Banking crisis

Iran banks have $48 bln in bad loans - Central Bank

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's state-dominated banking system has $48 billion in non-performing loans and it is on the verge of a crisis, the Islamic Republic's central bank governor said in comments published on Monday. "How would it be possible for the banking system to show any profit with $48 billion worth of loans in arrears," the Ettelaat newspaper quoted Governor Mahmoud Bahmani as saying. Referring to a lending spree in recent years, he said: "Of course, the reality must be accepted that the opening up of the banking system's resources sack in the past few years has brought them (the banks) to the brink of crisis." >>>

Iranian state TV report:


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In someone's pockets

by karanh on

I don't know if one should blame those who took the loans or the bankers who were greedy enough to give loans to people who can't repay them. Many will argue that you cannot be sure what one can or cannot repay but that's not true. If someone managed to save 10 times the amount others saved in the same amount of time, then he should get the loan he wants. If people weren't able to save much they sure won't be able to put much into repaying their future loans either. 

Some governments like giving people the opportunity to start over using a bankruptcy... that right there is a bottomless pit. Another of my favorite services is debt settlement, which also wastes the money of the bank even though it's not as bad as going into bankruptcy and not repaying anything. People need to be responsible for what they borrow no matter what. The only thing I don't agree with is adding infinite interest to a loan. If a person cannot possibly pay, give him time and when he starts earning he'll go back to paying.


What do you have to say about...?

by Fair on

What do you have to say about the murder today of Mohammad Reza and Arash? Is that "law enforcement" as well?

AN can go to hell along with you. At least his American counterpart is not rounding up opponents and murdering teenagers in cold blood for "fighting with God".

Furthermore, in the US, bank deposits are insured and nobody with money in the bank lost anything in this whole crisis, guaranteed. And the US debt is less than its GDP. And finally, instead of justifying every bad thing in IRI by comparing it to an equivalent bad thing in the US, maybe you can also keep score of all the good things from IRI and the US. The US gave us the airplane, the automobile, computers, telecommunications, the internet, a man on the moon, scientific and medical advances, a higher education system that has educated millions of people from all over the world, etc. etc. Maybe you can list for us just ONE contribution from the IRI to all of humanity. Besides youtube videos of young people being killed or beat with batons on the streets of Iran? Or the hundreds of thousands of brains that have left the country permanently?

I didn't think so.

You and your advice. My advice to you is to stop supporting criminals and murderers and repent for betraying the Iranian people. You don't belong on



Listen to Sargord: please keep things in perspective.

by AMIR1973 on

Economic woes are not limited to Iran. In fact, US debt is far greater than that of Iran. Moreover, the average Iranian's standard of living is comparable or even better to those of the average American. Which is why nearly every Iranian on this wesbite left Iran to settle in the U.S. As far as keeping things in perspective, it's worth comparing Iran's GDP per capita (purchasing power parity) with that of some other economic powerhouses. Here is a very partial list of countries whose GDP per capita is higher than that of Iran, a country with the third largest oil reserves and second largest natural gas reserves in the wordl:

Romania, Panama, Bulgaria, Belarus, Mauritius, Gabon, Mexico, Venezuela, Botswana, Turkey, Libya, etc, etc.


Sargord Pirouz

economic woes

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, certain economic woes are not limited to Iran. It will be interesting to see how Ahmadinejad adjusts to these challenges. He is certainly taking more decisive action than his American counterpart, where their solution appears limited to more, more borrowing, especially from foreign Chinese banking sources.

What's the US debt now? $13 trillion dollars and growing?

My advice is to remain calm and keep things in relative perspective. 


I know where the money is!

by pedro on

I know where the money is! Add up the Billions that mullahs stolen and stashed in the banks in England, Canada, Swiss and Dubie. The total is very close to 48.0 Billions. Khamenie and his children have a whoping 35 Billions.

