Wikileaks: Parsi & Cole

Discussing US diplomatic cables revelations

NIAC President Trita Parsi and Board Member Juan Cole discuss Wikileaks and threat of war with Iran on MSNBC:


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Nov 30, 2010
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by HHH on

These guys assume that whatever wikileaks says are true when these are nothing but unverified wires and E.mails by unknown individuals and while those individuals could've been only expressing their own opinion regarding what King-Fahad might be thinking!

Everyone knows that what kings and presidents say in private are super-secret and undcumented. Wikileaks has this stinky fish smell particularly because of it's timed releases and it's Ex-con owner.


رفقا، پرولتاریا و بورژوازی


I just read that blog, posing is blocked for the article: رفقا، پرولتاریا و بورژوازی, I read first scene and reviewed comments. Waste of time1 Obviously writer has no idea of proletariat and other words that is writing and I don't care. All I care is that there are too  many bloods involved, the execution of our loved ones, brothers , sisters, husbands, wives, friends...I don't care if such people even remember or know about those or write to make them worthless. They have their own value in history and people are not dumb. They just don't have enough power to get rid of fascisms. That day would come and these "writers", "prince" or "princesses" could gargle the old Estefragh!

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

Afghanistan and Pakistan goes without saying. I assumed most people already know that! It begins from the periphery and moves to the center. That's called tightening the nose. I really enjoy it when I see all these "moderate Arab countries" buying high-quality American arms under favourable American trade conditions. Once the governments change they will turn those guns against them!

Ha ha ha, the joke is on you!

My advice to you: Make those trade conditions more favourable to the Arab moderates. Basically you are digging your own graves.

khaleh mosheh

The Saudi

by khaleh mosheh on

Royal family are the cream of Arabia-Rich and thick.

Guive Mirfendereski

Hey, Ya akhi, 'Bama, pssst ...

by Guive Mirfendereski on

Sure - Saudi King wants the US to bomb Iran. Bahraini emir wants the US to attack Iran. The UAE sheikhs want the US to destroy Iran. Naturally, Israel wants the US to do the same. It reminds me of the saying - ba felan-e ghayr felan kardan - scerwing with another's tool. Somebody needs to ask these morons, why do you then buy all these arms? Oh, how stupid of me, o course to help the American economy. Besides - Arabs and Jews like the Americans to take on the Persians and spend American dollars, spill Iranian blood and suffer casualties of its own just because as long as there is some sucker to do your dirty work why lift a finger.


If not all, this leak, (too

by Midwesty on

If not all, this leak, (too staged to be called as such) has reset some of the major threats against Iran for at least a while.

Perhaps this is a new tool given to the moderate politicians of both sides of the pawn to work towards normalizing relations.

Hope the NIE will nail further down the Zionist-Neocon-Warmonger's leash!

The AN's response to this report was rather in hurry, missing out on the underlying message intended to defuse the tension with Iran.   

Hoshang Targol

IG, you already have"Islamic" states in Pakistan and Afghanistan

by Hoshang Targol on

Iraq, and all of them just can't wait till they kill and murder the heck out of each other. Who need the jungle when you have thesde "moslems' in power.


Just in case you forget, while you were brushing up your French, the only thing keeping up "your" islamic regime in Tehran is a bunch of rapist thugs on the street corners. This 16 Azar you'll see once more just how much your rapists brothers are in "charge".Of course you're not a rapist your self, you just give them  "moral support", of course!

Prophet Muhammad couldn't have done a better job himself, rapists and theives in charge of people's dignity. Now that's what I call Islamic Utopia, heck of a job, cheers


Saudis always want to fight the iranians to the last American



Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates to French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, Paris, February 8, 2010:

“… the Saudis always want to ‘fight the Iranians to the last American…’ “


Vladimir Estragon

LuQcky you!

by Vladimir Estragon on

"Come on, Gogo, return the ball, can't you, once in a while?"

It's not certain. No, nothing is certain.


