"Islamic Middle East" taking shape

Tehran Friday Prayer Leader praises popular uprisings in Middle East

Press TV: Senior Iranian cleric Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami has praised the recent popular uprisings in the Arab world, saying they herald the creation of “an Islamic Middle East.” The leader of Tehran's interim Friday Prayers was referring to the recent historic revolution in Tunisia and massive protests in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen. "Incidents that are happening in the Middle East and the Arab world should not be regarded simply," he told worshippers on Friday. "To those who do not see the realities I clarify that an Islamic Middle East is being created based on Islam, religion, and democracy with prevailing religious principals," Ayatollah Khatami was quoted as saying by IRNA >>>


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That's what you get

by Cost-of-Progress on

for reading "stuff" posted by aabji niloufar arabi. Calling hezbollah or muslim brotherhood or simialr cult-like groups "democratic" is thumbing your nose at anything that remotely resembles true democracy - and decency.

Ignore these apologists.

This "chick" is probably a thick mostached thug sitting in some government buidling in Tehran.





Niloufar Parsi

by Delavar1 on

Niloufar Parsi says : "many islamic groups such as egypt's muslim brotherhood and lebanon's hezbollah are quite democratic"

Hezbollah is a a terrorist organization whether in Iran or Lebanon. Since when raping, murder, stonings of political prisoners in Iran is considered democratic? Since when hijacking passenger planes is democratic? Since when suicide bombings , bombings, killing innocent civilians , killing the Lebaneses as well as foreigners is considered democratic? Since when killing singers(farrokhzad) in Germany is democratic? Since when killing the members of Kurdish group in Mikonus Germany is democratic? Since when bombing of the Jewish center full of women and Children in Argentina is democratic? There is still a warrant for Rafsanjani to be arrested if he steps foot anywhere in the world.  was killing of Forouhars in Iran democratic? Was executing over 20,000 political prisoners mostly communits and Liberals in 1988 in Gohardasht prison in Iran democratic to you?

Mughniyeh of Hezbollah for example was considered a democrat to you? The guy was accused of everything from bombing the U.S. embassy and U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut to the kidnappings of American journalists, academics. He also arranged the Hijacking ofan airliner I believe in 1980 or 1981. More recently,  Mughniyeh even collaborated with Bin Laden.

What a shame.


  A majority of

by vildemose on


A majority of Egyptians in Cairo want the following:

"1) Pro-secula­­r freedom and tolerance of others. This includes Coptic Christians that have been supporting our effort. 2) We want a Constituti­­onal Democracy. 3) We want to exile Mubarak and his family. There is no compromise on this priority issue from our people. 4) No more dictators regardless of their name, rank, or popularity­­!
5) No hard-line theocracy! Especially no "Muslim Brotherhoo­­d" thugs that would crackdown worse than this regime has ever done for human rights.



Why Iran 1979 Went to the

by vildemose on

Why Iran 1979 Went to the Islamists and This One Won't


این حرامزاده عجب رویی دارد


تمام اعضای این رژیم آخوندی از بالا تا پایین دیکتاتورهستند و حالا این شارلاتان به مردم مصر میگوید  به حرکت ضد دیکتاتوری خود ادامه دهید. در این روزها واقعا جای تظاهرات جوانان و دانشجویان ایرانی خالی است. ایکاش در سایت بالاترین و فیس بوک و تویتر دعوت به تضاهرات در داخل ایران نیز شروع می شد. زندانیان سیاسی چشم براه حرکت ما هستند


Interestin­g that, with 4

by vildemose on

Interestin­g that, with 4 times as many guns in the hands of the citizens as that of the police, there hasn't been an armed revolution­. I think the Egyptian are much more enlightned and savvy than us Iranians.

Immortal Guard

Bruce Willis in a new Cleaopatra movie!

by Immortal Guard on

Doctor Mohandes Jaan Holywood should make a new movie about Cleaopatra with Bruce Willis in it!

That might quell the protests in Egypt!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خانم پارسی از اینکه مطلب را روشن فرمودید سپاسگزاریم.

به امید پیروزی حق بر باطل،چه در مصر و چه در ایران.


Niloufar Parsi

شراب سرخ

Niloufar Parsi

همان کامنتهایی که جوابشان را نوشتم. شما جزیی از اینان نبودی و شاید به خاطر همین متوجه نشدید

شما هم اخر هفته خوبی داشته باشید.



The only "freaks" here are die-hard apologists for mullah thugs

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

(i.e.: Abji Medusa & Co.) it seems with the onset of economic hardtimes  it's really difficult  for them to find another job and vocation, but whatever the state of economy, all these shameless apologists for murdering, rapists, torturing mullahs need to look up another source of income, cause "post-Islamic" times are here.

What we have witnessed in Iran is the past three decades was a bloody murderous domination of "political-islam" and according to Prof. Bayat "post_islamic" era is on its way. Read the entire interview below in Persian.


