eTar digital tar

Traditional string instrument modified for the digital era

eTar is a fully digital professional musical instrument which is small, light and portable. The etar is based ergonomically on a long-necked lute called a setar, which is a traditional Persian string instrument evolved over thousands of years. A person who plays the etar gets the same feeling as playing a setar while the sound is generated completely digitally. The etar is very easy to learn, can be played by anyone, any where, any time.



I knew something like this was coming ... awesome.

by BoosBoos on

... but don't stop playing a real Setar.   

It looks like it's more for hooking it up to your computer to generate sheet-music for a song than for actual performances.  I noticed that the right hand doesn't strum strings, but switches.   

Any way, good job ... I'm sure we'll see a digital Ney soon.   


iTar, Not eTar!

by Faramarz on

eTar is so 90's guys!

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Went to the website, sound samples yet. will keep checking. 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

منظورِ جالبی‌ است،بدین نحو نمیتوانیم بگوییم که آیا خوش دست هست یا خیر،ردیف جات (بندِ ردیف و دیگر نغمات و تطبیقِ آن با دگر کلّیاتِ موسیقی‌،شعر و دگر و همخوانی با دگر سازها ) را میتوانیم بدان پیاده کنیم یا خیر،و مهم قضیه آن است که مقام چه میشود ؟! و آیا برایِ شیوه پارسی بداهه نوازی،میتوان به این ساز اعتماد کرد یا خیر.

امید داریم که در آینده نزدیک،یکی‌ از این ساز‌ها را به دست آورده و جویایِ این احوالات (ذکر شده در خطِ بالا) را شخصاً شویم .