Khamenei: Chaharshanbeh Soori

Khamenei tells Iranians to shun fire festival

AFP: Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday urged Iranians to shun next week's Persian fire festival as an un-Islamic event which causes "a lot of harm." News in Persian

Seven people have already been reported killed in the runup to the festival, ISNA news agency said, quoting a police chief.

Charshanbe Soori, an ancient pagan festival, is held on the eve of the last Wednesday of the Persian calendar year. This year, the ritual falls on the night of March 16.

Khamenei, Iran's all-powerful cleric, said on his website that Charshanbe Soori has "no basis in sharia (Islamic religious law) and creates a lot of harm and corruption, (which is why) it is appropriate to avoid it." >>>




by shushtari on

with all due respect, with a name like yours, I find it surprising that you are defending a mullah!!


nevertheless, that's a nickname which has been given to him by almost all iranians for almost 25 years....


and I think it's fitting, it's too bad the mujaheds missed and this guy lived to destroy iran even further....


no one here is degrading the brave soldiers who may be 'maalools' from the war,


ali ye dast is a special case, where he NEEDS to be hit below the belt, a million times! he doesn't deserve any respect.


how do u pretend that this guy somehow deserves respect??? isn't he the guy who has ordered the cold blooded murder of brave young iranians like neda, and thousands of others???


Worcester Mo

So Sad

by Worcester Mo on

For thirty years these guys have tried to replace Persian with Islam.  And it is Iranian's fault for letting him.  Khomeini was dead set against Nourouz but could not do jack about it till the war started and then they used that to oppress people.  There are difficult times ahead and for ALL of us writing on these blogs- i.e. folks not leaving in that shithole we call home- is easy to tell people to step in the face of these hooligans.  But, Mongols could not do this and these bastards will fail.  It seems that there is a deliberate attempt by Ali Choolagh to make people hate his ass.  this decree not only affects average people who may celebrate this day, it also messes up with a lot of people who make some money that helps them survive in that shithole.  Maybe one day we can jump over fires made of Korans, tickets to Hajj, tickets to Karbala or Mashad, khomeni's books, and clergies' turbans.  I say the hell with Islam.

free vs islam


by free vs islam on

Islam is for destruction of humanity, if any religion that calls for terror of humanity and doesn’t want to evolve with present time has no tolerance what so ever and designed to Arab primitive nation who is nothing but murderers and thugs and child molesters. How cans this religion has survived in our country?

How long it took us to understand Islam and religion which preach nothing but terror?


free vs islam


by free vs islam on

These idiots they have been trying to destroy the persian culture from last 31 years and from last 1400 years, they should know that never going to happen. these cleric have no life line left and they know it and this year people will celebrate it like never before and to show them that there is place for kamenie or others like in our country and enough is enough.

long live Iran and free Iranian



by spatima on


celebrate red wednsday to the fullest extent so that this Tazi Nama will learn a lesson next time he feels like issuing a decree against the Iranian culture.

Our whole national creed is based on tolerance and  yet this douche who happens to be the nation's number one man, advocates arrogance and stupidity.

in near future he will burn in our wrath.



hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran



by spatima on


celebrate red wednsday to the fullest extent so that this Tazi Nama will learn a lesson next time he feels like issuing a decree against the Iranian culture.

Our whole national creed is based on tolerance and  yet this douche who happens to be the nation's number one man, advocates arrogance and stupidity.

in near future he will burn in our wrath.



hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran



by capt_ayhab on

We shall in near future, set fire on their TURBANS and celerate the beautiful chaharshanbeh soori.




Celebrate it more than ever

by statira on

people need to print lots of pictures of Ahmaghinejad, Larijani, janati, Yazdi and all the kharehe bozorg and burn it. I think burning the images of the lower ranks and not khamenei is a better strategy. With that the regime goons have no reason to arrest people and mark them with Mohareb.

David ET

چهار شنبه سوری را جشن بگیریم

David ET

به این صورت خامنه ای مستقیما خود را در مقابل ایران و ایرانیان قرار داد. حال هر کس که چهار شنبه سوری را جشن بگیرد در عمل نشان میدهد که خامنه ای را قبول ندارد




by Demo on

Why didn’t Khomeini himself ever issue such a decree???  Why did it take 21 years for Khamenie to come up with such self serving Fatwa? Is that his last minute effort to save himself from the fire squad in this world & from the hell fire thereafter? Is not that the reason they call Khomeini the Imam of RA-Hell (The way to HELL)? UM??????!!!!!!!!

Bahram Gohari

Charshanbeh Soori

by Bahram Gohari on

Mr. khamenie:

Iranians were not Moslems and we should be veryyyyy proud of our traditions, as the saying goes, cheeze zoor shore, if you do not like it, go back to where you came from, Iran is belong to Iranians.