As an indication of thoughtless, thugishness, and all arouund obtuseness of  these apologists for murderers in Iran  , please note how they can't even understand something as basic and simple as the difference between Islam and political-Islam.

Since today Saturday January 29th is a day of coordinated world wide Action Against Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran, I humbly urge all people reading this site to particiapte in any city they may be, Let's Free All Political Prisoners in Iran, thank you.


لیست تظاهرات ها و آکسیونهای شنبه 29 ژانویه روز جهانی دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و مبارزه علیه اعدام در ایران:


٣٠ ژانویه، از
ساعت ١٢ تا ٣بعداز
" دفتر حفاظت
منافع جمهوری
اسلامی در" (ویسکانسین

تماس: ٣٠١٧٩٢٣٣٧٠
و ٢٤٠٤٧٢٩٥٦٥



٢٩ ژانویه،
ساعت ٢ تا ٤
بعدازظهر Union Square

اورنج کانتی:
جمعه ٢٨ ژانویه،
ساعت ٥ تا ٧
ارواین چهار
راه جمبوری و

on the corner of Jamboree & Barranca city of Irvine, CA

نیویورک: ٢٩
ژانویه، ساعت ٣
تا ٥
بعدازظهر، Union Square

Contact: designshrine@live.com; 631.907.4533

نیویورک: ٢٩
ژانویه، ساعت ٤
تا ٦

Times Square, between 41st & 42nd on 7th


کابل، هرات،
مزار شریف و
قندهار: ٢٩

از جزئیات این
تظاهرات ها
هنوز اطلاعی
در دست نیست.


سلیمانیه: ٢٩
ژانویه، ساعت ٢
و نیم
عمومی سلیمانه
مقابل باغ

٢٩ ژانویه،
ساعت ١ و نیم
چهار راه تیراوه،
نزدیک بیمارستان


وین: ٢٩ ژانویه،
ساعت ٣ تا ٤
بعدازظهر دربرنامه
هفتگی مادران, و
از ساعت ٤ تا ٦
راهپیمائی از
آلبرتینا تا


اسنگان: ٢٩
ژانویه، ساعت ٣

Place du 8 septembre

Contact : cgt.addsea@gmail.com


شنبه 29 ژانویه

Globus Zürich Bahnhofstrasse
ساعت برگزاری
13.00 تا 15.00

تلفن تماس:
آرش مهدی
نژاد: 0765711371

زوریخ: ٢٩
ژانویه ساعت ٢
تا ٤

vor der Kirche Stauffacherstr. 10


روز شنبه ٢٩ ژانویه در برابر امنیستی انترناشنا ل درشهر کپنهاک


فرانکفورت: ٢٩ ژانویه ٢ بعدازظهر مقابل کنسولگری جمهوری اسلامی در Raimundstraße 90

بدنبال تجمع در مقابل کنسولگری، در ساعت ٤ در مرکز شهر فرانکفورت (هاوپت واخه) نمایش فیلم و عکس

برمن: شنبه ٢٩ ژانویه، ساعت ٢ تا ٥ بعدازظهر در Marktplatz

کلن: ٢٩ ژانویه، ساعت ١ تا ٣ بعدازظهر در dom platte

هامبورگ: شنبه ٢٩
ژانویه، ساعت ١٢

Hauptbahnhof (Nord)- Glockengießerwall

تلفن تماس: ٠١٧٦٤٨٣٢٥٦١٣
و ٠١٧٢٤٠٤٤٣٢٣

مونیخ: ٢٩
ژانویه، ساعت ٤
تا ٦

Opfer des Nationalsozialismus

لایپزیک: ٢٩
ژانویه، ساعت ٢
تا ٤

Grimmaische Straße- Zentrum

٢٩ ژانویه،
ساعت ١٢ تا ٣

Kröpcke- Stadtzentrum

ژانویه، ساعت٣
تا ٤
کلیسا راینولدی


اسلو از ساعت 13 تا 14 مقابل سفارت رژیم جمهوری اسلامی و از ساعت 14:30 تا 15:30 جلوی وزارت امور خارجه نروژ

تماس: صابر رحیمی ٠٩٨٦٩٤٠٠١

دهنده: حزب
کارگری ایران،
حزب کمونیست ایران،
کمیته بین
المللی علیه


تظاهرات در میدان دانداس شهر تورنتو از ساعت 14:00 تا 16:00

ونکور: ٢٩ ژانویه، زمان : شنبه ٢٩ ژانویه٬ ساعت ٢ بعدازظهر، مقابل آرت گالرى ضلع رابسون

