Revolutionary Guards expand role in oil sector

Fareed Zakaria commentary

Washington Post: Taking advantage of the very sanctions directed against it, Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps is assuming a leading role in developing the country's lucrative petroleum sector, Western oil executives and Iranian analysts say. The Guard's engineering companies, replacing European oil firms that have largely abandoned Iran, have been rewarded with huge no-bid contracts. Experts warn that U.S. efforts to prevent international investment in Iran's oil industry are giving the Guard more clout. Iran is the second-largest oil producer in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries >>>



And they wonder why the RG is so involved in the economy

by amgw4 on

Maybe if you didn't have sanctions the RG wouldn't be as powerful.

boom shakalaka

Babak, well said!

by boom shakalaka on

But you forgot to add that Iran has the highest rate of drug addicts in the entire world, per capita. And it executes the most people in the world, per capita (China has over a billion people, compared to Iran's 70 million).

Other than that, perfectly put.

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 


مثلث شوم زر و زور و تزویر


لعنت خدا بر مثلث شوم زر و  زور و تزویر (زر = دزدیهای آقایان - زور = سپاه پاسداران و بسیج - تزویر = خامنه ای و امثالهم )



Powerful Iran?

by bachenavvab on

The only "enemy" the IRI military machine is meant for is none other than our peoples; the Turkman, Kord, Tork, Lor, Arab, etc.  It is the Iranian franchise of the global oppression force commissioned to destroy anyone who dare stand up against the flow of wealth from the Middle East, Africa, South America and alike.  Their petty dictators are nothing but gatekeepers of the day who were successful in positioning themselves to be better servers.  Our peoples are living under the worst possible economical condition while their wealth is stolen from them and spent on the military.  A progressive government and its military are there to serve their people.  Since this is not the case in Iran, as our history is filled with examples of the military attacking our own people, then the IRI and its military have an agenda other than serving Iranian peoples.  That is why I consider them my enemy and their power is no source of pride to me.     

babak pirouzian


by babak pirouzian on

You remind me of ahmadi nejad's lies, baseless Tehran Kayhan headlines, khamnei, the master deceiver: not too long ago, ahmadi said, if you do not give us 20% purified nuclear for our research, we will make our own!  we are witnessing he and entire of his administration are all over the world to find a solution to get the 20% purified stuff. few weeks ago he said, if you sanction us with distilled gas, we instruct our scientists and within a few weeks or so we make as much gas as needed!!! what do you think he is doing now? he is again lobbying to get gas , direct or clandestine, from Russia, Iraq, Venezuela, China. I mentioned a few example so you know what you read is all lies. It has been since inception of Islam to this date, at least for us Iranian. Do you really want to see and compare success?  compare Iran with South Korea, 30 years ago, we were the same in GDP and population, now compare them with Iran. wait a minute, I forgot to tell you they do not have a drop of oil or gas. If you really want to know their power in the world, check their vital statistics, it's a mind boggling for a country with such a power only within 30 years. Now we are still beating our chest for hassan , hossain , taghi and naghi, or with which foot we enter toilet, or if you fart too hard, what's the consequences for your prayer ( namaz) or do not piss in puddle of water , nor walk between two women because you loose your memory ( ravayat, hadith from Mohammad , the prophet , discussed in Iranian TV) . You may want to be proud of being number one executing under-aged kids, number 2 executing in the world after China, number one in jailing writers, reporters, intellectual in the world, number one liar, corrupt in the world, number in road accident and casualties , the list goes on and on , but the best I like : number one destroyer of Islam among existing Iranian and generations to come. We may not be here to see that day, but this is a promise that will happen.         Please be realistic and get off the horse of propaganda. You may have good intention from nationalistic point of view, but not knowing or ignoring facts is a deadly disease to our nation as it has been so far.         

bacheh irany

hey IRI....interesting comment!

by bacheh irany on

here's what i obviously understand enough english to write  properly, so you are either just F...... with all these people on this site, or you are just F...... YOUR DICK HEAD RAHBAR!!! so, if you are a true RAHBAR F....R.......USE YOUR HEAD FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!!!! where do all the regimes who F... with their own people end up? where is Stallin? Where is Hitler? THINK!!! PLEASE!!



Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guard must be

by rudy_giuliani on


Iraneh Azad

Full Sanctions on the IRI and the Mafia Gaurds

by Iraneh Azad on

These jerks are as bad as the MEK. They are our enemies. The sooner sanctions are imposed the better.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Can you imagine it was only thirty years ago that we were a tiny weak nation at the mercy of our enemies and now this. 

LOL!!!  badbakht-e bichareh you still repaint the 40 year old F-5's that the poor Shah bought and call it a new plane.  That's your power.  

Badbakht-e bichareh, you still repair and repaint a frigate that the poor Shah bought 40 years ago, that your "Velayat" wrecked in its crusade with the U.S. and call it a homemade ship...

That's how desperate you are...that's what you have done to our country...that's your power...

But keep fooling yourselves you maggots.    


Wrong measurement

by sparrowlake on

Its interesting to note that you measure success by how well the regime is able to kill people. Hardly inspiring. Your version of success reminds me of Heinrich Himmler. 


Maybe if the regime focused on the freedom of its women and the prosperity of the people think of where it would be today.



Powerful Iran

by IRI on

Can you imagine it was only thirty years ago that we were a tiny weak nation at the mercy of our enemies and now this. This is only possible because of faith and unity under Islam and the Republic. Could you imagine if we did not have the Velayat? today we would be singing our enemies' songs. We are united under one flag and will rise above all obstacles.
I will soon post some news about my party and what we have agreed on.
I was reading on Iranian news that today our scientists were thinking of making this or that ranging from satellites to robotics, name it we can make it. Iran's largest khodro company was finished and began working in Kashan. Who would have thought that we would reach this high in technology in only thirty years?

Makes a believer out of you doesn't it? Besides a few hard core people and one Shahi, rest have a tendency to truly understand this level of progress.

Sargord Pirouz

On the IC main page, those

by Sargord Pirouz on

On the IC main page, those aren't Revolutionary Guards. Those are Iranian Marines.


I have always believed

by Bavafa on

I have always believed that sanctions by the West will help Iran in the way of becoming more self sufficient. Of course it would have been great if Iran was a more open society, setting up an environment to attract and retain its brain power instead of the current brain drain trend.