Mojahedin: Cult of the Chameleon

Documentary by filmaker Maziar Bahari

"Massoud Rajavi is the leader of this bizarre Iranian Cult who over the years helped Ayatollah Khomeini overthow the Shah, then declared war on the Islamic Republic ruthlessly killing their fellow countrymen. They allied themselves with Saddam Hussein but now that he is gone are ardent supporters of the coalition. The MEK has switched allegiances so often that any underlying ideology is long gone. Now the MEK is on the verge of getting off the U.S. list of terrorist organizations as a result of a multi-million dollar media & lobbying blitz."


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So many comments made for

by 11mashty on

So many comments made for this clip which shows it is important, or is it?  I completely agree with Ari that this needs the attention of professionals.  So many of the arguments made here can be summized into the 'you are either with us or against us' at least with respect to NIAC and MEK.  Being against MEK does not make one pro Islamic Republic, or a Monarchist, Republican or anything else - it simply means one is against the ideals and methods of MEK...that simple.  So, if I am against IRI, the monarchy and the MEK, what am I then?  I guess nothing by the measures of some of the opinions expressed here.

Lets not fool ourselves, MEK members or symapthizers are in many places and yes I have seen some of the initial tactics to attract new members used on myself, more than once or twice.  Indeed I have experienced it in the last few months as MEK has ramped up its campaign in Washington DC and elsewhere.  I do not have any answer on what to do with the Camp Ashraf residents.  Yes they are misguided and brain washed at the very least, but also murderers in its most basic form.  So, am I going to advocate mortgaging the life and future of 75 million Iranians for the sake of few thousand (if that many) murderers held up in Camp Ashraf?  Of course NOT.............  So yes, MEK is the textbook definition of a CULT, and an extremely dangerous and murderous one at that.  



by Sohrab90 on

this was done to prevent MEK delisting by UK  back in 2007. It didn't work then, and it will not work now for the US...

120 000 deaths = eternal support for MEK

Long live Freedom and Democracy!!!  :) 


What a pity!

by yAghi on

What a pity

These losers have no supporter inside Iran and it is a pity
that they still have some paid intellectual supporters outside Iran.  These are the people who have given opportunity to Khomeini and this regime to start unjustified killings. They have nothing to claim credit for but lots to shame. Thanks for Mr. Bahari’s eye opening video for those who are blind and will stay blind by the color of money. I look for freedom of those remaining human within the groups that are trapped and unfortunately they have no way out for now. Our land has no price and those betrayed their
own people are hardly called human. I hope to see their leader’s court martial in my life.

Oon Yaroo

MEK may not be a viable solution for the future of Iran!

by Oon Yaroo on

But when it comes to bringing the IRI down MEK can be the bullet in between the the eyes!

Ari Siletz

Video not for history class

by Ari Siletz on

There are important omissions and distortions in favor of the IRI. I'm furious with this video for taking an open and shut case against the MEK and tainting it with bias. If this is not a propaganda video then the least that could be said is that the director thinks the viewers are children that can't be trusted with the whole truth if they are to come to the right conclusion. The stupidest thing you can do when prosecuting an obvious murderer is tamper with evidence. The MEK is a seriously dangerous entity and Western politicians need to be made aware of this; can't have amateurs arguing this case. 




I am surprised at some people on here!!!

by Benyamin on

Just because a group is against the Mollahs in Iran doesn`t mean they or the Mollahs themselves are good or one is better than the other!

MEK`s leaders have committed treason and they must be tried in a just court of law where they can be represented by their lawyers!

So are some high ranking or low ranking IRI leaders for committing the same type crimes.

To those MEK sympethizers, I say, people in Iran truly hate you and for right reasons. people in Iran also hate the IRI for what they have done but why change one tyrrant with another if nothing is going to change or it may get worsen?

IRI and MEK are from the same breed


A glimpse of what "hell" looks like!

by Disenchanted on


         Thanks Mr. Bahari for an informative video. Those who support MEK intend to turn Iran to one big Camp Ashraf! No one can get out of the country, No one can have sex with their spouses, people have to show up in front of local committees to express their most intimate thoughts and dreams. Males have to wear mustache, females head scarf. Millions to be killed, prisoned. You can bet on a "cultural revolution" anew. Poor Iranians would envy North Koreans's freedom :-)

        Thank you Mr. Guliani, Dean,  Bolton and rest of gullible politicians for bringing, "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" to Iran! 



Thanks to anyone who has

by Khebedin on

Thanks to anyone who has posted this video. I have always known MKO as bunch of criminal bastards. Iranians hate them just as much as they hate Iran and all Iranians.


Why a 4 year old piece is posted now??

by ham1328 on

And IRI is very nice to it's prisoned enemies who have been captured for sabotage!!! If she was treated so well in Iran, why did she leave?

