Pop Concert During Ramazan

First public music event during Muslim holy month



Twenty years ago at a Shahid's funeral.

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We go nowhere with labeling all Iranians who live inside Iran as IRI agents.

We have to be honest with ourselves.  If we enjoy the music, we should acknowledge.  Is this our Persian pride to oppose the entertianment since Iranians in Iran enjoy the show and the music.  Why don't we embrace such a change in Ramadan?  20 years ago I was walking / passing a Shahid's funeral when I was beaten to death because I wore Jeans and short sleeve T-shirt (dark color).


Dopey song

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what a dopey song! and yes the singer does look like Sepahi.


I bet these monkees have a

by afshin on

I bet these monkees have a day job in sepah or basij.