Dozens Killed at Camp Ashraf Clash

Iraqi forces attack Mojahedin Khalgh base

CNN: Iranian exiles in Iraq said Friday that Iraqi security forces invaded their refugee camp and killed at least 31 people. Hundreds more were injured in the assault at Camp Ashraf, the People's Mujahedeen of Iran said. Iraqi army officials in Diyala province confirmed there was a conflict overnight but said they did not use live ammunition. The officials said Ashraf residents armed with shovels and throwing stones approached longstanding Iraqi positions around the camp and provoked the conflict. Ashraf residents and their supporters are calling the event a "massacre." >>>


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I can't be against Mojahedin since they are seemingly again IRI.  However, an interview with one of their ex-members in those camp will show some more evidence about the group.  Also, it is informative to hear about the infant of these people in other countries and how they are taken from their new parents because of the lack of parents' contribution with Mojahedin.  Indeed, what could be reasons for such a drastic decrease for popularity of this group in the world?



Desperately seeking Ward Number 13

by Escape on

From what I have heard,  Rajavi is now hiding somewhere in Jordani. Some people say he has been injured during one of the attacks by the American, some even say he is already dead! But I do believe, the first assumption seems to more valid. Maryam Rajavi is seemingly living in London (in a castle some house) still leading the rest of the fools.

Get some pyschological help.



by Souri on

I read and took note of your comment regarding Israel. You have some valid points there, worthy of reflection. Thank you.



by Souri on

From what I have heard,  Rajavi is now hiding somewhere in Jordani. Some people say he has been injured during one of the attacks by the American, some even say he is already dead! But I do believe, the first assumption seems to more valid.

Maryam Rajavi is seemingly living in London (in a castle some house) still leading the rest of the fools.


There is no justification for this massacre

by Escape on

  And there is no amount of BULLSH*T that will prove these massacred individuals as guilty of ANYTHING but being campers in Camp Ashraf.

There is NO PROOF they deserved death..

Is that completely understood?

If not explain why or just can it..


I hope you enjoyed your massacre Missy

by Escape on

  Can you read?The Past is nothing but everything you said and in your support of the death of so called Terrorist's and your retarded blame onto the USA for 'letting them be in Iraq' and your assumptions they were armed and dangerous because some decided to shoot back and fight for their lives while being massacred off.Really thoughtless and naive as well as completely rude.I also mentioned your support of some of largest mass murderer to exist in the history of man to compare your extreme hypocrisy and fake self rightousness.Oh am I QUITE SURE you don't have time for that but thats too bad.You should consider if the matter means anything to anyone but yourself next time before wasting your breath on what you deem as 'too good for you' and what I deem as just another example of self rightousness.And if you don't like it then consider the reaction next time to you comment.You don't like the reaction dont take the time to read it and then claim you don't have the time.You better take the time to make sure you don't sound like a fool next time talking to me.. 

That's really what you don't have the time for isn't it? 

 I am EXTREMELY anti SUICIDE BOMBING MORONS as well so we will never get along.Here you claim to be against for the MKO but we know you are total Hamas Hezbollah..You can go play elsewhere too like somewhere OUT OF THE WEST Missy because when you ENTERED IT you should have expect the least.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes, Iraq has a right to expel whomever it wants; specially a terrorist gang. Furthermore Iraq being a "Satrap" of Iran must follow directions from Tehran. So by both accounts Rajavi is toasts!

PS: Rajavi is indeed a worm and hiding in the same hole as Saddam. When they got Saddam out they left Massoud in there. As "insurance". 



by afshin on

Doesn't Iraq as a sovereign nation have the right to expel people that are a danger to its national security?  No one has asked these people to be deported to Iran.  They just want them out of Iraq.  Doesn't Iraq have the right to protect its interests?  Most of these people either have foreign passports (US, EU), and the others could go back to Iran the same way they left.  They don't have to go to Iran in a bus with a mojahed emblem tattooed on their forehead.  

BTW, does anyone know where that worm of a human being (Rajavi), if you can even call him that, is hiding these days?


I have some news for you!

by Souri on

1) Stalin and IRI may have killed more people than MKO did, but they were in the position of power, while MKO was not yet in that position and they killed too many people to reach to that position and they are still not there!

2) Stalin is dead!

3) Communism is over!

Take care of  the actual stuff  instead of ranting about the past!

4) If you just said this in the hope of being counted as a voice and want to start a discussion with me, sorry but I have no time for you. Go play else where.

Good day!


BTW your beloved Communism killed more than the MKO

by Escape on

  could ever hope to dream of killing and you can add in every death caused by Isreal as well..So where your sense comes from,noone knows..Oh yes I know,,, the IRI and Stalin!


