Bijan Pakzad

Fashion designer, 1944-2011

Beverly Hills Courier: Fashion Icon and Beverly Hills Legend Bijan Pakzad died this morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The 67-year-old suffered from a stroke Thursday evening and was sent to the medical center where he remained in critical condition until his passing. "It is with great grief and sadness that I announce the passing of my dear friend Bijan Pakzad," former Beverly Hills Mayor Jimmy Delshad said on his Facebook page at 11 a.m. "He was an exceptional person and he will be greatly missed." Bijan is best known for fashion and perfume expertise. He owned Bijan, a men's designer clothing store on Rodeo Drive, whose website boasts being "the most expensive in the world!" According to Bijan's website, what separated him from other designers was his attention to detail and outstanding quality. Bijan said on his website, "The world said to conform, the world said to settle for less, the world said to compromise and no one would know... so I made my own world."


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Don't let the American

by pedro on

Don't let the American welfare system stop you from getting a job at Burger kings.

I am Persia. I pray to Ahoura Mazda.


Let's hope he finds as much wealth in the afterlife

by Escape on

  As he found in this life from Iranian Oil Fields.That's a good point David,perhap's his existance alone of notoriety was his greatest feat and of course the man had impeccable taste.Still that draw's little admiration from some and we should not find fault in that.In fact that is a good quality in a person not to admire a person just because he has been priviledged.Anyway,my condolences to his family with their 'American-ized' names.Which,let me ask a question.Just what is so wrong with 'American-ized' names? Just where do you think those names came from?

David ET

Good article on Huffington Post about Bijan

by David ET on

Ari Siletz

Sad to lose a good artist

by Ari Siletz on

Left too soon, but at least the world let him know he was well appreciated while he was here.  My condolences.


Ravanesh shad

by statira on

too soon to die!


Questions for the resident cynics and...

by Reality-Bites on

....self appointed judges of character:

Did Bijan claim to be a great humanitarian? Did he claim to be a great philanthropist? Did he claim to be the a big supporter of any charity? Did he claim responsibility for other people? Did he steal from other people? Did he con other people? Did he intimidate or hurt anyone else? 

I mean what's with all this "what did Bijan do for Iran and Iranians" jibes? Maybe he did absolutely nothing for anyone else. His wealth was his and he had the right to do as he pleased with it. Who made you judge and jury on who the man was?

Sure it's good and right for people who have the means and wealth to help others less fortunate. But at the end of the day it's their choice whether they do or not. And if they don't, it's not for anyone else to pass judgement on them.

David ET

He will be missed

by David ET on

He was among those who brought good name, beauty and respect to Iranians as opposed to the ugly filthy monsters that rule Iran.

May he rest in peace


He was no Andrew Carnagie

by Escape on

 I have to agree with Demo

He was no Andrew Carnagie.


Or even a Liberace,tho he resembles Liberace more so than Carnagie,Liberace made it from his Talent as a Pianist.

What did Bijan do? Get money from Oil?

No Offense but If that's where your pride lies then it's a shallow rift..As it is anyway.

Darius Kadivar

Crown Prince Reza & Princess Yasmine's Condolences

by Darius Kadivar on

Unexpected passing of our dear and cherished friend, Dr. Bijan Pakzad

We received news of the sudden and unexpected passing of our dear and cherished friend, Dr. Bijan Pakzad, with deep sorrow. All who knew the singular man known by his singular name, will understand our loss.


Bijan's accomplishments are too numerous to recite and they do not tell the whole story of the man we knew.  He was as creative as he was kind.  He was as generous as he was smart.  He was as happy as he was hopeful.  He would light up a room by his presence.  His enthusiasm for design, for craftsmanship, for beauty was contagious.  To visit with him was to enter a unique and charming environment---indeed, the House of Bijan was one of the most hospitable and enjoyable places.


We will remember Bijan, fondly and gratefully, as the true friend he was, most of all, for his incredible and genuine pride in being Iranian.  It may seem as though he left Iran.  But Iran never left him.  Bijan remained a patriotic Iranian every day of his glorious life.  He never forgot where he came from, nor the people he left behind.  His philanthropy was legendary.

As we bid this untimely farewell to this worthy son of Iran, we will hold Daniella, Nicholas, Alexandra and Mahtab in our hearts.  


Reza & Yasmine Pahlavi



He has done a lot more than you can imagine

by Roger_Rabbit on


Just watch his interview with Tapesh tv (Amirghassemi).




by divaneh on

A talented man that used his talent to reach fame and wealth. Good on him. It was completely his business to decide how to spend his money. I would like to know what gives some people the moral right to question him. Secondly, are Iran's problems curable by money? As Faramarz said, he did a lot by being Iranian and being successful.

Bahram Gohari

With all his wealth, anyone

by Bahram Gohari on

With all his wealth, anyone knows what he did for Iran and Iranians?


A great loss

by Princess on

May he rest in peace!



His Memorial page:

by Reza86 on


Bijan on Rodeo Drive

by Faramarz on

Nowadays, Iranians are an integral part of the fabric of the US and the western societies and are generally looked at very positively. That was not the case in the early 80’s.

After Khomeini’s hostage taking and the constant news coverage of flag burnings and “death to this, and death to that”, most Iranians in the US had to keep a low profile or hide their national identity.

Then in the middle of that you saw Bijan, bigger than life on Rodeo Drive, on Time and on Newsweek and on Larry King Live! He made me proud, although I am sure that he would not let me into his store to look around, since he catered only to the high-end Hollywood and Kings and Queens. His motto was “if you Need a white or blue shirt or a black suite, you are not my customer!”

