Darioush Khaledi

Fine wine maker

Darioush Winery, founded in 1997, is located on the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley in northern California. Completed in 2004, the palace-like winery projects an image of Persepolis, an ancient town in Iran, attracting particular attention on the Silverado Trail. Over the past 30 years Khaledi's passion for fine wine transformed him from collector to producer, and Darioush is the culmination of his worldwide search for the ultimate vineyard estate.


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Darioush Winery

by shamsi on

To Asadabad:   How have you not heard the last name Khaledi? You must have been born and raised outside Iran. 



by asadabad on

i've never heard of any iranian with that type of last name...is that kurdish maybe?

Tiger Lily

Persian Empire

by Tiger Lily on

Anitra Dances limbo luxury with Peers in Naff Valley Palace


IranJon I must go ther on my

by fullback1 on

I must go ther on my next trip to Calif.