Veil - No Veil

The Second Coming of French Colonization, by Naim Farhat

"During the nineteeth century the western world had divided North Africa and the Middle East among themselves. When the western powers divided the Middle East, the French colonized North Africa and the Levantine countries. During that period, the French as colonizors looked down on the North Africans as primitive, uncivilized easy to control and exploit. The young girls and young women were exploited through their art..." >>>

Veil or No Veil ? from Farhat Art Museum on Vimeo.


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Tiger Lily

"A Woman's Body Belongs to Herself" , what rubbish

by Tiger Lily on

at the moment, if I lived in certain states within the EU, my kidneys, liver and other bits belong to the state.Go figure!


Art Museum

by BoosBoos on

Anything posted under an "Art Museum" exception often gets a pass (not just on this site but in the world)... I wonder what would happen if I made a video of Catholic priests showing their weeners to music from the gospel ... not saying I'm going to ... but I'm wondering if it would get posted.    

 By the way did you know that nude portraits were the pornography of the day?  That's exactly what they were used for.   



by Tabarzin on

No problem with what you said. But let's hear from the ladies. I asked an important question re: this video. How are the images in this video not objectifying the female body? Are the images in this video not in fact perpetuating a narrative of patriarchy?



What Faramarz said

by Reality-Bites on

Speaks for me too..............(although Rahmanian made a damn going point too :) ).

Also, some very salient points made by Arj., regarding the dinstinction between "dress codes" and "face masks".


Red wine aziz

by onlyinamrica on

who is the singer?


Mask vs Hejab

by Arj on

Dear BoosBoos, I believe you've based your argument on totally misguided premises. For one thing, I specifically distinguished between a mask (aka Neghab that has nothing to due with Islamic Hejab) and the head scarf and long dress that are worn by Moslim women in most European countries. Please enlighten me, In what religion is a face covering mask a part of dress code?!

Secondly, nowhere is France is a dress code enforced. What does banning the wearing of a face mask have to do with dress codes? Are you that out of touch with realities of today's world as to equate wearing a wig or eccentric clothing with wearing a face mask in public?! If you are, then Irest my case!


Hejab Ban vs. Government Dress Codes

by BoosBoos on

"by Arj on it has more to do with breaking the social norms of a civilized society than human rights!" ------------------- 1. Problem is that Freedom of Religion is a human right (Is the government going to tell the Amish not to wear their religious clothing also?  Some Jewish women wear wigs ... should it be considered a "disguise"? ... there's a lot to think about here.)   2.  If clothing isn't a per se human rights category, then Muslim governments can also legislate "social norms of a civilized society" (according to local standards) and make people wear certain outfits.     3.  My employer forbids me from dressing as a pirate when I go to work - reasonable?     ------------------ The trouble is where to strike the balance and why; and how to make sure that competing rights and interests are protected; and to make sure that laws aren't pretexts for discrimination.      *  I'm not offering any views here, just noting the problem.   


Veil vs Hejab

by Arj on

The source of the confusion seems to stem from the alternate English translation of hejab as 'veil.' Hejab in France is not necessarily frowned upon (except debatable instances in rare cases) as head scarf and long dresses. What is objected to is wearing the mask, be it as an arbitrary form of hejab or otherwise. 

I personally, due to chronic sinusitis, have to wear a ski mask when skiing in sub-zero temperatures. But if decided to enter a bank or a government office in most European countries wearing that ski-mask, chances are I'd be raising a few eyebrows. Not to mention those of the alarmed security staff! Hence, it has more to do with breaking the social norms of a civilized society than human rights!

And about the pictures in the footage, there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary and no evidence of exploitation in them. The women in the pictures appear calm and don't seem to be forced into anything involuntary. Perhaps the fact that these Moslem and/or North African women have been photographed by a non-Moslim person has given the author the impression of exploitaition and coersion. Otherwise, there are tonnes and tonnes of European women (and men) photographed in nude by Europeans themselves!

maziar 58

vol halleh

by maziar 58 on

bil halak .

letter by letter meaning" khosh geli ba eth halakat ast.

Beautiful voice and cries from another women(lady) opperessed by her surrounding.

Thanks mehrdad for posting this.

veil or no viel the women are still women; A beautiful thing created by the sup....


G. Rahmanian

Boycotting French Products!

by G. Rahmanian on

Are you guys out of your minds? Do you want to leave all those underage French beauties for Roman Polanski?