And that took a lot of balls from an Iranian to say in the middle of all that madness!


May he rest in peace

by Mehrban on



Jahanshah's vigilance

by Mahvash Shahegh on

Dear Jahanshah,

Thank you to be so vigilant on all Iranian affairs. I did not see Bijan's death announcement in any other Iranian online journals. You are proud of Iranians like late Bijan. I see as a virtual community for Iranians in diaspora.

Wish you a long life.


چرا بعضی‌‌ها اینقدر عقده‌ای هستند؟


یک ایرانی‌ یهودی الاصل که قدمت ایرانی بودنش هزار بار بیشتر از بسیاری از ما هست (بلکه بیش از همه ما) از جهان میرود و یک عده ایران ستیز از در فرصت استفاده کرده و اصلیت ضدّ ایرانی خود را نشان میدهند. برایشان از حافظ پیامی دارم:

 گر بدي گفت حسودي و رفيقي رنجيد *** گو تو خوش باش که ما گوش به احمق نکنيم



by Shemirani on

My condolence To his Family & Friends for tragic and unexpected lost .

Thank you Mister Bijan for all you did for iranian community.

Your succes around the globle was our success too !! A iranian proudness ! Rest in peace !

 maybe you will see Niki Khalatbari and make new photo shoots in heaven :) comme dans le bon vieux temps ! you will be missed ....



We need more entreprenuers

by hirre on

We need more entreprenuers like him in different fields in order to build a strong country.

Hafez for Beginners

Great quote

by Hafez for Beginners on

Great quote about doing it his way. RIP



Bijan Pakzad was a philanthropist

by Farnoosh on

I don't know about all the things Bijan did in his lifetime. Maybe the ladies and gentlemen who are critical of him on this post know about everyone's philanthropic records and somehow they don't feel Bijan's measured up to theirs or their own efforts to build schools and hospitals in Iran.

I do know that Bijan Pakzad gave generously to Encyclopedia Iranica--gifts that among others have kept the effort to compile the fantastic treasurer of Iranian culture and history going. Considering how ungenerous many Iranians of means have been to this important and historic project, I would say Bijan acted a lot more responsibly than many.

Once again, it breaks my heart to see people who don't use their real names attack a man who worked hard with his real name and made so many of us proud. How disgraceful for us as a community to see such rudeness to a fellow countryman only hours after his death. Very bad form.

Immortal Guard: Have you heard of this one? Posht e sar e mordeh harf nemizanan.

Ahang1001: I am very disappointed.



by iamfine on

This is part of our culture to prejudge people. You don't know if he already contributed considerably to different charities. Nevertheless, as an Iranian, I like to see someone that have made contribution to the society. That contribution could be in the form of science, design, ....


Dude! How low can you go?

by pedro on

Go make your own money and show us how much you care to make a hospital. Until then keep driving your Zhiyan. He  did not steal from you or any one else. He offered products that apparently was not intended for you and your type, so stay aside let fresh air comes in. Nothing personal pal You make your first million, I will be the first to be proud of you. Don't put any one down, because he was smarter than you. 

I am Persia. I pray to Ahoura Mazda.



by yolanda on

He is like Versace type of figure! The difference is that Versace named his brand after his last name, while Bijan named his brand after his first name! I was wondering who is taking over the family business....67 is pretty young!

Wikipedia says he was able to enter Iran freely!


Immortal Guard

Sam Jade!

by Immortal Guard on

In the current order of things it is good to have Iranian millionaires like we have millionaires of other origins. It does confer upon us a sense of distinction. If others yes then why not us!!!???

I do respect him for his talent and found his tastes exquisite and he had an amazing sense of fashion. After all the culture of Persia is a culture of ceremony, the roots of luxury are to a great extent in Iran and the Persians have an innate sense of fashion. He was a great ambassador for Iran and helped to introduce some of the distinguishing features of Iranian fashion to the world.

But if you could quantify his talent and compare it to his wealth then do you really think that he is that much better than the others in his field?


Remember that we love and

by comments on

Remember that we love and care about you.  You made a difference, and presented Iranians with proud and dignity. 


He Was One Of A Kind ;)

by R2-D2 on






by sam jade on

I am surprise I see some find time to criticize him now !!, if you want to do so first show some of your global achievments ,, he is gone , creativity and building is very hard and takes lots of talent , and knowledge ,but criticizing does not take much ,,specially some gets personal and make up stuff about him. 

for god sake , what you guys gain by dragging his name down,,how often you met him or have done same type of work??

 He did a great job , we may never have anyone like him for years to come in Art and Fashion world , a well know Designer in world,,,I hope he will be an example for rest of us , a self made man with minimum education but a great vision & artistic ability and a geater heart, who always insist to Proudly show his Iranian heritage and culture to  rest of the world may rest in peace. 

Immortal Guard

A few Persian proverbs!

by Immortal Guard on

I feel sorry for the his death since at 67 years old it was too soon for him to pass away.

I did not mean to deconstruct the prevalent model of reality in the United States. Too bad they don't make television series like "Dynasty" and "Dallas" anymore in the United States! But hey I don't mind paying twice as much for a tie with twice as much quality but a 750$ tie being the cheapest tie in his store. This just pricing. This is just obscene conspicuous consumption! It is because of robber barons like him that some people end up double-mortgaging their houses in order to emulate him for a while.

  • Taa khar dar jahaan ast mofles dar nemimaanad
  • Khalaayegh har che laayegh