Islamic Sex Party?

Veiled women dancing provocatively inside a tent



Cheap arab prostitutes

by Parthianshot91 on

Such vids are obvious propaganda. Anyone can write whatever they want to on youtube. Some morons believe anything and everything like god is saying it himself.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


I noticed

by Khar on

most IC Islamists and IRI supporters who are in this video, some are in drag ;o)))


Red Wine aziz

by Fatollah on

thanks for enlightening the rest of us/me! :)



by Fatollah on

 Hooshang Khan

it goes some lik this:

بیا گویم برایت داستانی                  که تا تأثیر چادر را بدانی

در ایامی که صاف و ساده بودم          دم کریاسِ در استاده بودم


Red Wine

Thank you Divaneh and Ari

by Red Wine on

Dear Divaneh and Dear Ari,Both of you said  very well and you got what i wrote about this video clip very well,thank you. unfortunately most people attack without knowing what it's all about!this is not good.

The late sixteenth century the great vessels of Persian Gulf arab tribes, have gone north and central Africa and have enslaved thousands of Africans and they have brought many constumbres own who still too often practiced in these countries.

Women are lower class and i insist it has nothing to do with Islam, Islam has only isolate even more to women.

Ari Siletz

Many thanks Red Wine...

by Ari Siletz on

...for abstracting tradition and culture away from temporary politics. As you know, the Persian Gulf region is influenced by Afrian culture in the Horn of African and beyond. This hip dance (or booty dance as it's called in the US) is related to the Somali traditional Niiko
style of dancing. Further West in Africa a similar dance is called Mapouka, which appears almost identical to the dance in the video in moves (all fours, women on top of each other, lots of men sitting around) as well as setting. Mapouka is performed in traditional dance contests going back to old fertility rites.


Poll dancing, Arabic or Islamic style

by عموجان on

I hope they were hundred dollar bills.

Bano Atefeh

Just nauseating!!

by Bano Atefeh on

I stopped watching after first 10 seconds. Why even someone post such a nauseating video here?   There are young brave men and women in jail (Moslem), hungry children (Moslem) women under pressure (Moslem) who need to be on the top of this page and not this stupid, cheap video. When I click on IC, I expect to get some information and news from Iran and instead I get this vomiting post? What a shame! It makes me mad! Very mad! Where can I get some worthy news? It does not seems there are news in this page.



Thanks Red Wine Jaan

by divaneh on

For putting it right. This seems very authentic and girls could be stolen or otherwise. Although I had not seen this dance before, I find it normal for those areas and the mentality of the dance is in effect not very different to the belly dancing. Tradition of throwing money at the woman's bum is also the same as Belly Dancing where money is placed in the bra or the short of the dancer.

You seem to be more knowledgeable about this, so am I right to think it's some sort of selection process where men select prostitutes, or is it just a venue for wankers.

Finally, they are not all women and there are also some transvestites in the group for those who prefer male prostitutes, which is again normal in those areas. See the one in red (2nd from left) at 2.29" and the one in gold next to the musicians.


Now I have seen it all!

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by yolanda on

It is Arab style of dancing, more videos here:

 So these girls are not Iranians.....they don't qualify to be Iranians of the Day!

Louie Louie

Those are the gypsy Arabs

by Louie Louie on

I have heard about them and especially the provocative dance that some of their women do for the sake of entertainment.

Red Wine

اینان به رسم و رسومات قدیم خود احترام میگذارند

Red Wine

این مراسم (اختیار سیده الطیور الاعظم) و امثال آن به نحو‌های مختلف در قبایل صدری ... سرزمینهای شیخ نشین خلیج فارس و تا سرحدات بحرین و کویت انجام میشود و چیزتازه یی نیست که بعضی‌ از دوستان از دیدنش جا خوردند و بدتر از آن در شمال آفریقا (از کوچ نشین‌های درون لیبی‌ و الجزایر- طوارق تا به نزدیکی‌ سودان و جنوب مصر!) هم وجود دارد که زنان را از قبایل و طوایف دیگر میدزدند و به مانند حیوان آنان را داد و ‌ستد میکنند و ربطی‌ به اسلام ندارد و بیشتر اینان به رسم و رسومات قدیم خود احترام میگذارند و بیخود نباید به اسلام ربط داد, (ندانسته نباید نظر داد که شرم آور است!) که هر چند این مذهب است که باعث عقب ماندن بیشتر آنان شده است.

دوستان بیشتر مطالعه بفرمایند تا ما هم از ایشان درس و دانشی جدید فرا گیریم !

Iran Paidar 1st

Yolanda and Hoshang

by Iran Paidar 1st on

Yolanda - they call it Islamic because on the surface Islamists try to show Islam as a religion of all things good and fair and holly and so forth but the reality is that Islam is nothing but a religion of all things evil and filth.

Hoshang - I do recall that poem by Iraj Mirza. In fact, I do have his whole Divane Iraj Mirza in PDF format. I would have posted it here but I am afraid some folks may not be happy about some of his work and get offended. 



by yolanda on

Thank you, HT and comrade, for the these people are not Iranians.......I don't understand why they call the whole kinky act Islamic?

The whole thing looks like exploitation of women!


Agreed Comrade

by Souri on

And thanks for your wise observation.

(I thought they were black but I think I was wrong)


If the Gulf is not Arabian, then these butts should be Iranian..

by comrade on

No Yolanda, its an Arabic setting,and it is totally unverifiable. If you double click on the video and go on its original page you'll see a top line in Farsi which reads "Pure Islam, and kidnapped Iranian girls".

To be honest, I don't see any Islamic tradition there. This junk could have been made in any studio anywhere in the world.  To me it looks like a stupid, desperate propaganda project, made by a non-Arab, non-Iranian operative.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Hoshang Targol

آداب اسلام ناب محمدی و تربیت دختران دزدیده شده

Hoshang Targol

That's the caption for this clip on You Tube. Why they're called stolen girls is not so clear!

Judging by  the music and "lyrics" obviously it's not Iranian: thus concludes Sherlock Holms!

It still reminds me of that Iraj Mirza poem about how he seduced a nice moslem girl (going to third base and home run) without taking off her cover!

Does anyone remember that poem?



by yolanda on

Are they really Iranians? The guys' clothes look different.......It does not look like dancing to me...all 4 limbs on the floor & wiggle their butts like dogs! Pretty demeaning!


But their heads are covered so it is Halal

by Bavafa on



It won't take long before someone says:

by comrade on

It's an initiation ceremony for the halal loot.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.