Rita Yahan-Farouz

Most popular best selling female singer in Israel since 1986

Born in Tehran, Iran. Her family emigrated to Israel in 1970: "Waiting"


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I really this song and the

by mikeSpen on

I really this song and the artist as well. She really deserves her award. Keep it up Rita! Tony Robbins UPW


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by Zieg on

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Nice one!Email Newsletters

by Zieg on


Rita singing in Farsi :)

by sammyboy100 on

Here are a couple of videos of Rita singing in Farsi, in the first video she is singing for the former president of Israel who is also from Iran. 




Red Wine

عجب زیبا و عجبا شیرین حنجره یی

Red Wine

عجب زیبا و عجبا شیرین حنجره یی ! خوش به حال همچین هنرمندی !

اینها که ایراد گیرند،خود هم بی‌ هنرند و هم ایرانی نیستند ! ایرانی اول خاک را بیند و سپس پرچم ! ما را نه شاید که به خاطر دین و مذهب کسی‌ گشاده گویی کنیم و حرمت شکنی کنیم !

حمل بر جسارت نیست،بروید معلومات خود را بالا برید و انقدر عزا با خاک کاهو نگیرید.



Rita's song

by Noga on

Is a beautiful Hebrew poem written by the poetess Rachel, who lived at the turn of the twentieth century in a kibbutz on the shore of the sea of Galilee.  And the poem which was put to music is titled: "A Melancholy Tune"

Here is a very spontaneous translation:

Can you hear my voice, my distant

Can you hear my voice wherever
you are?

A voice that cries out bravely,
but weeps bitterly

And transcends time expecting a


The world is immense, riven
with many roads

That cross for a moment and
drift away forever

A man is seeking but his knees
are buckling under him

Cannot find what he has lost


My final day is well-nigh maybe

The day approaches for tears of

I will wait for you until my
days are over

as Rachel waited for her beloved Jacob.


Zemer Nugeh sung by Rita

by marzutra on


kool voice she has ...

by reRa on

I dont listen to those nansy crap ajram or else .. those stupid arabs or lets say even worse the lebz .... ah lebz .... lebz crapy singeres ... well .... honesty like most australians  ... I am not big fan of lebz in here or anywhere elses .. and dont listen to either of them at all  ... perhaps in iran they do .. they might like them but not here ..or  becaouse  I dont like those gangs who the majarity of them are lebz as well  in here ....so yeah ... well  this is my first time I listen to this song ... nice voice she has ..Love the song. nice clip ... best of luck 2 her ... XOX



by yolanda on

The lady does not look like a 47 year old (according to Wikipedia)....she performed in a musical troupe in Israeli army.......the song sounded great and she has a nice voice......thanks for sharing!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Holy mother of all beautiful voices!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

It's great!


Thank you for the

by vildemose on

Vataan Jaan:

Thank you for the translation. I thought the song was a meaningful one and I was right.



by Emil on

Israelis can be Iranian's best friends, not only in the region, but in the whole world...


This is Translation from Hebrew to Farsi.....

by Vattan on

Yaeh rozi etefagh khahad oftad, Bedone inkeh ehsas koneem chizi avaz shodeh, yak chizi be ma taseer khahd gozasht, Va degar chizi neseed keh azash betarseem, Va un roze khahd amad,

Mesleh khathaya kafe daste hayaman, Motmaen be khodash,Goya hamesheh anja bodeh ast, dar falakeyee keh un ra tashkhees khaheem dad,

Va khahad amad, va tou khahey deed, keh dasthaya basteh azd khahand shod,

va ghalb haya mohafez beheshoon hichi nakhahd khord yekdafeh, be sorat aadi khahad amad, mesle tabeate mamoli, va dar solh khahd bood ba khodash,

va yak rozy etefagh khahad oftad....

Va oon rooze khahd amad va tou medony , hichi mara tekan nakhahd dad,

va un chizi keh gharar ast be royaman baz shavad ,dar entezar ast


I can translate Monda

by divaneh on

She says thank you mum and dad for leaving Iran and coming to Israel, or I now had to put up with Rahbar. I would rather jump from these cliffs.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

No doubt, some people who don't understand Persian language might find it ugly, too. If someone ever tells me that my language is ugly, I would wish him opportunities to overcome his ignorance and to learn new languages.

I think Rita's voice is very nice and It makes me proud that such a talented and popular artist comes from Iran.



ديگ به ديگ ميگه روت سيا :)




الان ديگه يه مشت عربو امتی کربلايی دارن ايراد از زبون عبری دختره ميگيرن که اره  "تلخه" هی هي...زپلشک.. يکی نيس به اين ابن قادسی ها بگه انگاری زبون کربلايی حسين عخ تفن جقٌن خفيي عتن ملخنشون :) رو که خودشون و ملاٌشون با لهجه ,الکی نامش فارسی , به خورد يه مشت اصغر جواد ميدن از اين بهتره.

اينم کرفه(صواب) داره بگم.. يه بابا سواد نداشت واساده بود جلويه "بانک سپه ايران شعبه بروجرد و لرستان" از يه حزباللهی ميپرسه حاجی اين تابلو رو بخون, حاجی ميگه :"بعنٌکت سفهو عَيران شعبتن برٌرن و جٌررٌن و لرٌرٌن سَت عان" .. مرصی دختره صدايه خوبی داره  .

marhoum Kharmagas

zendeh baad Jewish Iranians

by marhoum Kharmagas on

As much as I disagree with AIPAC/Israeli criminal policies, I respect Jewish Iranians. I have nothing but good memories from Jewish community in Esfahan which I worked for, went to school with, and dined at their homes.... when I was young.


Irooni: How pathetic you

by vildemose on

Irooni: How pathetic you are.

Btw, Happy Purim to all our Jewish Iranians.


What an ugly language!

by Irooni on

What an ugly language!


Love the song. Great voice.

by vildemose on

Love the song. Great voice.


خودمونیم چه


خودمونیم چه زبونه تخ#@


Did not like her!

by choghok on

Saw a picture of her being presented to Berlusconi recently and she gave him a nice friendly hug. Knowing Berlusconi from recent news (prostitution scandals) you would know why Israelis put her up to the task.



Sounds and looks very nice

by Monda on

But I wish I knew what she's saying... any translators in the house?

Anonymous Observer

I wish her the best of luck and the music is nice, BUT

by Anonymous Observer on

I have to agree with Bomannyali on Haifa Wehbe.  My GOD, have you seen that woman?


I don't think that beautiful is a strong enough word to describe her!


Very nice!

by Bavafa on


Darius Kadivar

Nice !

by Darius Kadivar on

Lovely Girl and Lovely Song !


Elissa, Nancy Ajram & Haifa Wehbi:Lebanese singers that Iran lik

by bomannyali on

Elissa, Nansy Ajram and Haifa wehbi are lebanese singers that iranians in iran would rather listen to than almost all iranian female singers in exile.

Also there video clips are high quality productions.

take my word for it, i know.