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جای شما خالی‌. بساط چایخوریْ با دوستی‌ داشتیم که راه مان به گُذر راه سبز خورد و چشمِمانْ به بساطِ عرایضِ جدیدِ آقای موسویْ! هر چه به جلو پیش می‌رویم، ماهیت اصلی‌ ایشان بیشتر جلوه می‌کند و ساز مارکسیستیِ ایشانْ گوشمان را کَر کرده است. بر همین اساسْ،ایشان ما را به یاد آقای کاستروْ میندازد که بر همین منوال بیش از ۵۰ سال خون ملت کوبا را در شیشه کرده است.

07/10/2010 - 16:44

hamsade ghadimi

red wine jan, nicely

by hamsade ghadimi on

red wine jan, nicely composed picture. your point is well taken. i see more similarity between fidel and ruhollah in form of tyranny through populism.  not to mention most of their die-hard supporters are not the citizens of their respective countries while people who hate them the most are citizens of those countries.


Yā Hussain, Mir-Hossein !

by Rea on

Don't like Castro, either way.

Poosteh Pesteh

Made in U.k

by Poosteh Pesteh on



Good Job

by divaneh on

Good job but I am not sure about similarities. I think he may be more receptive of West than Castro.


False Advertisement

by comrade on

جمع اضداد، یکی‌ از دیرینه‌ترین شیوه‌های جلب مشتریست.



poor old fiedel!

by fooladi on

I hope he does not frequent iranian .com pages, it'd be heartbreaking for him seeing this :)

I agree with Demo's comment.


He was a Molla...Hey Mishod Dolla

by Faramarz on



Great One Red Wine!

Now let's sing along with Barry Manilov's Copacabana:

He was a Molla
Hey Mishod Dolla
At the Copa, Copacabana
The hottest spot north of Havana
At the Copa, Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashion
At the Copa

They fell in love...  


Portraying Under Influence!!!

by Demo on

Excess “Red Wine” drinking, perhaps??? Fidel is a lifetime fighter & follows an “Ideology” whereas Mir is a painter & sticks forever to the recently green painted “Dead Imam Track.”   


Redwine: A nice thought but …

by Bavafa on

IMHO, unlike Castro who was a decisive, strong, dictator and a leader, Mousavie is not any of those but a dictator want-to-be.



Thank you Redwine - Another Masterpeice

by dhhcfo on

Viva Redwine; Ahsant; you are the best.  Who could forget the atrocity Moussavi committed during his time as a prime minister?  Iran, its history, tradition, and culture mean nothing to these bastards.  They are all brain washed as slave of arabs and all descendent of mohammad.  They are all have the same miserable character but with different names and different facial.


RW jaan how about Gandi next time?! This 1's good 2!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred