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Mr Bean

by reza007 on


Parazit and other pro Democracy crazies

by AlexInFlorida on

No one should feel embarrassed or ashamed of Ahmadinejad lying completely and totally to Charlie Rose.

Ahmadi is proving he is smart not an ahmag nejad.

He is just playing the dirty filthy game of democracy, based on concepts taught by machiavelli, with an emphasis on darwins philosophy of survival of the fitest and Ahmadi is not taking it personally.

Clearly he believes as do all true democrats, based on western machiavelli doctrine that lying is essential in order to manipulate, coerce and deceive people so you can win.

The Democratists represented by milani, voa and parazit are a  people who want the radical and unproven concept of democracy combined with machiavellian games to be the law of the land.


In their ignorance pro democrats are so stupid that they don't even realize that they are the real ones who are being humiliated.

1 by ahmadinejad and 2 by the USA which labelled shah a dictator to betray him and support khomeini to rob iranians of their freedom and 3 by other western corrupt, dictatorial, dominating, colonialist powers....

Why is democracy a humiliating oxymoron.

Ultimately we see that democracies could not give a damn about the ability of people to have real choices.  These republics are busy stealing human freedom, not providing it.  That is why democracies seem successful at the start becauseif they lie and steal well the people become rich... but not free.

This is the gift of Ahmadinejad, he proves what a worthless, unworkable system democracy is because no choices provided are real.  Never 3 genuine and distinct options, always a dilemma, always false information, purposely manipulated to trick even the most knowledgeable person.  And then coercion, example the law throwing people by the millons out of their homes for the banks, way to go democracy.

What is beautiful is that Ahmadi is showing that 2 can play the same game and he will win at the expense of the west, because for every single lie and injustice they live by, he has 2 lies that literally put their lies in their place.

Democracy like this doesn't hold a candle to a simple monarchy, the freedom and strength that mohammed reza pahlavi and cyrus the great created for Iranians.

To serve in the light of Truth.

Long Live Shah.



I have never watched this programme before...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

But I am certainly going to watch it now, as it seems to be majorely pis**ng off the isalmist agents on this site (both overt and covert ones !)


Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

I love Parazit. It is hilarious.  I look forward to watching it.  Fundamentalists hate it. 


Shazde Asdola Mirza

VOA parazit

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

They are getting too angry and less funny.

Not good for the business, because most people already know all that stuff - they just need to be able to laugh at those news and march forward.


Just !

by Tahirih on

brilliant, they are getting better and better. I love this program.


great job....

by shushtari on

I love it that it is seen by a lot of our hamvatans back home....

the stupid akhoonds can try their best to keep their dumb lies alive, but the truth will always come out!!!

that is what's great, that the majority of iranians, with the exception of the forsat tallab leaches who are on the mullahs' butts, love this....

keep up the great work



by buna on


chambiz hosseiny=conan obrien

i just saw the voa farsi slogan "ma tanha vazifamun faghat khabar resani hast" (our only duty is to just give the news). What would you expect from a news program, does a garbage man tell you "our only duty is to take away your garbage?, and given the hisory of VOA ( i was told personally by a VOA american personel "we are not CIA" anymore") that slogan really says a lot.

maybe the present regime should stay in power if this is what its going to be replaced with.

dear chambiz, if you want to be american then drive your SUV to mcdonalds and buy a large diet pepsi and a big mac. there is nothing iranian about your wanna be latenight teevee host BS, and thats a clear and present danger to the land of poetry and culture. 


Amir19, that's a good try, but sorry, you're not convincing

by Q on

First parazit video starting at 1:12, states: "the leaders of countries walked out to laugh at him in the cafeteria" while showing photos of empty seats.

In second video starting at 2:40, he says "this is unusual when the head of a country speaks", but doesn't mention that this was just a panel for "Summit of the Millenium Goals" and not the main speech where heads of countries speak to the General Assembly. Nobody walked out of this speech and his remarks there weren't controversial. Parazit then continued in a (lame) comedy bit pretending like his main speech was to an empty hall. Parazit was intentionally propagandizing.

So, nice try Amir.

There is only one thing worse than a lying propagandist: a lying propagandist that wants to cover up his act.