I know MEK is not popular in Iran, but I don't know why so many pro IRI are so afraid of them getting de-listed?

Khomeini didn't treat anybody fair, he wanted total power. Does anyone remember how Mullahs treated Bazargan? Banisadr? Ghotb-Zade? The list is endless, why should MEK be different?  




by hirre on

The biggest threat to iranians isn't the IR since they are slowly creating their own graves... The biggest threat is organizations like the MEK which foreign forces uses in order to create regime change in other countries. They don't look what the organization represents, the only important aspect is that it should be against the IR, and that will have serious consequences for us iranians if we don't reject it... The IR might be overwhelming "evil" but we should never choose the short path of supporting another monster in order to overthrow the current one...


Cheap propaganda

by Asghar_Massombagi on

This is a cheap propaganda piece.  Its biggest lie, the one that is usually repeated by regime appeasers, is that the MEK initiated violence against the regime first.  Anybody who knows anything about the events of the revolution knows that the hard core Khomeinists started violence against the MEK and the Left before 22 Bahman 1357.  Rajavi in his famous speech in University of Tehran, days after the victory of the revolution (available on YouTube), decried violent harassment against its sympathizers.   Khomeini was hell bent on consolidating power and wished nothing less than absolute obedience and even then, as was the case with the Tudeh, it ended up putting their heads on the chopping block.  Bani-Sadre who was no pal of the MEK before becoming short term ally with Rajavi, and has since his break up been a critic of the MEK has gone on record that the MEK leadership offered to put down arms before things hit the fan, that is before 30th Khordad 1360, but Khomeini would give no gurantees.  There were two options open to the MEK: either disband and/or relocate to abroad, as many other groups did and wait it out, say for the next 30-40 years, or attempt to overthrow the regime by initiaing a campaign of counter-terror and hope the people will join in.  The latter did not happen even though they did put the fear of death into the regime.  This is true regardless of what has happened to them after that.

Also it doesn't mention that under pressure from Iran the MEK leadership was expelled from France, and it was then that the MEK was forced and seduced to relocate to Iraq and that was the beginning of a series of pragmatic unprincipled decision taken by its leadership that continues to this day.  Note that according to this documenary every violent action taken by the regime was in reponse to a provocation by the MEK.  If that were the case why then hundreds of Marxist prisoners were executed in the prison massacres?  Not to mention the real reason for the massacres which was turning inward from having drunk from the "chalice poison" as Khomeini termed it and accepted end of hostilities with Iraq.

I have no respect for the current leaderhsip of the MEK and their strategies but neither do I have any time for regime applogists and this piece looks like its ordered by Tehran right down to testimonials by Anne Singlton and her husband, apostates who in the least are suspected of having become chummy with the intelligence appartus in Iran. 



You have summed it up best JJ

by Bavafa on

This is however the sad reality about our state of mind.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Jahanshah Javid

vaaghan keh

by Jahanshah Javid on

ageh behetoon began googoosh is a lesbian raised by kangaroos, you'll believe it. if they say khamenei was a ballet dancer before he was touched by god, you'll believe it. if they say shirin ebadi is an alien who feeds on asphalt, you'll believe it.

but if you are presented with facts, if you come face to face with reality, you'll deny it until the end of time.

why wake up? why end this nightmare? keep your eyes and ears shut. keep hallucinating on anything but the truth. whatever makes your hatred deeper. whatever kills compassion. keep swimming in an ocean of blood.

go on... smash the mirror.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Roozbeh   Ti jiana ghorban .


maziar 58

Just a taught.

by maziar 58 on

Is it possible that the west "may be" is trying to delist this group(cult) first and"BAZAK" them to do the dirty work of the other countries in the region so they can attack Iranians and maybeing able to remove the mullahs?

afterall they're a bit more militarazed expert than the georgetown group ;NIAC only talks and MEK knows how to act sadly .



Mr. Fred...

by P_T_B_A on

Did you really watch this clip from the beginning to the end?  Please be honest, did you really really watch it?


The lack of intelligence is disturbing

by Zamin on

Comparing NAIC, a lobbying group to MKO, a terrorist group that has slaughtered over 40,000 Iranians.. During a war! Sided with Saddam! What is wrong with you people??? NAIC lobbys for Iran, how stupid can some of you be? Who cares if they are on mullahs lobby... What have the Mullahs even done?


اصلا گور پدر مسعود رجوی قرمساق و کالت مارکسیستی اسلامیش.


این فلان فلان شده اول با شاهنشاه آریامهر و ساواکش در افتاد حالا هم با سلطان علی‌ خامنه‌ای و سربازان گمنامش. اصلا هیچ وقت آدم نمی‌شه. حتما کلش از بچگی‌ بوی غورمه سبزی میداد. 

