Maast o Khiar

Yogurt and cucumber dish tutorial by Cyrus Dowlatshahi

This is a simple dish that goes with almost anything, and is even good by itself. It’s made here with cucumbers, dill, garlic and green onions, but you can add mint, chives, sour cream, walnuts... the possibilities are endless.

Mast-o Khiar from Cyrus Dowlatshahi on Vimeo.



An excellent appetizer

by asadabad on

I could eat that whole bowl in 3 minutes.  :D

But imho this recipe is too fancy.  Mast o khiar is best with just a little bit of salt and mint.  He should also remove the cucumber skin, it improves the texture.

Esfand Aashena

Aragh sagi w/ cucumber salad is haram while Vodka is halal!

by Esfand Aashena on

Islam allows Vodka to be consumed with cucumber yogurt salad, however aragh sagi otherwise known as moonshine is makrooh!

The ritual is similar to having Tequila with lime and salt, but salt is also not recommended.  Simply throw down the Vodka shot and then have a table spoon of the cucumber yogurt.  If you prefer the country style, take the cucumber yogurt bowl and simply gulp down!  If you have mustache you can lick the remainder and then say ahhhhhhh! 

Everything is sacred

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

thanks for the fast yumm clip.

Now ,Quick how to make aaragh sagi to go with that ?


Anahid Hojjati

Faramarz jan, I am ahead of you

by Anahid Hojjati on

I changed my comment. I realized that I was harsh. I can't even watch the video now, so I can't say how fast the chopping is. As far as dastoor naan va paneer va sabzi, let me first call my mom or check my Persain cooking book :). No seriously, I changed my comment since I liked how all the ingredients that can be added, were listed. Usually, I would just add dill but it is nice that other ingredients are listed. However, why would you want to add sour cream? I like walnuts, mint, but sour cream, I can do without. As far as asking for me to be banned, I think you are nicer than that.

Barbari is the best. Na tafton, na lavash, na sangak. Naan faghat barbari.

Esfand Aashena

Faramarz jaan my recipe 4 naan/feta/green is naan w/ Tarkhoon!

by Esfand Aashena on

Islam says that the best sabzi to use is Tarkhoon!  Although basil is 2nd best and both can be used as a combination, which is actually much better but considred secular!  Using mint can be considered haram in some cases!

Also, naan must be toasted and slighltly burned.  Lavash is not encouraged.  Best naan is Taftoon followed by Sangak!  If you're using Barbari you must empty the dough before applying the feta and greens in the middle! 

Everything is sacred


دستور نون و پنیر و سبزی!



You are being harsh here! I am going to ask that you be banned today!

This was not a typical recipe, his chopping technique was professional and the video was stylish and fast-paced. I would've added a few pita bread pieces and plate the end product.

What is your recipe for noon, panir, sabzi?



There should be Maast o Khiar contest

by عموجان on

Like Pie Contest,.. the possibilities  are endless 

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks for naming all ingredients that could be added

by Anahid Hojjati on

As you noted, possibilities for adding to maast va khiar are endless. A refreshing side dish for those hot summer days.

Jahanshah Javid

With great taste

by Jahanshah Javid on

Beautifully put together with great taste -- the maast o khiar itself and the video.