Iran's Pharaoh Must Go


بیانیه جدید آقای موسوی را مشاهده فرمودید؟ ایشان فرمودند که فراعنه زمانی‌ صدای ملت را میشنوند که دیگر دیر شده است.

Los Angeles Times -- Iranian opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi issued a strong statement of support Saturday for the Tunisian revolution that ousted longtime strongman Zine el Abidine ben Ali and the ongoing uprising against Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak, linking the ongoing struggles for freedom in the Arab world to popular revolt against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009. "The Middle East is bracing for big events likely to influence the fate of the region and its nations and even the world," he said in a Persian-language statement posted to his website "What is underway is aimed at changing the tyrannical order gripping a large number of nations in the region and doubtlessly, whatever we are witnessing in the streets of Tunis, Sana, Cairo, Alexandria and Suez take their origins from the millions-strong protests in Tehran in June 2009." The statement followed what many critics have described as mendacious and cynical attempts by Iran's hard-line Islamist rulers, including Ahmadinejad, to describe the upheavals throughout the Arab world as Islamic uprisings, contrary to the reality on the ground. >>>

01/29/2011 - 15:00


Khamenei Shahanshahe Bozorg Hast

by Shutruk on


Khamenei is the king of kings amongst Muslims. The IRI is the New Persian Emprire that rules over Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey...and now Egypt.


Mousavi is an ass hole!

by ihateiri on

Mousavi is one of them! If he wasn't, he would be dead or in jail. He fooled the Iranian people! The regime almost collapsed, millions were out in the streets and Mousavi dropped the ball. The Egyptians know that they have this one chance in a million to get things right! I wish them the best, God bless them and God curse the false mullahs and bassiji thugs and pasdar pimps! Lets see how tough they are when the next big uprising comes and the demonstrators use fire arms. Remember, the Pasdars couldn't do shit against Saddams second class, under read and under washed army! Get real y'all they want to wipe Iran off the face of the world.

David ET

Tunis and Egypt are

by David ET on

are clear proof that the reason for Iranian failure all along have been subsription to the ideas of those like Khatami and Mousavi ....


Tormoz dasti haye regime 




by Doctor mohandes on

Talking Behind others back shall deprive you of earthly pleasures forever!!

Be forwarned My dear friend...

Women usually don't dig that :)(how is buisness by the way?)

Mash Ghasem

گشتم ملول ز فرعون و ظلم او

Mash Ghasem

آن نور و تور و موسی  عمرانم  آرزوست


chera kareh mardoomeh iran sakht tareh ....

by pedramx on

vaghti fekr mikoni dari az namayandeh khoda defa mikoni ba vojdanet hich moshkeli nadari vaghti bi khoda ha ro ghatlo aam mikoni... vali vaghti vaseh kasi mesleh Mubarak ya shah ya ben ali mikhahi too khiaboon ha be tarafeh mardoom shelik koni  vojdanet mitooneh jolooyeh to ro begireh va be khatereh on "yk shakhs" mardoometo nakooshi... kareh mardoomeh iran khaili moshkeleh choon vaghti tarafdar hayeh hookoomat ba mardoom taraf hastan choon az eteghadateh mazhabishoon va namayandeh khoda defa mikonan vojdaneshon roo zireh pa mizaran va rahat mardoomo be khako khoon mikeshan.






Jonny Dollar

The reason Iran didn't win: We had no outside the regmie leader!

by Jonny Dollar on

Mousavi was part of the regime and in a way still had been, so he didn't want to question the core problem with iran's rule: Velayateh Faghih!" We need a leader from outside the regime, and that is hard to find before he gets assassinated. Even Khomeini was outside the Shah's regime.

"In the end, a man's life is measured not by what he has but by what he has given!"


Just a quick note

by Vattan on

Today I was just thinking how quick and clear people of Egypt and Tunisa spoken and how effective they made their move.

I guess the reason we did not win the last uprising in iran because people in Iran did not clearly requested from Iranian Regiem to go a way. we need to let all the lelement of Islamic Republic know that we had it enough and the time for change. BIG NO To ISLAMIC REPUBLIC!!!!


Misery loves company

by comrade on

I'm just wondeing if our monarchist friends hold a secret desire for Mubarak's defeat against his people...

A beautiful conceptual piece, dear Red Wine. Very good, indeed...

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Poor Pharaoh

by divaneh on

Why do you give a bad name to Pharaohs? Compare to these guys they were human rights campaigners.


فرعون و اهرام ثلاثه جمهوری اسلامی!



فرعون در فیلم سه ناقلا در قاهره با شرکت  موسوی، کروبی و خاتمی! 



by MM on


Azadeh Azad

Great photo-montage :-)

by Azadeh Azad on

Thanks, dear RW.