Wow... the peanut gallery is out of typical insults

by Q on

The "twin lobbies" of Iranian character assassination try hard but can't think of a way to attack this. This must be good! Maybe peace in the ME is possible.


Vladimir Estragon,

Come on don't be a Pozzo! Use your real id. Don't let illiterate cyber bullies intimidate you.


Darius Kadivar

WikiLeaks cables: 'Rude' Prince Andrew shocks US ambassador

by Darius Kadivar on

Café de Commerce Politics ...


WikiLeaks cables: 'Rude' Prince Andrew shocks US ambassador  (guardian)


Darius Kadivar

LOL Nagoftam ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Wikileaks is NIAC's New Bible !

I kNEW IT ... I KNEW IT ! 



Which "Gulf"?

by Fred on

It is good to hear Cole, a “Board member” of the NIAC lobby, is using the full correct term for the Persian Gulf. A point which when in need for attention, NIAC lobby always goes for.

BTW, now that the Arabs’ fear of IRR is public, NIAC lobby’s chief lobbyist needs to update his nonsensical theory about it is all about Israel and IRR.



by oz on

I think they were both insightful about the issues they were talking about. And it is rediculous to think that cole has akhoond bosses. Come on guys, be reasonable.


OH, OH...OH....

by shushtari on

these two, cole and parsi, are the biggest morons I've ever seen(besides their akhoond bosses)

can't wait to see  them eat their words soon ! 

Immortal Guard

How-to-book on how to have good dreams!

by Immortal Guard on

Maybe you could recommend to me a good "How-To-Book" for having good dreams. So don't put words in my mouth that it is a dream for me! I learnt long ago two terms in the English language that quite fascinated me and I learnt to always try to avoid them:

1. Wishful thinking; and

2. Self-fulfilling prophecy

I learnt them while watching the former Republican Secretary of State James Baker talk with Tariq Aziz!


IG, for the sake of 70 million Iranians

by Bavafa on

IG, for the sake of 70 million Iranians and millions upon millions of others lets hope not, in fact I am absolutely, positively sure it will not going to happen. In fact if a theoretical Islamic regime ever had a chance, IRI thru setting example has closed that chance for ever.


Immortal Guard

Just sit and watch! I wish you a very long life!

by Immortal Guard on

Just sit and watch! I wish you a very long and healthy life!

The balck-suit-wearing pro-Western liberal governments crumble much faster and easier than the absolute military-uniform-wearing communist dictatorships! Could you ever have imagined Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime being toppled by an Islamic Revolution like Shah's regime was toppled? 


IG - Dream on

by Onlyiran on

You will have Islamic governments all over the Middle-East. 

You and your buddies have been waiting for that to happen for the past 31 years, and have been soundly disappointed so far. And after the disasters of the IRI and Al-Qaeda, no nation in the Middle East would want that crap in their country.  It's just unfortunate that our country and our people had to be the guinea pigs for this experiment in futility.

So, dream on. 

Immortal Guard

One two three...

by Immortal Guard on

First the Egyptian government changed its appearance from one of Khaki-wearing communist government to one of black-suit-wearing pro-Western liberal government, now the Iraqi regime has changed its appearance by being forcefully toppled through military intervention from one of military-uniform-wearing communist government to one of black-suit-wearing pro-Western liberal government. And they will all follow the same path as that of the Shah's regime; i.e. they will all be toppled by an Islamic Revolution. You will have Islamic governments all over the Middle-East. N'est-ce pas beautiful ca?


for better or for worse

by asadabad on

Iran is going to get hammered by the United States.  You can't go and taunt a bully on the playground in front of every other little kid and then expect that bully to sit quietly.  Eventually he's going to hurt you if you challenge his  tough guy image.  That's what this is all about. 

Notice that the moderator kept mentioning the Saudi support for militants in Iraq.  As if that's the major cause of conflict in the ME.  That piece of shit should ask, "why are people going there in the first place?"  If people are invaded they don't have any right to defend themselves, but the US/Israel are free to start any war they choose.  He doesn't even mention the words American occupation/invasion or Israeli invasion/occupation.