"Chicken with Plums"

Trailer for film based on Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel

Chicken with Plums marks the second instalment of a trilogy that began with Persepolis. Like that Academy Award®–nominated film, Chicken with Plums is co-directed by Vincent Paronnaud and Satrapi herself, whose transition from comics to movies is accompanied by a refreshing and imaginative approach to visual storytelling. The work draws upon innovations that span the entire history of cinema, from the striking shadows of German Expressionism to the punchy colour palette of early Technicolor films. Unlike its predecessor, Chicken with Plums is more live-action than animated, but it too is blazingly alive with visual flair >>>

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Storyline in imdb does not make sense

by choghok on

In imdb they talk about a broken Tar but here we see a violin. I guess IMDB made it easy on themselves and copied a short description of the book.

Interesting to see Golshifteh in kiss scenes, guess she wont go back to play in Iran.

And after seeing Simorghs comment I think I will go to see the movie and recommend it to all friends, thanks Simorgh for the tip. 



by statira on

looks really pretty and more daring in this movie. I was kind of surprised.


Looks like a good work

by simitenbiri on

Liked her Persapolis and this one seems to be a great work.  Simorgh5555 you seems to be mixing up fiction and biography!


Can't wait to see it

by ramintork on

It looks even more brilliant than her previous work. I am great fan.



by Simorgh5555 on

She is a communist propagadist. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Magnifiqus !

Nice clip of what I gathered with my broken francoise .

Simorgh jaan   forget about  vaghye e aasre hajjar please.

she got nothing to do about that.

I found out my great father came from hashtar khan in 1905

for few year I was not saying to any one for a fear of being called komo....



Please boycott this film

by Simorgh5555 on

Please do not throw good money to waste by supporting Marjaneh Satrapi.


  • Satrapi's uncle supported and served in the treacherous short lived illegal  Soviet backed republic of Iranian Azarbaijan before the Russians and communists were ejected from our territory (see Persepolis) 
  • Satripi outrageously blames the Cinema Rex fire on the Shah and security forces in her graphic novel Persepolis. This is by all accounts an Islamist propaganda and the atrocities were carried out by the Hezbollahis themselves a ala the Reichstag Fire. The parallels between the Nazis and the Islamic Republic.
  • Satrapi's washed out Left Wing Middle Class parents supported the revolution brining an unprecedented catastrophe on Iran
  • Satrapi calls Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Shah a 'bastard' in interviews//www.chris-kutschera.com/%20A/Marjane%20Satrapi.htm
  • Satrapi calls Reza Shah '“illiterate petty officer” who wanted to set up a republic and was convinced by his British mentors to found an empire “so his minister would shine his shoes”'//www.chris-kutschera.com/%20A/Marjane%20Satrapi.htm
  • Satrapi even admits lying by unjustly accusing a man of staring at her and reporting him to a Basiji leading him to be arrested. No one knows what happened to the fate of this man. What human being will sink so low to do such a henious thing. 
People like Satrapi deserved the Islamic Republic. it is regrettable that she ended up leaving the Islamic Republic because that is what she deserved. Or better still she should have been left on the streets of Austira peniless, stoned and hungry. 


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Quelques bons acteurs et actrices...

 Je réserve mon opinion pour quand je vois le film.



by Arj on

In the face of Hollywood commercial routines, it's been left up to experimental fimmakers to save Cinema from the mainstream benality!