G. Rahmanian

My Dear Faramarz,

by G. Rahmanian on

I got your message the first time! I was only pulling your leg.


Pashmaloo, From One Gorbeh to Another!

by Faramarz on


Gato Pashmaloo,

You never own a woman's body, never! And those women who tell you that you can own their bodies forever, will make you pay a very high price for it!

Go for the ones that would let you lease it for a few days or a few months and that's the best deal!

Don't get used to it, it is addictive! Move on to the next challenge!

Ari Siletz

I see, Souri

by Ari Siletz on

Misunderstood you, and quite simply agree regarding what belongs to whom.

Back to humor mode though, some of the images in this video do expose both sides of this complex issue.

nasrin noor

I touch myself....!

by nasrin noor on

Red Wine


by Red Wine on


gorbeh pashmalo

Dear Faramarz: Being well-versed in women's body...

by gorbeh pashmalo on

Being well-versed in women's body could you please further explain, elaborate, describe, and depict what parts of the body a man can play & enjoy?

Of course, you should adhere to the bounds and rules of the site.


I know

by Souri on

I've got the message but not exactly in the same way that you got it (and not exactly the opposite)

As redwine said, this is a more complex issue, and the message should be read in its own context.

But at the end, you will conclude that it wants to say : A woman's body belongs to herself (not to be exploited by the fashion designer nor to be told by anybody else what to wear)


Uncle G.

by Faramarz on

That's the essence of my argument!

When a woman tells you that her body is yours, that means that your body and her body are there for mutual enjoyment and all those other fun things that I have heard about.

It doesn't mean that you own hers or she does yours!

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I'm not making up the message; it's actually posted under the video where I linked in my comment. After viewing the video I surmised that the filmmaker wasn't arguing against the veil. I checked, and found that to be the case.

As for boycotting French products, I would never give up Impressionism for Hejabism.


Oon Yaroo

G. Rahmanian: It....

by Oon Yaroo on



I looooove the music, its so great

by Bavafa on


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


G. Rahmanian

A Woman's Body Belongs to Herself!

by G. Rahmanian on

That is philosophically speaking, of course. There have been women in my life who told me, "I'm all yours!" Were they lying to me?

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Ari for the idea. but I will do baraks

by Anahid Hojjati on

i will buy more french products starting with french fries .


Ari jon? baz shrou kardi?

by Souri on

People might take you in serious! Your satires are so witty that one can easily take it  in serious  !

Az Faramrz said, the message is this one:

A woman's body belongs only to herself!

nothing more, nothing less :)


A Woman's Body Belongs to Herself

by Faramarz on

Not to her father, her brother or her husband.

And once the Muslims understand and accept that, we will be well on our way to the enlightenment!

G. Rahmanian

DK Jaan!

by G. Rahmanian on

I loved the "Beirut Duty Free" video!

Ari Siletz

The video's message

by Ari Siletz on

Posted by Farhat  Art below Viemo video:

"... one must encourage not only the women of the Middle East
but all women of the world to reject and contest to France's violation
of basic human rights on what to wear, when to wear and how to wear is
dictated to them. To contest this mandate, all women should stop wearing
French Designer clothing, French Perfume and using any other French
products. "

G. Rahmanian

Beautiful Women & Great Music!

by G. Rahmanian on

Beautiful Women & Great Music!


Fool Me twice...

by Tabarzin on

Well said.

Can someone explain to me why a woman's naked body becomes a basis for a battlefield of a cultural and political war between the apparently enlightened West against the ostensibly backward East? These are false binaries to begin with and plenty of Feminist theorists would look at this video and say it is propagating Patriarchy in its own right by objectifying the female body as an instrument of its warped binary definitions and kulturkampf against the Islamic world, ergo Edward Sa'id's Orientalism. 

Fool Me twice...

Ridiculous& ignorant Display

by Fool Me twice... on

it is absolutely ludicrous to make a conclusion in which if women are not coverd they'd be naked? wtf!? and while we are at it, why would any woman living in Europe or US be defending this. The bottom line is WHY would one section of the population be clothed according to the other's orders? those whom benefit from this directly and/or indirectly will always try to spin the truth.

 women must be allowed to cloth themselves as they please, they should not be punished for demanding their rights.

... and anybody whom is "disturbed" by seeing a woman w/out hejaab, i have bad news for you my friend, you are the problem&you have some serious issues to resolve...

cheshm e khod raa darvish kon...morgh hamsaaye raa ghaaz nazan.

yaa hagh.