Stop Mullahs from killing our children.

gitdoun ver.2.0

Stupid Khomeini once said

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

Khomeini once dismissed an economic adviser who kept pestering him about the economy. Annoyed he said,"This revolution was not over the price of a watermelon."   ---well it just may be that an economy which falls off the cliff can undo this revolution......


what banking crisis

by MRX1 on

Didn't the great imam said "Economey is for donkeys" I feel like some of fellow country man still haven't learned the essence of IRR.


Zionist plot thru & thru

by Faramarz_Fateh on

IRI's banking system is as strong as it has ever been.

This is a Zionist plot. 


Y lend millions when u can lend BILLIONS! = "Dr" Evil (Ahmadi:-)

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


It is my understanding that

by Mehrban on

millions (billions collectively) have been lent to the members of the sepaah who feel little obligation to pay it back.


There are millions of new unsold apartments in Tehran alone

by Anonymouse on

Real estate in Iran has taken a beating like any place else in the world.  Just like all other countries in the world the bad loans are coming back like vengence.  It is not surprising that it has taken Iran a little longer than other countries with stronger economies like USA or European countries.

Dubai just had to rescue its banks and now Iran.  Problem with Iran is nobody is going to help them since they've isolated themselves.  Karoubi is right Ahmadi may not last 4 years!  Mother****er said with kamal-e por'rooyee during his debates that inflation is 12% and showed pie charts! No one will ever forget it! 

Everything is sacred.


تقصیر ما نبوده،


تقصیر دشمنان انتقلاب، تحریمها، انگلیسی ها، شیطان بزرگ، پاپا نوئل و حاجی فیروز است.

David ET

Sign of IR Reaching THE END

by David ET on


bullocks - counted on $150/barrel oil, spent it before had it

by MM on

This is a lot of horse manure.  The IRI elite got used to the 150 dollars/barrel oil prices, spent the money before they had it (probably to unsecured loans, Hezbollah, Hamas, Sepaah, its agents and favors to relatives).   And, now they blame the world economy instead of looking at self for lack of leadership and management skills?

gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i hope the central banking system dies and the people skin all the mullahs alive along with their brainwashed wilayat faqhi supporters.


There is no crisis

by عموجان on

Mahdi took the loan. You can't ask Mahdi what happened to the $48 B. Just his name would add to the profits of the banks. Pasdara are just keeping eye on it for now till he show up. people should know by now this is a God send government.  


$?? Billion to Palestinians!

by Faramarz_Fateh on

and the rest sent out to banks in Canada and elsewhere.

Who do tou think these "loans" were given to?

22 Bahman, banking crisis whats next?  The falling of the dominos has started and there is nothing anyone can do.




Apologists take note! Crap that hit the fan is getting bigger.

by mehdi2009 on

This report from the propaganda Arm of the Murderous Regime has finally and for the first time reported the REAL crisis which is engulphing these Corrupt, Incompetent and Criminal THUGS.

I have said before on this forum that on my last 2 trips to Iran in June and November of 2009 I discovered among many other major problems in Iran, the real reason that everyone from diffrent socio-economic classes in Iran HATES this Murderous Regime is the fact that Khamenie's Malijak (AhmadiNejad) has utterly and totally mismanaged and destroyed the economy of the country by giving it's cash reserves in all kinds of scam loans to his benefactors in the IRGC Command.

The Sham Election was just a Smoke Screen, and the real Coup d'etat occured ever since this Malijak and his fellow criminals ascended to the Presidential office in 2005. The Sham Election just made the Coup d'etat official. This Incompetent Bunch didn't even listen to their OWN Economic Experts (I guess they were busy watching Michael Douglas in the Movie "Wall Street" proclaiming that GREED IS GOOD).

It is not my intention to give a lecture on BASIC ECONOMICS, as this Reprt has cleary demonstrated the Dire Economic situation in Iran. I have said it before that once they run out of money, those same lame brain supporters of the Regime will either hide or turn their clubs on the heads of the Murderous Regime's Masters and their Thugs.

Salutations to ALL of The TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.  


Artificial Intelligence

One more nail!

by Artificial Intelligence on

In their coffin.