Mr. Q, you are confusing the 2 speeches

by Amir19 on

Parazit was talking about the 1st speech made by Antari nejad which clearly 95% of the chairs were empty. You are refering to the 2nd speech which as you claim there were more people there but the fact remains that "almost everybaody hates this Ass...le!" . You get it?


Veiled Prophet

by Q on

The point is stated clearly in my comment. I'm not saying it was right or wrong to walk out. I'm saying Parazit is lying when it says the Hall was empty and shows some photo stills that are obviously misleading. Even if this show had a point, it is now secondary to the fact that it is just propagandizing for the Americans that pay for its production. According to this propaganda, 27 "allies" equals the whole world. That's my point.

Khar jan,

UN hall was empty, enough sticking your head in the sand Haji!!!

are you honestly that brainwashed that you can't trust your own eyes? Who has their head stuck in the sand my four legged friend?

Watch this at 1:20, before you resume your "ar zadan".


See what i mean when I say "blinded by hatred"? Think about why you were so gullible to blindly accept Parazit's version without the slightest critical thought.


ساندیس خورهای نیویورکی


من که واقعا حالم بهم خورد ازدیدن این ناکسان وطن فروش و بی غیرت که برای یک دست چلوکباب مجانی شرف خود را به حراج گذاشتند و در مراسم شام انتری نژاد شرکت کردند. ایکاش یک جوری میشد اسامی و شماره تلفن اینها را گیر آورد تا به آنها گفت که چقدر این عمل زشت آنها دل مادران نداها و سهرابها را به درد می آورد.  ایرانیانی که این ساندیس خورها را میشناسند به دیگران اطلاع دهند. همانطور که آقای علیرضا افتخاری فقط بخاطر در آغوش گرفتن انتری نژاد برای همیشه از دل مردم ایران بیرون رفت دیگران نیز باید بدانند که پشت کردن به مردم ایران بی جواب نخواهد ماند


Parazit is the best

by Amir19 on

Great show guys! Keep up the great work. I have heard that Parazit is the most watched program of VOA among Iranians all over the world especially in Iran and that has made the mullahs and their fascist partners very mad.  I just wish your program was longer.

hamsade ghadimi

thank you parazit.  you

by hamsade ghadimi on

thank you parazit.  you guys have a great sense of humor and show. also kudos to milani for his eloquent one-minute talk. 



by Khar on

UN hall was empty, enough sticking your head in the sand Haji!!!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Q: what

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

is your point here? I am very opposed to AN but I would not have walked out. Remaining in the audience does not imply approval of AN. It just shows the nations are mature enough to handle AN's obnoxious speech.

I do agree that walking out was a childish and frankly stupid act. However do not take not doing it as approval. AN is universally hated. It just happens that some are able to hold their nose and remain.


Instead of asking who walked out, who didn't...

by Puck on

Let's ask: Who did the "Crime of 9/11"?

My heart is true as steel.


Why lie about the walkout?

by Q on

This lame comedy bit is probably the only thing that can make Ahmadinejad look good. Why do they have to be such liars?

Parazit says the UN Hall "was almost completely empty". why didn't they show the real video instead of some still photographs?

Here's the real video and the report live:


Only 27 countries organized the walkout, why not more as this commenter said:

What's important to note about the 27 representatives of UN nations walking out during Ahmadinejad's speech was that 150 representatives of UN nations didn't. Even though most of them are getting billions of our foreign aid money every year, and we help them in every way we can whenever a disaster strikes them, we can't get support on a simple thing like this that costs them nothing.

Parazit is now acting completely like a propaganda arm that it somewhat pretended it wasn't going to be. There was no reason for this lie to condemn the words of Ahmadinejad which were needlessly but predictably provocative. This is part ofhis on-going campaign to undermine the West's "freedom of speech" rhetoric which he perceives as a weapon against his government.

I guess Parazit is ultimately responsible to the people who pay its salary, so expecting real news or even comedy based on real events was always a pipe dream.

Sargord Pirouz

Milani: politically

by Sargord Pirouz on

Milani: politically speaking, he's the Iranian equivalent of Charles Krauthammer.