٢٩ ژانویه ،
ساعت ١٢ تا ٢بعدازظهر

تماس: داود
آرام ٦١٣٨٥٩٧٩٢٩


٢٩ ژانویه
ساعت ٢ تا ٤ در
میدان سرگل

تماس: ٠٧٣٧٨٠١٥١٠

بوروس: ٢٩
ژانویه ساعت ٢
تا ٤

تلفن تماس: ٠٧٣٧٥٩٨٥٦٦

یوتبوری : روز شنبه ٢٩ ژانویه ساعت 14:00 در gustav adolfs torg و از آنجا به طرف ärntorget

مالمو: ٢٩ ژانویه ساعت ١ تا ٣ بعدازظهر در Davidhallsbron


تظاهرات در هلسینکی میدان مجسمه های سه آهنگر (Kolmen Patsaan Risteys) نزدیک Stockmann ساعت 13:00 تا 15:00

لندن: شنبه ٢٩ ژانویه، ساعت ٢ تا ٤ بعدازظهر، میدان ترافالگار مقابل ناشنال گالری

Trafalgar Square, North Terrace outside the National Gallery

٢٩ ژانویه،
ساعت ١١ صبح
تا ١٢ و نیم در
مقابل بی بی سی
بخش فارسی

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, W1A 1AA

گلاسگو: شنبه ٢٩
ژانویه، ساعت ٢

Buchanan Street


دنهاخ: جمعه ٢٨ ژانویه، ساعت ٣ تا ٥ بعدازظهر مقابل پارلمان هلند




Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خانم پارسی،منظورتان کدام کامنت هست ؟ مسائلی‌ را مطرح نمودید که سخت تعجب زده شدیم، میشود بیشتر توضیح دهید تا ما هم روشن شویم و از تاریکی جهل نجات یابیم ؟ متشکریم.

آخر هفته خوبی‌ داشته باشید.


David ET

To the Imam Jomeh Khatami

by David ET on

Shut The F&@k up

Niloufar Parsi

this is

by Niloufar Parsi on

a disaster for the west and israel, and a major boost for iran and turkey's positions in the region, regardless of who replaces mubarak or even if he stays in power.

it's unlikely for an islamic regime to be put in place in egypt or elsewhere among the secular dictatorships, but something closer to the turkish model would be more feasible.

have to say, many of the comments on this blog read like a typical american freak show on i.com....

the whole world is Not on fire! instability in the middle east does not signal the world falling apart. rather sadly, it is quite 'normal'!

the 'rise' of islam (as if it were dead before) does not necessarily constitute a threat to life and liberty - at least no more than pro-western 'democracies' in the region. many islamic groups such as egypt's muslim brotherhood and lebanon's hezbollah are quite democratic while several close allies of the west are fascistic.

despite a number of murderous attacks against soft civilian targets here and there, jihadists are in fact in retreat. they do not enjoy popular support anywhere, not even in saudi arabi (their main source) or afghanistan (their strongest presence), and their tactics are seen as counter-productive.

the islamic republic's alleged 'terrorist style' is totally amteurish compared to the american and zionist republics' terrorism and policies of collective punishment and illegal invasions - both of which are war crimes under the geneva convention.

IG: on the oil price, the depression in usa is keeping the global price down because of lower demand. the reason why the price of oil is creeping up all the time now has nothing to do with usa or the west in general. it is because of rising demand among fast growing economies in asia, africa and latin america. the world economy would be described as 'booming' were it not for the west's poor performance dragging it down so much.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

شمیران،پاریس،مادرید و اینک قاهره..هر جا که دل‌ بازی،هر جا که عاشق شوی،هر جا که مهر مردم به دلت افتد و خوشی بر ماتم غلبه کند... آنجا خانه تو،خانه من..خانه ما است .

سلام به دوستان عزیز،به آنان که همچو من دلتنگ ایرانند و دلباخته مردم مهربانش ، مصر هنوز نا آرام است .

مبارک در آخرین ساعت دیشب در تلویزیون اعلام کرد که استعفا نخواهد داد اما دولت جدیدی تشکیل خواهد داد و حرفهای مفت دیگر ! تراس و وحشت در صورتش دیده میشد،به خصوص که زمانی‌ حاضر شد که وقتی‌ رئیس بخش مطبوعات کاخ سفید حرفهایش را تمام کرد،مرحبا بر این نوکر که والله از این بهتر نمیتوانست نوکری کند.

بسیاری از شاهزادگان سعودی و اماراتی مملکت را ظرف این ۴۸ ساعت ترک کرده و به ریاض رفته اند (از قاهره تا به ریاض با هواپیما ۵۰ -۷۰ دقیقه !)، سفارت خانه ها،مراکز خارجیان و غیره بسته هستند و دولتهای مهم اروپایی هنوز صحبت خاصی‌ نکرده اند، آقای اوباما و خانم کلینتون تنها سفارش کرده اند که مصر تغییر رویه دهد و حرفی‌ مبنی بر مسائل حسنی مبارک نزدند ! بعید میدانم از آسیاب این یانکیها آب گرم شود !

