Poor Boy

Eight-year old says he's working because father too old


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Sheila K

no birth certificate

by Sheila K on

can mean he is a child of either a prostitute, or drug addicted mom sigheh to her pimp or an older guy or even worst... Bache baazi is common in Iran too. My heart goes out to the kid. In Tehran streets you can see a lot of child beggars and most people either don't care or beat them or verbally abuse them. When I spoke about how heart wrenching it is to see these kids on the streets, one of my relatives said, "be he shoon pool nadi haa. In bacheh haa hamashoon pedar sookhtan." People lack compassion--serious problem in Iran.



by shushtari on

I can't stop laughing at your nonsense!!!

you're blaming iran's drug epidemic on the us?????!!!


that's even idiotic for you........how about blaming your wonderful sepahe pasdaran who control the drug trade, along with every other lucrative, illegal black market operation???


you, amg, nofear, and all the other akhoond mouthpieces will soon be playing in southern lebanon along with your mullahs....so pack well 

Sargord Pirouz

No, I don't blame the US for

by Sargord Pirouz on

No, I don't blame the US for everything. Nor am I anti-American.

But like I said, sanctions do play a role in the hardship, and the military occupation of Afghanistan is surely to blame for the big rise in drug addiction. Denying that, is to deny facts on the ground, such as the huge increase in drug production.

But hey, if anti-Iran cheerleading is your game here, ignorance and shout downs are to be expected. 


yes he does blame US for everything

by fooladi on

Yet he rather stay in US as a second class citizen than return to his islamist paradise of Iran he is zer o zer ing here about 24/7! Height of Hypocicy wouldnt you agree? Gitmo was invented for scum bags like him.....


Sargord Pirouz, blame the US for everything

by bihonar on

This is a national characterisitic of most of us Iranians, "blame eveyone but ourselves."

have you ever heard a Japanese blame the US for their failings? No, you haven't. Japan was nearly destroyed during the the WWII, and mainly by the US, but Japan rose again from their ashes and are a super economy now. They used the US instead of getting trapped in an endless blame game. They used their brain too, something which is very rare in the entire Middle East and other Islamic world.

Americans, including yours truely, are paying for the hunrdreds of thousands of troops in the Middle East to keep us safe from the Taliban, and the other Islamic nuts, and here we are balming the US for the drug addiction in Iran which has social, economic and cultural causes and has nothing to do with the United States.

come on.


In a country awash with record oil revenue....

by fooladi on

One must wonder, this kind of poverty, is it due to only corruption and incompetence or by design, to keep the nation's future generations weak mentally and physically.

We all know about khamenei, ahmaghinezhad, rafsanjani and rest of IRI leadership's fabulous swiss bank accounts. We all know the lavish life style of mullah nassrullah , the chief of terrorist lebanese group of hezbullah is leading in north tehran. But surely, there should be enough scrap left to feed this poor kid and his family???

Sargord Pirouz

Same here, bihonar. True,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Same here, bihonar. True, the drug addiction is much worse, largely as a result of the incompetent US military occupation of Asghanistan.

But my perspectives are different than yours. And I don't think I'll be able to convince you otherwise, or vice-versa.


Sargord Pirouz, who are you kidding?

by bihonar on

There are ten times more drug addiction, child labor and prostitution in Iran today than during the late Shah.

I was there, I saw those days and I have seen the current conditions in Iran too; no comparison, no similarities.

Sargord Pirouz

Sad indeed. But this kind of

by Sargord Pirouz on

Sad indeed. But this kind of thing is not as prevalent (especially per capita) as it was pre-1979. Still, there's need for improvement.

Although not entirely to blame, sanctions play a hand at this. 


It is hard to tell which is a lower life form

by oktaby on

Those who explain or deny the painful realities & misery. Or those who try to blame the people. Doing both must be a new lower level. 


maziar 58

HE who cover the lies

by maziar 58 on

the report comes from INA  and is an insde news ,not Israeli propaganda;

1- he said he doesn't have shenasnameh (ID card) may be he was born to an afghan that can not get papers in Iran.