Yea I've watched it

by Escape on

  It's nice to confuse the stupid with the legend of the Sun God and Christianity and many are but I doubt that you watched the videos associated with this blog have you? Besides ranting what you have been told from Press TV.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Souri regarding Israel

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I know Israel is treating Palestinians very badly. I have heard many Israeli say the same thing. I have a Jewish friend who said and I quote "I am angry that my people are acting like the Germans". 

However the Israeli react to Palestinians actions. Remember when Rabin was assassinated by a radical Jew. Majority Israeli got angry at settlers.
They were ready to vote for Labor who wanted to kick the settles out and give the land back to Palestinians. But then Palestinian radicals started bombing Israeli. Each bomb reduced the Labor vote. Until by election time Likud won. See the problem? Palestinians are their own worst foes.

All Israeli want is to live in peace. If Palestinians stop attacking them Israel will act very differently.

I know this because I know many Israeli. Many of whom served in their armed forces. They are not bad people. Zionism is not evil by itself. It just means a return to their traditional home land. Cyrus the great was a Zionist!

Reality is that Iran needs friends and Israel is it. None of the Arab nations like us. In fact they hate us except for maybe Syria. Armenia likes us; Turkey is reasonably nice to us. But the Palestinians do not like us. Why did they side with Saddam? The IR did everything in its power to help them What did they get as thanks? A large number of Palestinian volunteers for Saddam to fight against Iran! Why should I help them. 

Israel on the other hand badly wants friends in the region. If we offer them a true hand they will take it and reward us. In a minute all the sanctions will be gone. In addition they will stop British and other enemies of Iran. They have  the power and influence to really help Iran. We have the ability to give them what they need: a friend. Plus as their friend we will be able to mediate a just peace with Arabs. It will be good for everyone. Specially good for Iran and the Palestinians.




by Souri on

So funny, VPK.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Then why we don't see it at IC? You look more confrontational at IC ;-)

The *** builds up and got to come out somehow :-)


I wish more people would watch it

by Souri on


Thanks for looking at that video. Your conclusion :

"This is the same reason they want to keep MKO and fund it. They want to start another war.  "

Was exactly my point in this blog, from the beginning.

I agree with what you said partially (except for collaborating with Israel, I'm an anti-Zionist) but you have very good points about Shah and the past deals.

You said in your personal life you avoid direct confrontation?

Then why we don't see it at IC? You look more confrontational at IC ;-)

LOL, just kidding.

Take care.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Souri II

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Regarding staged wars. I was aware of about 60% of what the information is given. It is true and sickening. People are the only way to deal with it.

We the Iranian people must get our act together. Why do you think Shah had to go? Why did BBC make Khomeini into a savior and a great saint? Because Shah wanted to charge them market price for Iran oil and Britain was pissed. I know all of these.

This is the same reason they want to keep MKO and fund it. They want to start another war. 

What do we do about it? There is not much to do directly; but indirectly a lot. We need to make a case that there is more money to be made from a free Iran. Honestly I rather give away the damn oil and get back our freedom.

We do better working and getting outsourced jobs than pumping oil. We should have lobbies like NIAC that work to prevent disaster. Maybe NIAC is the wrong one but we need lobbies. US government responds to push and to money.

The Shah should have made a deal with British as Mossadegh. Then slowly change the terms so that we got more of the money. Give them the oil below market price; then add "export" tax; "transportation" tax.. There is more than one way.

Avoid direct confrontation. Iran should make a deal with Israel; convince them they should support us. Israel has a powerful lobby; we should turn them to our side. If they want a powerful Iran then USA will do it.

In my own personal life I have used this tactic to gain. I avoid confrontation. I let others think they "won"; then get my way regardless. What we are unable to gain by force we may gain by cunning. Dealing with scum bags requires guile.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I finally watched it. Very interesting. I have to say that I knew much of it. There is also another interesting point. Mitraism almost took over instead of Christianity. It was a toos up in Rome. As many Roman soldiers worshiped Mithras. 

In fact Mithras is the Sun God. Hence "God of Sun" becomes "Son of God". Personally I think there is something to it. No I do not believe the mythologies. However Mithras represents many good qualities. Including: Friendship; Contracts; Judgment. The Ten Commandments are good law. We should follow them even if we know it is not from Moses.

The trouble is when people assign "Divine" source to these laws. That makes them beyond review and change. That is a big problem as laws should be revised.

Regarding the 911 bit I do not know. Who was behind it and why did it happen. There is sufficient evidence to put big questions on the whole thing. But I guarantee you we shall never find out. This will set aside as was the assassination of Kennedy. I remember as comment by an ex KGB officer about Kennedy. He said this: "The American Government is still not willing to tell people what happened". I guess the KGB probably knows the real facts.

