Mocking Kiarostami

Iranian state TV attacks Kiarostami again, this time in the name of comedy


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Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

I happen to have taken Kiarostami's side when the controvery over his deemed neutrality sparked at Cannes


It doesn't change the fact that the moral dilemma faced by Iranian artists who choose to work or not under the current circumstances prevails ...


Mind you some of the greatest classic films made by the French were actually shot during the German Occupation and VICHY Collaboration:

Le cinéma français sous l'Occupation

Great Artists ranging from Sacha Guitry, Maurice Chevalier, Arletty, Jean Cocteau continued Toasting Champagne with Vichy dignitaries or German Officers whilst performing for them. The difference is that we have replaced Champagne with Sandis and are not occupied by foreign forces as France was so the comparison stops there. Although I am not sure how much the current leaders of Iran ( Reformist or Not) are "Iranian" either ...






Kiarostami wrote it :-)

by choghok on

You are right Kiarostami wrote the script as far as I remember.

Darius Kadivar

Kiarostami didn't direct Crimson Gold ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Panahi did ...

Crimson Gold (2003) By Jafar Panahi - IMDb

You are probably confusing with Close Up ...

Ciné-club : Close-up de Abbas Kiarostami


If you had read the thread carefully you will see that I mentioned that Ghobadi's Criticisms were Prior to Kiarostami's Cannes Q&A session

It's precisely those critics which prompted Kiarostami to rightly or wrongly depending on one's point of view to speak up and respond to the International Press's Query on the subject.


Not right

by choghok on

If it was true that Kiarostami would be supportive of the regime and lashing out his colleague why is it that he is the on the receving end? I did not see him going to Ahmadinejads inaguration like many Iranian "artists".

I saw his speech and he did not attack Panahi or Ghobadi, he made his stance that he did not see himself as a role model that should pick side, it is the peoples will. It does not mean that he is not seeing the problems in Iran. You can see it by watching crimson gold, he knows very well, much better than us the problems in Iran today and probably is wise in doing what he did. And he was standing next to Binoche when she was crying for Panahi.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Bahman Ghobadi Slams Kiarostami's Neutral Stance

by Darius Kadivar on

Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi Bitter Critics towards Abbas Kiarostami  By Saul Austerlitz LA Times)  April 18, 2010|

"Ghobadi responded to Kiarostami in a heartfelt, angry open letter posted online, but it is instantaneously clear that the subject is still a sore one.Director Jafar Panahi ("The Circle") is in jail, arrested for his outspoken support of the protesters. Some filmmakers, such as Abbas Kiarostami ("Taste of Cherry"), the dean of Iranian cinema, have taken the side of the government, lashing out at Ghobadi for what he sees as Ghobadi's unpatriotic stances and referring to his former protégé Panahi as a "troublemaker." Others -- especially younger filmmakers like Ghobadi -- openly sympathize with the protesters.

As a result, Ghobadi no longer feels comfortable returning to Iran, fearful that he could face a fate similar to Panahi's. "

Faced by similar critics This prompted Kiarostami to finally speak up during the Press Call at Cannes where he spoke in less ambiguous terms in regard to Jafar Panahi's predicament and the Upheavels in Iran  in presence of a tearful Juliette Binoche:

Binoche sobs at Cannes Press Conference at news of Dissident Director's hunger strike



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Darius Kadivar

@choghok Jan Probably because it isn't anymore "Unfashionable"

by Darius Kadivar on

to be "honest" from time to time ...

Ezatollah Entezami Bold Tribute To Shah’s Brother In Law Mehrdad Pahlbod on IRI TV


But to ease one's conscience you can always Fetchez La Vache ...




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by choghok on

How can something that has been going on since from Shahs time being "todays fashion"?


Today the fasion is: Being

by Khebedin on

Today the fasion is: Being agaist IRI,  as it was being agaisnt the Shah in the 70. If you can't make any serious issue, just be  meaningless and protend to be meaning something.  Just follow the fasion and be against IR in any way you can or want.


I was predicting this a long time ago.

by Marathon-Man on

When you play sly and try to dodge and not fight or even defend yourself then you must expect this to come at any time.

Jafar Panahi was brutally dealt with by the IRI and we saw little reaction and support by you and the other well known directors and actors.

Let me keep it simple Mr Kiarostami.

These low life thugs will not spare anybody .

(In shotory hast ke dare khoneh hameh maha  khabideh.)  

You've got a very strong wepon Mr Kiarostami and this is the right time to use it for your own sake. 


The scenes with egg and door closing

by choghok on

are better and have more meaning than what is show in iranian cinemas.

Look at the best selling movie in iran ekhrajiha, more crap movie is hard to find. no piece in it was good , i rather watch egg breaking and door slaming in 2 hours instead. 

Ari Siletz

لوس بود!

Ari Siletz

اول موضوع را بفهمید بعد در موردش طنز بنویسید.



by onlyinamrica on

So funny. True to some extent.