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Comedian makes fun of women who flout hejab rules


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by shamsi on

  He should be ashamed of himself, making fun of Iranian women. He needs to fix his hair piece, it looks disgusting, and the audience looks so bored, this is how they keep busy, listening to his dumb , demeaning disrespectful remarks,  I honestly feel sorry for my people and my country. By the way, change that stupid last name !!!


واقعا که...



What a “bi bokhar “audience! They should have left the room and booed him! Are these the same people that clap for Hila Sadighi’s poetry?!!

Anahid Hojjati

The ending was horrible ...

by Anahid Hojjati on

The ending was indeed tragic in how demeaning it was to women. It is also interesting that he complained about girls with not so good rosaaries and then he admired "veghar" of the audience. However, later camera zoomed on some girl with exactly the type of roosary that he was making fun of.


اين عبو کچل چی ميگه با اون کلاه گيسش



  جوکر رفته مو خريده يا کاشته که پُزش رو بده ولی به دخترا گير ميده که موشونو نشون ميدن. اگه اونجا بودم ميگفتم عمو تو خودت سوژه ای از خودت مايه بذار.


Disgusting Comedy

by Mehman on

Vulgar, disgusting gestures with not so funny talks!


This is the "self-defacating" that many Iranians have!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


What was that discussion about comedy and "Inferiority Complex"?

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


He is vulgar

by Souri on

While ago, I had heard about his popularity in Iran and tried to watch some of his videos.

Then I heard one which was so ugly and vulgar. It outraged me to see people, men and women sitting there and laugh with the ugliest joke about Leila Frouhar's breasts! I was wondering if the show had taken place in Iran, really ? and surprisingly it was coming from Iran under the IRI government! I couldn't believe my eye!


He´s actually a really nice guy and a funny comedian!

by kasra84 on

I got to know him in Iran through his son and saw a very diferent guy than the one in the clip. He´s actually very funny in other acts such as his imitations of different artists. He´s also very popular in Iran. I believe he has a wide audience range from private partys and weddings to religious holiday and family gatherings such as above. He´s also very generous with the funding of a private orphanage. I believe he has to earn a living and occationaly tell jokes that his IRI masters wish him to tell. Otherwise he knows that there are a 1 000 other "funny" guys waiting in line to take his spot.


Its actually pretty sad that some people in Iran find these jokes funny. I guess its because of the current situation of Iran.


Stand Up "Tragedy"

by Demo on

For a country in "Mournings" for so long such terrible acts looks "Comeic," doesn't it? What else could one expect from a former "Pasdar" anyway? No matter of their qualifications, such "Pasdars" could become anybody you name it. A "President", a "Minister", a "University Professor", a "Comedian", a "Prison Torturer", and etc. All same types of "Jawhells" with different titles.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on


Nader Vanaki

ماهی صفت کمدین جواز دار

Nader Vanaki

به خاطر اینکه زمان جنگ تو سپاه بوده و جبهه رفته، خیلی آوانس داره و برای همینه این حرفها رو می تونه بزنه. حالا بزارین یه نفر هم که خنده به چهره این ملت غم زده میاره کارشو بکنه، حالا قرار نیست بیاد کامدی کلاب در لس آنجلس برنامه اجرا کنه که همه بهشون برخورده.

Curious Joe

Don't shoot the messanger...

by Curious Joe on

Mehrdad Jaan:The performer is nothing but an entertainer/clown working for a few bucks.  The real problem is his idiotic audience who attend this clown's performance and admire him. 

 It reminds me of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, etc. in the US who are mere entertainers (and rich), but they brainwash millions of idiotic middle class/poor Americans (called ditto-heads) who take the clowns’ stuff seriously, and go out and vote every 2 or 4 years.

This Persian clown appears to do the same (except that he probably is not rich).  However, his audience are the idiots that go and vote for the IRI regime rather than, not only refusing to attend this guy’s stupid show, but instead pour in the streets and demand a constitutional reform -- sending the Ayatollahs back to Qom.


This just shows how rudeness has flourished under IRI regime

by Bavafa on

Such vulgar type jokes use to belong only to a very limited and rather uneducated group within the society. Now, under IRI rule, it is being used for entertainment.

Only one word comes to mind, shameful