Asadollah Alam's Memoir

Diary entry from December 26, 1969


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Darius Kadivar

It doesn't come across as genuine particularly in this excerpt

by Darius Kadivar on

where one could easily conclude that he is a closet communist in the height of the Cold War basically speaking in favor of Communism as a far more just system that the one in his country ...

Dunno sounds just too fake to me ...

But well who knows maybe he was one like the Oxford or Cambridge Elite of the 1950's and 60's :

Kim Philby 1955 :


Anthony Blunt the Queen of England's Art Curator and close associate who was a closet communist spy denounced shortly before his death :


Scene From a Film on his relationship with the Queen :


And another version of the 1986 film "Blunt":





It is my understanding

by JavoonDeerooz on

that the memoir was published boith in Iran and abroad. Like all historical books, the Iranian published edition has been altered to match the political views of the regime. I think the US published version is reliable



by Fatollah on

I read both the books, some 15 years ago, my father brought them on his visit from Iran, furthermore, there were a few pages missing, not that somebody had ripped them off but rather it was published as such. anyway, to this day I've my doubts when it comes to it's authenticity! If Alam was such sharp mind with analytic skills as suggested in the clip, I doubt he would want to describe his bravado's and that of Shah's in such details for the sake of his family or posthumous reputation as we Iranians are so preoccupied with!

Darius Kadivar

Alams Memoires Authenticity are subject to controversy

by Darius Kadivar on

they were published by his enstraged wife and family years after his death and after the revolution and knowing many Iranian publications particularly when it comes to history are not always verifiable because there is no serious historical academy notably in exile that can vouch on the Authenticity of the material published.

I would like to hear the views of serious historians like Abbas Milani or Mashadollah Adjoudani on this document. Do they have access to the original papers ? ...

When I read Alam's memoires I found that some passages didn't look authentic and were sensationalist as if the publishers were trying to satisfy some tabloid readers than serious historians.

These Memoires were not aimed for publication by it's author in the first place so the way it is published or formatted (without the authors consent) for the readers is in itself subject to historical skepticism for you don't know if this is what he truly intended to express or thought sincerely.  

I saw an interview of the guy who published it on VOA, but was not convinced by his arguments or POV ...

Dunno I have no definitive opinion on Alam's memoires (which are a good read) or of their authenticity but I would like a serious historian to have access to the original papers and give us an objective opinion.



Alam's memoir can show you the real cause of the "revolution"

by JavoonDeerooz on

Shah did not believe that any of his associates were able to make the right decisions regarding governing the country. perhaps he was right because he surrounded himself with a bunch of corrupt bademjoon dor ghab cheen who had no interest but to fill up their own pockets. In between visiting high priced European hookers   and reading Times and Newsweek to get a perspective on foreign affairs, the country was exploding right under his A$$. 


God Bless Shah

by عموجان on

I red the book when it came out. I wonder what he would say if he was alive today and wrote another book, the name of the book would be (What The F**k Happened,God Bless the Shah)



by Elham57 on

Yes, I am so glad he finally left.

He left, and Iran turned into such a paradise.

Damn the Shah, ...damn him.

Long live the gloreous Islamic Revolution and Islamic Republic!

Kamran Ramyar

King of kings!

by Kamran Ramyar on

I guess his royal heiness, shahanshah aryamehr, king of kings, was too busy hitting of his favorite vafoor getting high.  That just did not leave him enough time to think about the plight of all his poor subjects who could barely make ends meet!   What an ass he was!!!!  Alam being his closest confidante, must have known how utterly weak and ineffective Mohammad Reza really was!  

hamsade ghadimi

is this really alam's

by hamsade ghadimi on

is this really alam's account?  if it is, it's refreshing to hear one of shah's men give a realistic account of his impression from the monarchy era.  this was merely 10 years before the revolution.


Palestinians hated the Shah

by Darveesh on

who didn't?


even carter and brzezinski hated him
tell us something new


Palestinians hated the Shah

by TheEnemyHateMe on

Still do obvious as this poster proves everytime.You hate the Shah don't you? You hate him because you could not control Iran with the Shah,with the Ayatollah's you can.


on that pix

by Darveesh on

baby shah looks like he is amazed by his catch of young farah,  little does he know