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Bavafa geda is a character

by XerXes. on

Geda is a character. I don't mean it that he has no money. I mean Janati is rich but geda sefat. I only found Khatami to have some class. All other Akhunds are just walking Khorafaat.


شعارنویسی در روز 22 بهمن


بچه های با غیرت ایران روز 22 بهمن اسپری رنگ یادتون نره. بهترین موقیعت برای نوشتن شعارهای ساختار شکن

ما پیروزیم چون حق با ماست



by Saman on

Pretty brave behind your keyboard :O)

How do you really feel about the situation ... tell us more please? 


Dameshoon Garm!

by Khar on

People have spoken!


See xerxes: you are getting wrong again

by Bavafa on

He is every thng but geda.... heck he has stolen half of Iran's wealth probably and you calling him geda?

Don't let your hate over take your logic



Beloved Xerexes: Welcome to

by vildemose on

Beloved Xerexes: Welcome to our big Iranian tent free of bigotry and xenophobia.


Yes I was wrong and I admit

by XerXes. on

Yes I was wrong and I admit it. I never was pro the hard core conservatives. I liked Khatami a lot. But now I am thinking that I really never cared for Islam and the only reason I was pro Khatami was because I thought this is what Iranians wanted. Well, now I think I am an Iranian and that's not what I want. Why should I lie to myself. I want a secular Iran free from all khorafaat.



by divaneh on

Pure bravery. I salute them.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

you weren't.  it was just a poor attempt at a joke by me. :-) take care.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

i didn't think i was being harsh (at least i didn't mean to).  like i said updates are available and everyone is welcome to come to the side of humanity.


That's true H G. I really

by vildemose on

That's true H G. I really hope he has seen the light...Thank for reminding me about Gitdoun metamorphysis...


Anonymous Observer

now now hamsadeh

by Anonymous Observer on

let's not be too harsh on XerXes and welcome him to the human society.  

hamsade ghadimi

updates are available

by hamsade ghadimi on

maybe like gitdoun ver. 2 xerxes has been updated (remember gitdoun when he was ver. 1).  let's call him xerexes version 2.  i'd like to keep the shah akhound alive in a bare prison cell.  let's give him democratic justice.


Wow, is this the same

by vildemose on

Wow, is this the same Xerexs, the hard core supporter of the IRI??

What made you change your mind beloved xerexes??? 



My new thought is that I

by XerXes. on

My new thought is that I don't care about religion. If we got a lot of religious people in the country, too bad. They can practice it but not enforce it. AND ONE PROBLEM WITH OUR FLAG IS THAT IT REPRESENTS ISLAM. Green in our flag is from Islam. What's wrong for us to change it to a secular meaning. I don't want to be bad mouthed here but it's an honest opinion.

I was promoting Khatami before, the hell with him, badbakht e akhund. let them all go to hell.

Ali9 Akbar

in addition to a LONG PRISON SENTENCE...

by Ali9 Akbar on

make them clean the toilets in the public bathrooms....


and make them clean out pig pens at an American pig farm 




Sorry for my anger

by XerXes. on

Sorry for my anger. I hate this geda and his family. But just know that his wife is not a nice person. She is almost as bad as he is. His sons are even worse, like Mojtaba, who is in charge of killings of anyone who doubt the system. He is the new Khalkhali.
I think for him and his family, we got to be very harsh.

areyo barzan

We are not killers, but we are looking for justice

by areyo barzan on

Dear Xerxes 

The difference between us and IRI is that we do not kill, period!.

We take these murderers to a court and even provide them with sufficient defence and attorney.

They will be prosecuted for their crimes and sentences to long prison terms just as it happened to Nazi officers at Nuremberg trail.

Furthermore I do not understand why should his wife and sons pay for his crime.We are looing for justice and not vengeance. 

If we suspect them of any misconduct they should be trailed and sentenced in an open court, accordingly.

After thirty years we had enough killing. A dead Khamenei is no good to use but he should be kept alive and prosecuted for his crime also we should investigate all the individuals and governments who assisted him and IRI in their crime and bring them to justice.



There are signs in all parts of Tehran similar to this one

by mehdi2009 on

My Dear Fellow Iranians,

While I was in Tehran in November and December 2009 and travelled through out the city, I saw many of the similar slogans all over the walls. It was not shocking to see Green paint being thrown at the portrait of Khameneie's Murals or some other Mullah in North Tehran, but when one sees all kinds of Slogans and Green paints on the walls of South Tehran where people are very religious and had actually supported this Murderous Regime for a long time, then even the Murderous Regime's Thugs were shaking in their boots by witnessing them.

The Murderous Regime's think tanks for a few months after the start of the demonstrations thought that the Iranian People's movement was only within the Middle Class, Educated and some what well to do section of the society, and hence dismissed them. Now that the whole sections of society have shown their anger, rage and frustrations toward them, they are with one voice are saying, HOLY CRAP, we lost the poor and Pious.

The Murderous Regime's time and more specifically MONEY is running out, and their day of Reckoning is fast approaching.

Salutations to ALL the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran. 



I agree with VPK

by Arthimis on

Criminal Khamenei, his guilty family , friends, collaborators and supporters must all be brought to trial first. Televise their trial LIVE nationally and internationally for everyone to see!!!

Iranians and people around the world must see and hear their confessions about their crimes against Iranians/Humanity and Iran in the past 31 years!!! Only in such way, people will finally understand and will not ever be fooled by bunch of Islamic/Satanic psychopaths, Sociopaths and Criminals ever again!


Dear XerXes - they will be tried for crimes against humanity

by MM on

I know that it is hard to contain our hatred when there is so many corrupt criminals running Iran.  But, I was watching a video of the survivors of the totures by the IRI regime last night recommended by an IC contributor. 


After describing how their friends were murdered and the daily tortures in the prisons of IRI, one prisoner summed it up greatly "the best thing that I wish is that there will not be any more toture in Iran for any reason".

Think Nuremberg trials.  Unlike the unjust, inhumane as well as un-Islamic treatment of prisoners in IRI, let's think about Nuremberg trials where there were systematic lawful trials of the Nazi criminals with attorneys, juries and appeals.  And, yes, they will be hung if found guilty in a just court.

There is no place for these criminal Islamists to hide.  Anywhere they go, they will be pursued by the people of Iran and tried for crimes against humanity.


ایران آزاد خواهد شد.


کار این رژیم خون خار اسلامی در ایران تمام است...  ایران آزاد
خواهد شد. به امید پیروزی هرچه زودتر ایران و ایرانیان راستین. هزار آفرین
بر رزمندگان دلیر ایران.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Now lets not go too far off the deep end here. Khamanei's wife? What did she do. People are  responsible for their own actions. Sure the ill gotten wealth must be taken back. But please no mob justice. The IRR gang should be brought to trial and punished under due process. 

I grant you that it may be hard to keep people from having their way with him. But his family should at least get a fair hearing. Otherwise how are we any better than them?


Kill Khamenei and his family

by XerXes. on

No mercy. Kill them in the worse possible way. his son's, wife and entire family must suffer the worse possible pain. Also he should be hit and tied to the back of a car and drove around the city. Let people spit and throw rocks at him.


People are getting braver

by mahmoudg on

and the regime is getting weaker.  this is the end of IRI.  the thing is though, they will kill millions before they leave.  The only good that will come out of all their murdering is that upon their departure Islam will also be forever gone from Iran.  Our work then only begins, which is to work towards eradicating it from the Saudi Peninsula (US's eventual 51st state).


درود بر دلاوران ایران


آفرین بر این شجاعت