"Ya Zamen e Ahoo"

Parviz Kimiavi's classic 1970 film about Emam Reza's shrine in Mashhad

"There is the religious belief which leads the human beings to the shrine. All that I do is to show the space between the hands of the believers and the shrine. The symbolism in my film is rooted in reality. All the human beings and things in the film are real, nothing has been arranged." -Parviz Kimiavi

Ya zamene ahu (1970) aka Oh, Protector of the Gazelle from RR Project on Vimeo.


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salman farsi

I am surprised by your questions

by salman farsi on


 حتی مولوی در برخوردش با حاجیان ضمن نکوهش آنان آرزو می‌کند که رنج آنان گنجشان باشد. ولی شما بقدر او سخاوتمند نیستید!



 ای قوم به حج رفته کجایید کجایید
معشوق همینجاست بیایید بیایید
معشوق تو همسایه و دیوار به دیوار
در بادیه سرگشته شما در چه هوایید
گر صورت بی صورت معشوق ببیند
هم خواجه و هم خانه و هم کعبه شمائید
ده بار از آن راه بدان خانه برفتید
یکبار از این خانه بر این بام برآیید
آن خانه لطیفست نشان هاش بگفتید
از خواجه آن خانه نشانی بنمائید
یک دسته گل کو اگر آن باغ بدیدیت
یک گوهر جان کو اگر از بهر خدائید
با این همه آن رنج شما گنج شما باد
افسوس که بر گنج شما پرده شمائید


For an Islamic democracy


A Mastershame!

by Demo on

Could not watch after minute 1 of the shame piece! Is "the true & delicate feelings of millions of Iranians for the 8th Imam of Shiite faith" as quoted by SF below means the kissings of the brooms, knotting of cloths on a silver frame, crying help to a "dead" Agha, & GOD knows what? Is that Islam? Is not that worse than idoltary? Did Imam Reza ever ask for such golden dome & minerat to be built on his grave site? Did he ever ask the government to collect all the donations money under his name & spend them GOD knows where? And many many more questions like those?

Khebedin: The regime's response to your cocerns is: Khodabedeh!


While I see noting wrong in

by Khebedin on

While I see noting wrong in what we see here, and consider it a healthy way of dealing with one’s  general griffs and a much better way of dealing and getting rid of your stress, it saddens me that no action is taken by the Iranian government to assist people with their problems and daily needs . People look very malnourished, and full of all kind of problems. Very sad to see an indifferent government with no concerns to people’s basic needs. I hope the government wakes up before it is too late. Clearly people have a lot of problems and their basic needs are missing. A good environment, good medical services and social services are badly missing while the clergies seek medical help in European private hospitals, their children receive the best of education all over the world, and they get fed very well at the expense of a large majority.

salman farsi

A masterpiece

by salman farsi on

Kimiavi brought to life the true and delicate feelings of millions of Iranians for the eigth Imam of Shiite faith: one who interceded for deer.


For an Islamic democracy