Chahar Shanbeh Soori a festival deeply roooted in Iranian cultur

by zamyad on

Marg bar Aakundhayeh arab parast, they always hated the persian culture and will always hate it.


choghok & shushtari: blows below the waist

by Monarchy_Forever on

your defence and "gheyrati" for 4-shanbe souri is admirable.

yet, i would like to bring to your attention that calling Ali Khamenei by "Ali yek dast" is a punch line that is way too offensive.

Your "Ali Yek Dast" phrase will surely not be read by Ali Khamenei.  However, it would be read by individuals who are aware of friends and relatives who fought and suffered during the Iraq- Iran war.

Many heroes of the war lost their limbs, eye sight and hearing during the war.  These heroes continue to struggle in present day Iran for freedom.  Others have left the motherland and are in exile.

Such comments might make them feel that some Iranians would rather look at their "handicaps" rather than their heroic acts during he war.

Other readers may be young boys and girls who due to genetics may be without limbs. 

I sincerely hope that your discussions remain on the subject matter rather than resorting to elementary school antics.

If you are unaware, maybe you would know that Ali Khamenie lost his right hand due to a bomb placed under the podium's microphone by the Mujaheedeen Khalq.  This was a terrorist operation.  This act, plus the loss of his hand and his survival elevated his stature amongst common folks who believed that God had indeed saved Khamenei for yet bigger things to come.



Tahnk you Ali yek dast!

by choghok on

Now I can celeberate 4shanbe soori even with more reasons. I think we should be thankful that valie vaghih has given people more reasons and motivations to celeberate.


What an idiot this Khamenei

by Arthimis on

What an idiot this Khamenei is... :-) By showing an abvious OPPOSING
view and anouncement he has once again seriously jeopardized his own
weak position by yet again showing signs of fear!!!

Fear of TRUTH and GOOD which proves he, himself is a LIE and EVIL... Good
job EVIL Khamenei, digging your own grave, slowly but surely...Please
feel free to take your monkey "Antari" and the rest of your followers (tamame Galeh...) as well!
Looking very much forward to that... :-)

Aazaad va Peerooz Baad Iran bar Ahreemanaan.



by Ayatoilet on

It is not surprising that Khamenei and its protectors the IRGC and Basij are scared of a fire festivity, after all these are the same animals who have no problem raping, torturing and murdering scores everyday.


What an idiot! Islam has no place in Persian culture! Take that!

by obama on

These guys keep pushing it! They are going totally against our culture which cearly says: you believe in whatever your belief is, and let others believe in whatever their beliefs are. Another words, none of your business what people's beliefs are. just mind your business when it come to religion. Who the hell is to tell us what to believe!

This kind of trash and stupid talks caused me to abandon Islam 30 years ago. So, I'd say these idiots have done the most damge to islam when they by forcing it on us! I resent anything that is forced on me whether it is religion, gay, straight politics and so on.

Iran always has survived by keeping their Persian culture and their religion separate yet together.


has no basis in sharia

by azadi5 on

I think sharia has no basis in humanity if it condemns a thousand year old tradition which is deeply rooted in Iranian culture. I sh#$ on sharia if it says that.


Who takes this akhoond seriously anyways?

by Iraniandudeee on

Everyone is gonna go on with their day, celeberating charshanbeh souri and the akhoonds can bark as much as they want. The revolution is coming soon anyways.



"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"


"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb


shun Islam

by mahmoudg on

and all religions and the the world will be a much happier place, with or without chaharshanbesoori.


this idiot

by shushtari on

seyed ali ye dast....

thinks people of iran even take his verbal diarrhea seriously


last thing we need is another akhoond telling us NOT TO BE IRANIANS!!


our traditions and culture have survived for almost 3000 years, and you akhoonds will surely not be able to erase 3 millenia of iran's history!


good luck  

Saman Ahmadi

chaharshanbeh soori is not a pagan ritual

by Saman Ahmadi on

is AFP a french news agency - if so, someone who speaks french please straighten them out.

hamsade ghadimi

they should propose to

by hamsade ghadimi on

they should propose to change charshanbeh soori to another day of ghamehzani and zanjirzani.  now that's some fun and safe family activity which we can't get enough.


there is no way to rationally to talk to a mullah and even their

by mullah-kosh on

supporters. So all I have to say is F**K Islam, and its bankerupt and corrupt agents on earth!


Iranians should shun Mecca & all its superstitions

by Monarchy_Forever on

1. Every year during the pilgrmage to Mecca, hundreds die.  On occasions, hugh numbers have died due to fire in the tents and the resulting stampede.

2. The seven "revolutions" that pilgrims do around the Ka'aba is a pre- Islamic tradition.

Based upon these findings, we hope that Khamenie also shuns this Arabic tradition that has caused "alot of harm."