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Their animosity to Shah is

by benross on

Their animosity to Shah is like the grudge a 28 yr old might have for recieving a B instead of an A frm a high school teacher.  Not much

And hanging a few of them here and there, telling green supporters, any step further, you will be one of them, is just a side show!

Actually it is a side show in some respect. The real show is to keep Iranian people with Akhoond mentality, selective in human rights values, therefore devoid of any content. Your comment is a perfect example.

Don't even try to play the 'patriot' ticket on behalf of IRI. The patriots, you are killing them. Get lost.


Shah and family , TOP TEN ENEMIES OF IRI

by bomannyali on

Even people in power in Iran don't worry about them.  THey also are not so hateful against them because they are a non factor.

Their animosity to Shah is like the grudge a 28 yr old might have for recieving a B instead of an A frm a high school teacher.  Not much

Iranian leaders hate for the Saudi, Jordanian & Egyptian government and officials far far outweigh their hate for any Iranian opposition group.

Indeed their hate for Saudi Arabian leaders far outweighs their hate for Israel or the US.  Its all about who is their biggest challenge.

Their hate for Saudi Arabia stems from spreading lies about Iran in the region and doing their best to get US scared of Iran.  Also SA's lack of democracy, human rights for Shiites and SA leaders' corrupt life and existence.

LIST OF ENEMIES: TOP TEN for Iran's leaders

1. Saudi Arabia

2. UK ---they hate it but they also fear it due to British "canniving".  British role in drawing up borders, establishing Israel, historical acts

3. Israel

4. US

5. Egypt

6. France

7. Jordan

8. Morroco

9. Canada

10. Azerbiyijan


His family stank then, and

by benross on

His family stank then, and stinks even more NOW

That was an eye opener. Too bad we don't have enough of such enlightened people. Whenever you planed an Islamic revolution to overthrow them, let me know. I'm in.

Holden Caulfield

Maziar joon

by Holden Caulfield on

Live with it.

He did the whole nation in.

His family stank then, and stinks even more NOW.

maziar 58

holden jaan

by maziar 58 on

get yourself a zig zag wrapper and fill em' up with oregano and generic tobacco and you'll get there at least temporarily.     Maziar

Holden Caulfield

Shah and his corrupt family

by Holden Caulfield on

No one should blame Martians, or even dinosaurs for whatever happened.

It was only Shah, and his stupid sense of grandiosity which brought a much revered 25 century-old tradition down.

Let's not forget the destructive role of the shah's sister, Ashraf who is one of the corruptest creatures on the Earth. 

Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

It's just too easy...

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

To blame America/England/Israel/Russia/Martians/dinosaurs for all of Iran's ills. After all, superstition and paranoia are in fact part of the culture that one generation instills into the next. Heck we have a hard enough time trusting each other nowadays even, but of course we all don't hesitate to kiss a rich Iranian's ass when we occupy the same space as them, don't we?

This hell was brought upon ourselves by ourselves. All we had to do was stay the course with The Shah and it would have righted itself eventually. Geez, he died shortly after The Revolution, had he succumbed to cancer while on the throne (he had more than enough money to get the medical attention needed, so living in exile is irrelevant to his demise), how can you not wonder what his son would have done to not repeat his mistakes and save their reign? Probably a little too much!

 For such an educated, hard-working, family-centric culture, we sure do have a hard time taking responsibility for the biggest mistake of our history. Alexander, Genghis Khan, Omar, and all the rest of our despised historical figures look like saints compared to the mullarchy! Good job, guys! This is one of those "it's really hard for me to feel sorry for you" situations!


God bless Shah's soul

by jamshid on

Iran experienced its most prosperous times in its recent history during the second Pahlavi, this despite having to rise from the ashes of the Ghajar era, and despite having only 50 years to do so.

What was the name of the only country which exceeded Iran's astonishing rate of growth and break Iran's records of economic indicators? Any guess?

The only country that could break Iran's records was Iran. Year after year.

Now we have a bunch of ignorants like this phantom character who is blinded through pure hate and the burden of a heavy and self-torturing oghdeh, and who wants to resell the same BS that was sold to us 30 years ago. It's like buying a lemon car from a used car dealer, and getting stranded in the middle of the road, only to go back to the same dealer to buy a second car.

God bless Shah's soul and the soul of all the good men and women who worked hard in those years to make Iran a peaceful and prosperous country, many of which were executed, while folks like Phantom were grinding their teeth in pleasure reading the news of their execution.

The Phantom Of The Opera

Ah Fozolie stop your drivel; one size fits all, almost

by The Phantom Of The Opera on



Nobody buys those lies any more.  Iranians were forced upon by that foreign
directed regime once, not any more. Do your masters pay
you by line or by word?

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.


ah phantom stop your drivel

by fozolie on

Nobody buys those lies any more.  Iranians were fooled for this foreign directed and written propaganda once, not any more. Do your masters pay you by line or by word?  

Mr. Fozolie


God bless the Shah's soul

by caramel on

Roohash shad.


A PR film. All about OUR oil for the US & UK! Gave us peanuts!

by obama on

Didn't he say that we earned a billion? We were giving them oil cheaper than Sparkelts water! Granted that the time was much better than what it is today. However, we were getting only a fraction of what we were owed.

Before West to oonamoon mikard, now IRI is doing it, and the west say: wait! where is my share? Let's split it in half! If you don't I would overthrow you and bring one that I can split it with!

