Middle Eastern Ensemble, University of Texas

Tasnif "Yaavaraan" in dastgah Esfahan

Ahmad Tavakoly, voice; Neda Shahidi; voice; Hamed Darabi, tar; Ashley Biria, tar; Aurora Zenfell, violin; Alireza Heidari, tombak.


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by yolanda on

I have the honor of being a student at UT's arch-rival, Texas A & M University...:O)

I waited for the 2 lead singers sitting on the right to sing, but they never did! The tombak player and tar players are great!


قشنگ بود


صدای گرم تار...لذت بخش است



Red Wine


by Red Wine on

کار ارزشمندی ایشان کرده اند،هدف پاسداری از موسیقی‌ اصیل ایرانی است،موفق باشند.

Adib Masumian

I have the honor of being a student at UT :)

by Adib Masumian on

It's a wonderful institution with an excellent Middle Eastern Studies department. I've had the joy of watching their ensemble perform live a few times. Amazing and unbeatable stuff.

Mash Ghasem

Don't mess with U. of Texas or their ME Ensembel

by Mash Ghasem on

very nice music, thanks GS.

P.S. Uinversity of Texas Press ( Austine) also has some fine books.