Khomeini: Sorry, No More Freedom

"Regrettably we cannot give freedom like we did before"


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: if this moron

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I argue that Khomeini is in fact a true Imam. He followed the same murderous path of Ali and Mohammad. He is a evil as any of them. Therefore he is an Imam and acts like them.

The problem is that people refuse to accept the obvious. Islam is an evil religion. It is based on "submission" aka "slavery". You become a slave once you accept Islam. That is why they don't want people leaving it. Because slaves are not supposed to go free.

I often think there may be divine inspiration for Islam. One made by the "div" in order to ruin the world. Just take a look at it and tell me if there is anything good in Islam: there isn't.



if this moron

by shushtari on

is an 'imam' then i'm santa claus!!!

how can people fall for this crap???? this akhoond can't even speak correct farsi!

my god, the ignorance of some individuals is hand over a beautiful country with a wonderful heritage and culture to an idiot like khomeini.


unfortunately, the shah was too lenient with a treasonous virus like this mullah.....there were dozens of opportunities to take care of this looney and they rest of his crew in qom or in iraq....


lesson learned, this is the last stand for the akhoonds.....


akhoond ha bezzoodi reeshekan khahand shood 


Historical context

by Rastgoo on

If I were to guess I would say that this must be after the MKO declared all out war on the regime.  You could probably tell the date +/- 1 year by who is in the film around him since many of his closest followers were killed by the MKO within the first year of the MKO declaration.


دوستت دارم امام!


خیلی ممنون کمک کردی، چهره واقعی اسلام ناب محمدی رو به ما نشون دادی تا اسلام رو از ایران ریشه کن کنیم و به ما امکان این رو دادی که ایران رو از نو بسازیم.

مرسی.  به درک عزیز

  هیچوقت فراموشت نخواهیم کرد 

من خودم میرم سر قبرت گل میکارم 


پدر سگ دروغگو


نقشه ات این بود که دروغ بگی قدرت رو که بدست گرفتی آزادی رو از همه بگیری

بی شرف, مردم حیوان درنده بودند یا آخوند ها؟


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re:Who gave you the right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The stupidity of Iranian people in 1979 gave him it. When people are morons and believe the garbage of Shariati this happens. Power comes from bottom up. People were out in the street screaming for Khomeini. So: he took the power! It was supported by Jimmy Carter but it would have never happened without the people.

We need to stop being idiots and stop accepting fake leaders. Already you hear noises of MKO supporters. One more dictatorship in the making.

Start by avoiding it.

Long Live A Free and Tolerant Iran


pastor bill rennick

This animal Khomeini should have been executed in

by pastor bill rennick on

1964 where he started jofftack andazee.

Sometimes a wrong choice in a binary decision can be catastrophic with astronomical consequences!


Who gave you thid right to rule on behalf of God and religion

by frazaghi on

Who gave this man this authority to make these ruling on behalf of God and religion?

Of course he is right and he was most viciously right to issue such a "fatwa" and give a religion-approved permission to some wild dogs and unleash them.

Not only he , but also the regim and most especially this current government owe these "plain-cloth"s a lot and without their savage and violence , it would have been impossible to keep this ominous revolution alive.



Revolution would have happened with or without khomeini

by fooladi on

This was a genuine , popular revolution, very simsilar to what is happenning in Iran today. Then, just as today, western powers were concerned about the impact of the revolution on Oil supplies. Then, just like today, they found someone, in the name of khomeini to steal the revolution,counter it and use it to imprison and kill the revolution and Revolutionary. Khomeini was the great Counter Revolutionary then.

Had the Revolution taken it's course and succeded, had the best and brightest of Iranian youth not been murdered by Khomeini and his MI5 handlers, Iran would have been today a prosperous nation. Not the laughing stock of the entire world.

Good news is, the forces behind the revolutionary movement then, are around today,stronger and more aware than ever, and will be around till the day this great conflict is settled.

Worth mentioning , the following quote, from the greatest Revolutionary of all time:

"It is impossible to predict the time and progress of revolution. It is governed by its own more or less mysterious laws. " V.I. Lenin


کمونیست کشی "امام" به حق بود


سخـت گیری و تعصـب خامی است

    تا جنینی کار خون آشامی است

Immortal Guard

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

by Immortal Guard on

How and where can I get a bigger picture you have chosen as your sign? Is it the picture of a Sassanian King?


Emam was right

by Anonymous8 on

Emam, peace be upon him, was right. he cut the hands of terrorists and communists. he did the right thing for iran. those butchers couldn't be reasoned with as people.


What ifs

by benross on

so if Khomeini was not born we would not have a revolution?

This a question that never has an answer. If Lenin wasn't born, there wouldn't be communist revolution? If Mossadegh wasn't born, there wasn't any movement to nationalize the oil?