C'mon, before you jump and accuse me of pro-iri, don't you see that we have always been cheated by our own and foreign governments? The sad thing is that we had a better quality of life when US was in charge tha now! Real pity!



He gets the credit as well as the blame

by Fair on

in my book.

Nobody can say the Shah was flawless, who is?  

But show me better at the time.  Here were our alternatives:

1-mullahs (need I explain?)

2-tudeh communists, lock stock and barrel in the pocket of the USSR

3-MKO, Fadaee, Peykar, chapees



The first 3 didn't even bother advocating democracy, let alone plan on implementing it.  Only number 4 said reasonable things, but look at the decision they made- support Khomeini.  They had one decision to make, and they screwed it up.

So there you have it, the Shah was not the only one to make mistakes.  

Now that we have gone over the mistakes, I would like to thank the Shah of Iran for keeping the country at peace and strong and rapidly developing (you heard it- growth rate of 10%, largest market in the ME, etc. etc.) so the children of Iran did not have to live under Arab and Russian and French bombs like they did after the fall of the Shah.

And at least he had the decency to leave the country when he saw clearly that he was not popular.

Instead, our people revered a man who felt nothing for his country, said so openly, and destroyed a generation and a nation.  And he still gets respect.

Face it- we Iranians failed big time.  And our children and grandchildren are paying for our stupidity.


The Phantom Of The Opera

What about the Shah

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

It was not on the basis of only a few key points that the Shah was considered an ill-suited leader; he was installed back on the throne after a coup in order to serve the American interests in the region. The Israelis and their interests entered into the political equation, some time later.

The photographs and film footage we see of the Iran of that time present a distorted, one-sided image of Iran under the Shah, as though the entire country has a selective memory.  The gap between the rich and the poor was strikingly vast, and intellectual and political censorship was omnipresent and far-reaching. 

It was the Shah's mismanagement of and dictatorship over the country that paved the way for today's reigning mullahs in Iran. Any attempt to portray the Shah as a national hero are misguided and dangerous, as they gloss over the reality of what he was and what he did.

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.

Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

About The Shah.

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

Sure, he wasn't "ideal", only a fool would think so. BUT, his purpose was to police the region and keep Hezbollahis and Communists in check or in the grave. What's so bad about that??? Only now, after it's 30 years too late, do we realize that he was there to prevent the current nightmare from happening in the first place! So a handful (NOT all, relax!) of his and SAVAK's "atrocities" sure do seem justifiable in hindsight!

"Puppet of the West"? Okay, sure. MUCH better than the terrorists waving the book and flag of a religion alien to Iran Option B that's occupying Iran now!!!!!!!


While this was happening in Iran...

by Arthimis on

You want to compare? Forget Japan and others...

While this was happening in Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE and all the Arab countries in the area were busy catching Grasshoppers in their deserts...

Turkey which happend to be our most advanced neighboring country at the time, their people were busy attacking Iranian students and their Mercedes Benz cars transiting Turkey from Germany to Iran...

Where are these backward nations today ??? Aren't they Far , far more Advanced and Richer than Iran and Iranians? True or False? Be Honest!

Shah and his Swiss system were too advanced for all those stupid/ignorant population occupying a Great Country, Culture and Civilization such as Iran ...

Yeah, hate me for saying the truth... Especially you I.R. supporters! Cause you were and still are the scums of the earth... Bunch of uneducated and dirty (Body, mind and soul) people who didn't want to be corrected and better in your miserable lives and still don't and resist...!!!!

Iran needs and deserves far far more educated populatin and citizens to properly and rightfully represent Iran on global level with all her natural beauties and glories, again...

Free Iran from the occupiers.


God bless Shah

by XerXes. on

He was a good man, who learned politics too late and trusted the west too much.
Now we got to move one folks. Let's look a head. First thing first. We need to make Iran strong. then take care of government. Otherwise west will keep pushing us back and forth and play with our history and future. This got to stop.
I don't buy the argument that a good regime will be allowed to make Iran powerful and rich. NO WAY IN HELL would the west allow Iran to be the powerful country in the ME> NO WAY IN HELL. take my word. I don't buy it. WE got to kick them out of the region. Something that I used to believe, change of heart of a month, now coming back even more clear to me.


there is no limit to stupdity

by rain bow movment on

these moron that now talking about reform,they have to bring it in 1977 ,not after a bunch of stupid rozekhoon va tudehee destroyied a nation now  they talk about reform.

what reform morons(khatami,mosavi,soroosh,rafsanjani,karobi,ganji,debashi,aghajari,yazdi)



روانش شاد



!روانش شاد



خودم کردم که لعنت بر خودم باد



یه روزگاری بود


یه روزگاری بود که میخواستیم ژاپن دوم آسیا بشیم. اما به لطف جمهوری اسلامی، امروز جوانان ما برای کارهای سطح نوکری به ژاپن و کرهً جنوبی میروند...



by shushtari on

but the mullahs have helped the arab terrorists in palestine.....

isn't that better for iran!!!!?


this is what you get when you fall for the akhoonds' lies and tricks


iran would have been paradise now! 

Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

Oh, but see...

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

We decided to trade in all this to live by a set of rules that came from Arab myths! Don't you just feel so proud? Don'tcha?

Yep, I called them myths, get pissed, I DON'T CARE!


Thanks for the post

by Fatollah on

and that's is ofcourse at least 38-40 years ago. Now compare that to some other nations of the ME region, Asia or South America of that era, I believe we were onthe right path back then and would be in tremendous shape today, paid dearly for our stupidity.