Maybe we should look to them for the truth when our government refuses.


@ Azarin.

by Paykar on

I agree that my expectation was unrealistic, in light of your
response. Here again I see a hint of arrogance when you say that you
cannot even pretend to be sorry for such disappointment, interestingly
followed by a :-)

I think I detect a desire for redemption or perhaps a veiled attempt at sarcasm..:-) 

Do you actually believe that your readers need to know you personally to have the right to feel disappointed by what you say? Perhaps I should not have viewed you as writer in this stance, you probably were stating your opinion as an Iranian...


far as MKO, I have contempt for their leadership as well, but the
brain-washed members have been through hell-several times. Those who
were murdered, most likely were insignificant foot soldiers, not the
leadership. You have no empathy for these victims? There is no compassion
in the absence of empathy. These members are no different than the ones
that were slaughtered by I.R. I grow up in the same city ,
where there were multitude of Mojahed and Fadaee who no longer walk this


Regarding perfection and arrogance, I think you
misunderstood me, I was alluding to your comment about not even caring
to read other posts in the thread...

If you like you can google the two individuals I used to make a point in the previous post.

My comment about
feeling empathy in a writer's work was not articulated well. I believe
empathy is likely to be hard wired in our species(it has survival value in
evolutionary terms) and those who write about Human condition have a
grasp of this notion.

The Journalist is supposed to be objective in this society, meaning show no empathy, just report. A writer has alot more freedom...

The cliche response of living in a "free
country" does not and should
absolve one's responsibility as a member of human race. "Be anaan ke ba
ghalam tabhy-e dahr ra padeedar meekonand baharan khojasteh bad" became
anthem of a generation for a good reason!

All the best.

P.S. sorry I do not know how to fix all the breaks in sentences, 

I hope the meanings are not lost.



Cheer's Death of pseudo Terrorists & Boo the deaths of real ones

by Escape on

  Really sickening bunch..

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Azarin Sadegh

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are great; have nothing to apologize for. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thanks! Not sure what it has to do with me. But I will watch it. My Centos 64 OS is flash challenged so I will have to boot up the Windoze (yuck) but for you I will :-)

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

First of all, I am surprised by your disappointment! Disappointments are usually created as a result of our unrealistic expectations.

What did you exactly expect from me? How did we know each other?  I can't even pretend to be sorry to disappoint you, since I can't remember your id!..:-)

I have always written about my disgust with MKO crowd because of their history and their betrayal during Iran-Iraq war and the way they left alone their own followers, put them in danger, and caused the execution of thousands of them, including a few of my old classmates from childhood. Since I have started writing stories and adding comments on, I have always expressed my dislike of them. So you can’t be disappointed at me for being something that I’ve always been.

About perfection: I repeat it again: I don't feel perfect but if you find me arrogant for saying it loud that I do not feel perfect, what can I say? I don't plan to argue about it. This is your opinion and I respect it. I don’t know you. You’re just an id. But in case of Darius, I thought I had to reply to him as an ex-friend!

About Dr. Phil: I've heard about him but we don't have cable and I never watch I've never seen his show. And I have no clue who this other woman is. Whoever she is, it seems that you know her more than me…:-)

One last thing: I am a novice writer, not a journalist. Journalists are supposed to be objective...but not fiction writers..:-) Most writers I've met are opinionated and aren't afraid of expressing their point of view, whatever it is. You can't dictate to me how I am supposed to feel or to write. Fortunately for us, we both live in a free country where I am free to make up my own opinion no matter how stupid it might seem to you. I can't please everyone and believe me, it has never been my intent.

Voila! Have a good evening and take it esay, Azarin




by Souri on

I looked for the documentary of Zeit Geist which I had seen in French. Unfortunately there are so many that I can't say which one it was. But I'm sure you can find the correct video/documentary if you dig a little bit at Zeit Geist. Meanwhile, I like to post this one here for you. Very interesting:



dear Roozbeh

by Souri on

You are always very nice to me. Thanks for counting me in your "intelligent persons" list, despite what I just said.

But I want to know what seems so odd to you, that is counted as a joke?

I was indeed very serious in my argument. The MKO is kept in Iraq for a plan B, or C (who knows?).

This doesn't mean that I believe they take part in what is happening to them, now. I didn't say that those people are playing a game now to attract the world's affection. I didn't say that they well deserve what is happening to them, either.

