محمود به فضا میرود


(AFP) – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that Iran plans to send a man into space by 2019 as a blow to Western powers pressing Tehran over its nuclear programme, state news agency IRNA reported. "Iran was due to send man into space by 2024 but in response to threats and Security Council resolutions against Iran, the plan was pushed forward by five years and the project will be launched in 2019," Ahmadinejad said >>>

07/25/2010 - 08:44

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Anony jan,is just a russian astronaut :=) .


Ahmadi's nonsense should be highlighted at every corner & turn!

by Anonymouse on

RW jaan is that Sean Connery's hat from The Hunt for Red October?!

Every year Ahmadi comes to UN and the reporters go after him and every now and then they fumble and don't press him enough.  However, recently they're ridiculing him more and more which is how it should be.

Mother****er says we were going to send a man to space by 2024 and since we got sanctioned and are now denied the various technologies that are needed for such a mission we're now going to jerryrig stuff and send a man 5 years sooner! 

Regardless of who he think his audience is the situation on the ground is getting worse by the minute and the more he talks the more he becomes responsible for the ultimate failures that are piling up.

Sometimes he reminds me a little like the Soviet Union's old leaders who in the late 80s would come in and die of old age one after another.  They were the isolationists whose generation was dying of age and eventually Gorbachov, a central committee member himself, took power and started a new era.  

Everything is sacred


Good move

by divaneh on

We can't wait for you to join the turtle.

LoL Khar, that was very funny. 


RW: Can we make that a one way ticket please?

by Bavafa on

LOL, Khar jaan, good one.




not funny

by i_support_khamenie on

I find it stupid that so much is written about this turd president. He has no power. He has only a big loud mouth and is unreasonable.

I think we could all do Iranians a favor by not mentioning this turd anymore. Even western media learned early this year that he is powerless, you hardly see them interviewing him. He is a waste of time and make no sense.

The best interview to illustrate how dumb he is is his interview with Ann Curry from NBC's morning show. Watch it then you would know why western journalists think he is a waste of time.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

هدف این سفر طهارتی است، جهت شستشوی سطح ماه

Shazde Asdola Mirza


 دیشب به ماه امّت عکس امام دیده

گویا فضانوردی بر روی ماه ر..ده‌‌


the first iranian monkey in space

by fooladi on



IRI is sending a manned mission to outer space...

by Khar on

to repair the Ghamar-e Bani Hashem satellite ;-)