you move up in these criminal operations.  Hence, their age.  




اوهوی مردم از حالا تا سال دیگه هفته می‌شه شیشته. چهارشنبه رو لولو برده.  اگه میخواستین سر چهارشنبه سوری ادا اطوار در بیارین، بیلاخ.


Bunch of Hooligans!

by Iran_e_Azad on

All these supposedly police officers we see in this meeting including Ahmadi Moghadami, are HOOLIGANS OR BACHE LAATA e zamane Shah. These hooligans used to bully people specially the women are now protecting our people in Iran.

 A bunch of thieve, crooks, criminals and murders are now in charge of  the police or as they call themselves Neerooye Entezami or for brief NAJA.

Shame on us that we took on the streets 30 years ago to bring these ugly hooligans in to power so they could occupy our nation and rape our people……..


Just A bunch of crook

by rain bow movment on

I can't see a single intelligence face in a crowd ,just a bunch of crook with dastmal yazdi.

they realy wet themself for charshanbeh soori and any real persian events.



Kick the

by Vishtaspa on

Arabs out of IRAN!





look at these baboons~~

by shushtari on

every time I see a picture of the mullah's 'ministers' or other thugs, it makes me laugh, and cry.....

it's funny that you can have thugs that used to sell hendoones before the revolution or serve tea in schools as 'leaders of iran'!

it's sad, that the mullahs deliberately have put these idiots to represent our nation, knowing full well that they have zero qualifications for these high ranking jobs....


god free iran in 2010 


Aab ke sar baala bereh, ghoorbagheh...

by Milan on

Notice how Middle aged men rarely can be seen among anti-regyme protestors, yet they inundate any government-related professional or civil gatherings? I think the answer may be that these older guys are the direct recipients of all the priviledges this archaic regyme has to offer: heck, they're running the show. Why not? No women or religious minorities to compete for their jobs, housing, etc. No wonder so many of them seem so out of shape and lazy.



by obama on

MURDERS LIKE HIM ARE THE REASON THAT THE REGIME IS STILL HERE! DOZDA! do you see how fat he is? all because of roshveh! These are the guys who kill the demostrators! where is the UN's human rights when we need'em?


He does not want to acknowledge the day by name

by mahmoudg on

This auspicious day for iranians, which is full of joy and happiness. He does not want to acknowledge it by name, yet worthless days such as moharam and ramazan are all over the map.  to the day we can replace these meaningless A-rab dates with those of true Persian ones.