Chef Reza Mohammad

Prepares Persian rice with lamb on UK's GMTV


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burning the poor lady's tongue...

by Fandogh on

why is this guy in such a hurry?


Will he ever show up on HELL'S KITCHEN?! Hell yeah!!

by Anonymouse on

I've been watching Hell's Kitchen for the past 2 weeks and I'm really liking it and would recommend it!

I love the way Chef Ramsey runs his kitchen and his no nonsense attitude.  He is looking for the one person to run his first class Savo restaurant In London.

You can watch some clips in the link I provided. If I were to write his actions and reactions it'll be like an old Batman and Robin cartoon or TV shows!  BOOM!  BANG!  OUCH!

This Salmon is not cooked!  What the F*/# are you doing?!  BOOM! I can't serve this s%$#!  BANG! 

Why is this mash potato like a f*&^ing soup?! OUCH! You can't serve that s&*^%!  Get the f&*% out of my kitchen!  Go!  Get the f%$# out!  BANG!  OUCH!


Everything is sacred.


I missed it on tv

by javaneh29 on

so thanks for posting it here. V amusing! Will have to post it on my persian cuisine site! It's suprising that Lorraine is the size of a london bus with all the food she has to sample at 8 am! 




by yolanda on

Glad to see that guys can cook so girls can relax a little! Yeah!