But you are right that Khomeini should not be blamed for everything. Because we the people gave him such power to do things he did. We allowed ourselves to be manipulated. But in history, it is always the leader to be scrutinized for historic events, not because he or she is the only one to be blamed, but because through this critical thinking we can see what should be corrected in ourselves. Otherwise, no, Hitler didn't kill gypsies and jews single handedly and can not be solely blamed for atrocities of Nazi Germany. Germans, once after the war and another time after reunification, worked hard to root out all the ills in their mindset.


few questions

by rtayebi1 on

so if Khomeini was not born we would not have a revolution? is he to be blamed for all our misery? everything got changed just because of him?  if U could go back in time and had the oppourtunity to kill him would u do it? Would that be better?  really I like to know. Anybody can respond except MAHMOODG  I don't have time to read this idiot's comments, Frankly I wish he would just go away. I wonder in Mohammad's time if  there were  some so called Iranianthat thought SURGICAL ATTACKS FROM ARABS is going to free us from this evil religion (Zoroastrian). Or  maybe only if Alexander or Genghis khan attack Iran everything will be great   


ای دوزخی سرشت!


ای دوزخی سرشت! اگر ظلم آسمان
میراث سرزمین مرا بر تو عرضه داشت،
در زیر آفتاب دل افروز آن دیار
دست تو، غیر دانه ی نامردمی نکاشت


در چشم من، تو باد سیاهی که ناگهان
چندین هزار برگ جوان را ربوده ای ،
یا روح ظلمتی که پس از مرگ آفتاب
چندین هزار دیده ی پر اشتیاق را
بر بامداد بسته و بر شب گشوده ای.


گر نقش شیر و صورت مهر مُنیر را
از رایتِ سه رنگ دلیران ربوده ای ،
یادش همیشه مایه ی جوش و خروش ماست
ور نام آن سخنور شهنامه گوی را
از لابلای دفتر و دیوان ربوده ای ،
تنها ، سروش اوست که در گوش هوش ماست.


ای دیو دل سیاه!
مرگت خجسته باد بر انبوه مرد و زن ،
نامت زدوده باد ز طومار سال و ماه

نادر نادرپور …


listening to this idiot

by azadi5 on

listening to this idiot gives me doubt about the leaders of green movement, they are the product of same crap, maybe somewhat different color and smell though.

I heard that his shrine and its adjacent motels was a place of prostitution these days. maybe that's a way of attracting tourists to come to his shrine. 


کمال همنشین


تکیه کلام خمینی جانی  " چه و چه و چه " بود، ولیکن از قرار معلوم در این ویدیو، تکیه کلام " چیز، چیز " آقای موسوی نخست وزیر سوگلی " امام " مرتحل  که حالا در پی بازگشت به "دوران طلایی " آن جانی باالفطره است هم از او سرچشمه گرفته.  


it was everybody's fault

by statira on

that this lunetic came to power. As long as some of us still praising this criminal, Iranians are not gonna see the change.

Mardom een ozgale beesavde janio ta hade khoda bala mibordand.

Remember that stupid guy named Fakhroldin who made many poem for khomeini and would make a god out of Khomeini.


Heyvanate darandeh

by mahmoudg on

He means his own flock.  You are correct Mr. Khomeini, any one who believes in the cult of Islam in this form is an animal, inlcuding yourself.  But rest assured the same great people you are calling Zionist, and the Great Satan, will once and for all liberate this great Nation you almost succeeded in destroying, for the sake of your masters, the murdering A-rabs.  We can't wait to erect a public latrine on the ground your stench filled miserable body is buried.

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

The people who were in jail?

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

The illness of dictatorship. People who were in jail, put the other people in jail. The freedom is for very smart and educated people. As long as we are ignorant, uneducated we cannot have freedom. We create always new dictators.


شورای چیز هم خطا کرد، همه خطا کردیم


How many times we heard this in our history? "we gave freedom, they didn't deserve it".

Freedom is not for you to give, it's not for you to take it away. Let's NOT repeat our historic mistakes about freedom.

David ET

این هم از دوران طلایی

David ET

آقای موسوی این است دوران طلایی پیر جماران


Nasimeh Khiyanat

by minadadvar on

Nasimeh Hayat = Nasimeh Khiyanat

Ayatollah Khomanie = Lanatollah Khoonkhar

Darius Kadivar

What Year is this ? ... Date Appreciated

by Darius Kadivar on

Interesting footage. If we could have the date to situate the historical context it would be appreciated.

Great Find !




The idiot even can't talk. no wonder IRI outlaw replaying of his speeches because that uncovers his and his followers illiteracy. I am glad there are tapes like this so the future generation can hear it.