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Azarin Sadegh

Grand Theft Auto, IRIanian style

by Azarin Sadegh on

The player will be a Basiji killing and crushing the crowd, invading people's houses and robbing their properties...(YEAH - a sarcastic kind of cheers for this new game)

Not very impressive. This looks like a pale copy of what already exists in the market and my kids are already bored with them. I think FG's "Shoot the Ayatollah" is a much more innovative game. 


Only in Iran

by KingReza on

Something like video games are made by a national organization and not the private sector. This is the wrong way of doing things...


Good job

by Reality-Bites on

And that is one big sword at 0:50.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on


Amen to that.



I praise Iranian ingenuity.

by Simorgh5555 on

I praise Iranian ingenuity. Well done. It is very regrettable that sanctions are in place right now but as soon as this regime is overthrown Iranians will be given free reign to unleash their creativity in all field of arts without censorship. Please pray for the demise of this regime so Iranian talent can be offered to the world. 


Other game options

by FG on

In "Shoot the Ayatollah" you can play an Iranian cab driver who begins by bypassing clerics seeking a ride.  Later you run them down.   Once you've acquired a pistol, you use it on would be clerical passengers.  

Final scenes: If you play the Supreme Dictator and win, you are shown ascending to heaven and being greeted by 76 virgins (preferably enslaved daughters of green protestors, of would be union leaders or of journalists or defense attorneys.   If you lose, the final screen shows you climbing the gallows as people pelt you with rotten eggs and tomatoes.


"Shoot the Ayatollah" and "Supreme Dictator" Games

by FG on

I wouldn't be surprised if fed-up Iranians were to come uip with such a first-person shooter under the above name.  At least it would allow them to let off steam in a "constructive" way.  Imagine the howls from the mullahs.  Basilj and IRCG generals would also be targets.

Another idea for a game is "Supreme Dictator," a turn-based strategy game.   You are the Supreme Dictator and seek constantly to enhance your power and crush any sign of reform or reformers.   You  have various tools availanle for that purpose: thugs with clubs, rigged courts and elections, hsarsh censorship, the targeting of reformers, their families and their funerals, the recruitment of kick boxers to beat people, etc.

You "win" if you finally crush all dissent.   You lose if griwing isolation from neighbors and the world, worsening economic conditions and simmering public rage creates a popular explosion that can't be contained.