اصلا قربون تریتا چلبی (ببخشید پارسی‌) که با همه از سلطان خامنه‌ای تا سیا میسازه،  پاسپورت آمریکایی‌، ایرانی‌ و سوئدی هم داره، حقوق از سیا هم میگیره. خدا می‌دونه، شاید یک حق و حساب  از ولی‌ فقیه هم میگیره! خدا سایه تریتا جون و کالت (به بخشید سازمان) نیاک و بلاگ‌های پر شورشان  در رو از سر ملت ایران کم نکنه. 


Did anybody actually watch this?

by fidelio5 on

Around 19:30 an incredible claim was made about what goes on (or doesn't) in Iranian prisons.

I personally think the MEK is scum, there was quite an irresponsible claim made by a former MEK at 19:30 that I just find hard to believe.

Anyway, if the MEK gets removed from the terror it will be done by the hero of most of the liberals on this site not by Neo Cons. Thouigh their hands are not clean by any means

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Bavafa, you do have a good point

by Anahid Hojjati on

MEK does have a history of betraying Iran.


Anahid jaan and APFSM : Precisely my point

by Bavafa on

One that I have raised and is worth examining, from all other opposition groups, (i.e. RP, JM, etc) who have far greater support within Iranian people, why Neocons/AIPAC choose to prop up & promote this cult, if their intention was remotely favorable towards Iran and Iranian?

Could it be that they were not willing to sign up to betray Iran as MEK has a well documented history of just doing that?

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Anahid Hojjati

amirparviz, who knows if it is

by Anahid Hojjati on

Love or friendship between MKO and others. Minimum, there must be friendship. It is clear to me. Isn't it to you? I have to take a chill pill when I read about MKO, LOL.


My Bad,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Was just looking online, UK delisted them too.

So it's just USA.



Well, that is the thing Fred...

by Bavafa on

Not every one here is an opportunist or into spreading propaganda. Some of us do have honor and principals to hold ourselves in check. But you carry on, the effectiveness of your two-blog-a-day propaganda will and ought to be your performance review.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Islamic Rapists of Iran. LOL

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Situation has so much humor in it.

And the Free World EU, Israel and UK have all with the exception of the UK delisted a known terrorist organizaton and are encouraging the USA to do the same. LOL.

You really can't create comedy like this.

Freedom, Justice, Democracy, ha, ha, ha, ha please stop you are literally killing us.  Funny Situation.  Is this change we can believe in?  Can we?  Yes we can! After supporting Khomeini, the play continue.  LOL.

And isn't even given 15 minutes.

There's no friendship among Mother$%^&ers.  Where's the Love?  LOL.



Islamist Palestinian crop dusters

by Fred on

The Islamist Palestinian crop dusters should take advantage of the site’s policy and counter the “two-blog-a-day propaganda” against the Islamist Rapist Republic and write their pro-Islamist Rapists and anti-Semite opinions.


A simple question

by AMIR1973 on

If Maziar Bahari states, as he has, that "MEK sympathizers" helped spark the violence in the 2009 protests in Iran, does he need to show what credible evidence he has that the people so accused:

A) In fact, helped spark the violence

B) In fact, were "MEK sympathizers"



by Rastgoo on

I am and have always been a NIAC supporter.  However, recently I'm beginning to suspect why they are so anti-MKO?  I just don't get it.  Why the venom and the vehemence?  I'm begining to think that the NIAC detractors about its ties to the IRI may be true.  Otherwise, why should NIAC care so much about the MKO being delisted from the state department terrorist list?  I am a solid green movement supporter and I don't think delisted MKO from the list causes any damage whatsoever to the green movement.  It sounds like smoke by regime supporters who have always been contending with the MKO.  BTW:  I don't approve of MKO's leadership either but I do think that their rank and file are patriotic Iranians who should be respected for giving their lives away for the sake of the Iranian people's freedom from this despotic regime.


Afshin jaan:No one can discredit a person better then one's self

by Bavafa on

Fred's attempt to discredit this documentary and bring other groups into discussion is possibly due to the fact that he did not bother to look at the content or the producer in a rush to set the tone for a different discussion. His comments as here or the two-blog-a-day propaganda often times consist of similar posturing.

As for Maziar Bahari ideology, past/present history and allegiance it has been well established and publicized. And so is the MEK ideology, past history and allegianceS has also been well established and publicized.

MEK, a cult with Islamic ideology and ever shifting allegianceS that revolves around the leadership of this cult with no regards for any human life, dignity or principals.

This is a great documentary that has been made very professionally with focus on some of the real victim of this cult, the members.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by ghalam-doon on

Please repeat after me 100 times:

NIAC is BAD, very BAD, very very BAD.

But what does that have to do with this cult? Every time there is a documentary about this very dangerous cult, we hear the same song.

I think there is a reason for it. They want to divert the attention and get people talking about something totally unrelated to this cult.