2- from Tabnak there was a report on the so called NAFT MONEIES that gov. provides approx. $6.00 per month on each (6000 toomans)only in rural areas!

In Europe any unemployed,certified legal resident recieve 1200-1800 euro per mo. depending on postal codes plus another 300-500 euros per child under 17;so where are the comparisons ?  

let's accept that Islamic republic is not in for the benefits of Iranians,so citizens of lebanon and palestine have more $$ coming to them than our own from V.VAGHIH.         Maziar


amgw4-try to warp your head around this one

by Onlyiran on

when you, in a knee jerk fashion, try to bring the U.S. into every discussion about IRI.  The U.S. is a capitalist country.  It doesn't hide that fact.  In fact, it boasts about it.  In a capitalist country, you expect to see people at the bottom of the economic pole, poor and homeless.  

The IRI, on the other hand, claims to be a divine system that is ruled by god's representative on earth, the Velayat Faghih.  In fact, it claims to be God's rule on Earth until the coming (or coming out) of that little kangaroo--Imam-e-Zaman--out of his hole...or well, or wherever it is that he is supposed to be.  In such a divine system, there shouldn't be any homeless, or poor, or hungry, etc...There should be equality and justice.  Hence, the whole problem of having homeless and the extreme poor in  Iran under the IRI. 

See the problem.  Capiche now?


I think it's despicable to use a child to advance your

by amgw4 on

political agenda and quite a pathetic attempt at propaganda as this kid is well off relative to poor kids in America (who don't even know their father). With behavior like this it's no wonder no one in Iran supports you. But at least you have Israelipropaganda.com, I mean Iranian.com, to chat with the handful of people who think the way you do.


Heart wrenching

by divaneh on

Isn't it interesting that some people here instead of accepting that there is a problem in the Iranian society for which we need a solution, try to muddy the water. If America is such a great Satan then why do you keep using it as a yardstick?

Abarmard where do you get your facts. To claim that the social services provided by a regime who has no respect for human lives  is close to the European countries is just funny. A regime who prison, torture and execute people for having different opinions, is not going to be concerned with their social welfare. Of course there are some who receive aid from IRI and it is easy to guess who they are.


I can't watch this.

by Waters on

very disheartening


There is no money

by MRX1 on

If you take all the money that the regime cronies steal and send to dubai, canada, Europe, and god knows where else (Billions upon billions) , the money that is spent on worthless soviet era junk from ariplanes to nuclear reactors, chinese junks that has litteraly destroyed domestic productions in many envrionment, the money that goes to palestine,gaza, lebonon, sheikh pashm, shiek rish just so they provide moral support or mussle for mullah's then you realize not much is left to spend on the population. According to the latest stat from the regime itself, 50% of Iranian people live below poverty line.

Let's be honest among ourself, are you guys expecting any better  from bunch of amaleh (No diesrespect to hard working amalehs) that are running the country? if you do, you indeed live in a dream land....


Some of the blame goes to people

by Abarmard on

In Iran many people who don't deserve welfare get it by cheating and scamming the system. Certainly many get it and most don't. Having a society that doesn't have hungry children is a culture, everyone must be involved and work to achieve it, government can only provide laws and policies.

If society take a responsibility to reach a goal of not having one hungry citizen and government works to deny that right then there is a problem. Currently that's not the case. Welfare in Iran, if used properly by the citizens is not far off any European countries.



Yes, that's the same.

by Elham57 on

In the US, if you, or anyone who has left the house, ever see a hungry kid, or a kid forced to prostitute, or even not be at school at 10 a.m, call this number:




Report it, and come back and tell us what happened.


You must not have left your house

by amgw4 on

You must not have left your house if you don't think there is poverty in the US. In the US some children even prostitute themselves for money and most don't know who their fathers are.



where are the akhoonds' cronies to defend the mullahs??/

by shushtari on

our country is floating on oil, and our poor children have to work on the streets instead of being in school!!!!

this is because the dirty mullahs and pasdars are plundering iran's wealth, and have been for almost 31 years!


may god free iran this year so we can have freedom and prosperity for our children