All I am saying is that we have to see the events happening in the world, at a global level. We have to consider the relation and the synergy between everything which is happening in the Middle East (and elsewhere, for that matters)

Let's analyze what happened in Ashraf.

Some  fanatic Islamists, attacked a group of people who were once considered as an army against the IRI.

What we should be doing with this? Okay, you are right, we have to condemn this barbaric, anti-democratic and intolerant action!

Now, after we did our homework, what else? We sign petition for UN makes a decision about them and liberate them after almost a decade, by giving them asylum to other countries.

This is the best thing which can happen to them. I, like yourself, hope this will happen. But also, I ask myself, do the UN need our petition about that matter? Why this is not done long before? What is the catch?

Although this group is no more the Militia they have been once in the past(because most of them are old and will get older year by year), they are always considered as a force against the IRI, which lives right around the corner. Are they used only as a Damocles sword against the IRI? Are the saved for a D day in the future? What is the purpose of keeping an (innocent and unarmed military group) in the middle of a country like Iraq ?

I am not pulling anybody's legs Rouzbeh jon. I'm just asking some valid questions to which nobody has answered yet.

This is nothing contrary to what you people say here. Just asking another question to which, you don't want to ponder.

The only thing I don't agree with, is the they are innocent and unarmed people! They are not innocent neither unarmed, dear. They are just MKO!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am in fact very generous towards the MKO rank and file. I have said before that they should be pardoned or put on probation and reintegrated into Iran. What do they want: medals? 

They are lucky to have people with kind attitudes like me around. I also said that for most part the guilt is with their leadrship. The one thing they must do it to disarm and stop attacking Iranians. 

Plus I presonally feel more comradship with Kurds. Why did these MKO kill them. Why did they side with Saddam. There needs to be hearings and all this must come out. Who ordered them to do these things.


On the one hand, I agree

by MM on

On the one hand, I agree with many that the attack on camp Ashraf was a human rights violation, and that these lower ranking MKO foot soldiers should be saved by getting them out of the MKO and debriefing their brains away from the Rajavi cult (cf., Mehrdad, Aynak, Ari, VPK....comments).

On the other hand, I cannot understand why/how the MKO is still kept in camp Ashraf as an intact "disarmed" military unit (cf., Souri's comment).  While Saddam was there, it was understandable that he wanted to use the MKO in his proxy battles, but IRI/Iraq are "friendly" nations and Iraq's intolerance towards the presence of the MKO on their soil is also understandable. 

I also wonder how the Iraqi soldiers were killed if the MKO were unarmed (cf., Souri's comment).



by Paykar on

I agree with, and no one can accuse us of being MKO supporters. I am also surprised by stand of some of our fellow posters.


@Azarin. What a disappointment.

by Paykar on

"I really don't care about other comments.."

"You're not perfect!I'm not either! Nobody is!"


Come on. You know you are perfect. What else could explain such display of arrogance, which probably exceeds your talent as a writer? And, false modesty is no virtue.

Your  post reeks of "Dr Phil syndrome" with a dash of Nancy Grace's prosecutorial indignation. You are a writer, but you seem to know little about inherent inclination of  human beings for empathy.


souri is only pullling our legs!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

We all know her, she is an intelligent person.

VPK, your desire for setting up a SW outsourcing operation in Iran does not excuse your callous attitude towards your defenceless, unarmed  compatriots being murdered in cold blood by Iraqi shia terrorists. What do you mean by saying  they desreved what they got? did you know every single one of these murdered Iranians and were sure of their "crime"? How can you accuse Souri of towing IRI line when you are doing the precisely that?

You need to understand, nobody here is defending MKO. What we are saying is that murder of unarmed civilians who are supposed to be under UN protection is illegal, period!

FYI, a broad spectrum of organisations, from Reza pahlavi to Communist party of Iran have condemned this barbaric act. On this Occasion VPK, I'm afraid you are firmly on the side of islamist regime supporters.

And I am out of this blog before I get accused of being a MKO member!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


MG/VPK (reposted)

by Souri on


Once again you get too emotional and mix the points and the means to get where you want to get.

I can't have a sane debate with you (never could in the past either)

Nobody says that the Libya or IRI are the good governments loved by their people. The opposition exists. It exist every where, in every country. This is how the big boss, will exploit those opposition forces in order to get their best advantage of it, which I am talking about.

But now, it's too late and I am going to the bed.

Anyway, I can't go too far in this debate with you. We don't speak same language, dear. Yours is the language of "hamleh o nabard" which is not mine.

VPK: At least I can understand where you come from! Let hope your wishes will materialize in a most peaceful way.

Good night to both.

PS- i have to add that I agree with one thing you have said:

The MKO is cannon fodder.  USA will use and discard them