خوشبختانه دیشب با دو نفر از دوستانم که در قاهره هستند صحبت کردم،ترس و وحشت بیش از این صحبت هاست و خود مردم وحشت دارند که ارتش دستور شلیک را جدی گیرد و مبارک فرمان قتل عام دهد.تا به حال به خاطر خود مردم بسیاری از قبایل مصری،حاشیه نشینان..تا به سرحدات سودان و صحرای سینا از اسلحه کشیدن خود داری کردند اما شب گذشته اعلام کردند که کلاشینکف‌ها را در خواهند آورد اگر مبارک نرود !

پیش بینی‌ میشد که اخوان المسلمین این حرکت را جدی‌تر گیرد،اما به ئلات بازداشت بودن روسای این حزب..تا به حال حرکتی‌ خاص از اینان دیده نشده است.۲۰ نفر دیگر از ایشان دستگیر شده اند.

بسیاری از مطبوعات..به خصوص فرانسوی زبان و اسپنیولی زبان خبر از شهادت (جاودانه شدند) بیش از ۵۰ نفر را داده اند،ارتش تلویزیون،مراکز احزاب و نقاط اصلی‌ را فعلا در دست دارد.مردم شجاعانه شب گذشته به خیابان‌ها آمدند و حکومت نظامی مبارک را به تمسخر کشاندند.

اسکندریه ۲۳ شهید داده است،پزشکان وحشت دارند رقم زخمیان را اعلام کنند چون مأمورین امنیتی بدون توجه به اینکه تا چه قدر زخمی هستند..آنها را با خود میبرند،این در قرن ۲۱ اتفاق می‌افتد ! باور کردنی نیست !

حرکت جالبی‌ که صبح امروز اتفاق افتاد این بود که مردم به چند پاسگاه حمله کرده و تعدادی از بازداشتیها را آزاد کردند،پلیس‌هایی‌ بودند که به اینان کمک کردند و خدا حفظشان کند.

مردم همچنان در صحنه حضور دارند و میدان تحریر (در زبان عربی‌ تحریر به معنای آزادی است.) را هنوز در تصرف خود دارند.ترس از هلی کوپتر،تانک و مسلسل ارتش در میان جوانان مصری معنا ندارد .

ساعت ۱۰.۴۰ صبح به وقت پاریس عصر،قاهره یک ساعت جلوتر است.

فعلا تا بعد !




by asadabad on




by pedramx on

Baba roo ke nist sangeh pa ghazvineh !!!!!!!!!! ajab rooee daran in hazarat...





by vildemose on

Jonny Dollar

Where is Sargord? Was he kicked out? IRI is making up 4 him!

by Jonny Dollar on

Now that we need him he is not here, or is he dressed as something else. It is true that this if it goes all the way, it would be a disaster for Israel. Of course, it would be good for IRI regardless of being islamic (hope not) or secular regime since none would like to be pushed by Israel/US, since IRI's main enemies are the ones who direct those dictators against Iran.

This is going to prove to you what we have been saying all along - You cannot hate your neighbors and be hated in your neighborhood for too long. Eventually, your days would be numbered. Israel/US policy is based on supporting the dictators and that eventually would come back to hunt them. US realizing that, that's why now it is now publicly supporting the people for the fear of what would come next. Planning for after Mubarak!

I just hope it doesn't become islamic, replacing one dictatoship with a much worse one. 

"In the end, a man's life is measured not by what he has but by what he has given!"


the only way

by asadabad on

That people in the Middle East will support a 1979 islamic revolution-style uprising is if everyone from morocco to oman had a major lobotomy.  Even then, they probably still wouldn't support that type of "revolution".  You shouldn't call the incidents of 1979 a revolution.  you are giving too much credit to khomeini, khamenei and rafsanjani.  You should refer to it as the 1979 reverse evolutionay incident.  For the first time in history it happened in 1979!

Mash Ghasem

حاج آقا خواب دیدی خیر باشه!

Mash Ghasem

برای اطلاع از تحولات منطقه، از زبان یک استاد صاحب نظر در این مورد، نگاهی کنید به این مصاحبه با دکتر آصف بیات.

جنبش و ضد جنبش در خاورمیانه
نادر مرزبان در گفتگو با آصف بیات

آقای دکتر شما از مفهوم "پسا اسلام گرایی" برای تشریح جریان روشنفکری دینی در کشورهای اسلامی منطقه استفاده می کنید و معتقدید که پسا اسلام گرایان می توانند ظرفیت لازم را برای سازگاری دموکراسی و اسلام فراهم آورند. در حال حاضر تا چه حد زمینه را برای غالب شدن گفتمان پسا اسلام گرایی در کشورهای منطقه مناسب می دانید؟

به نظر من دنیای اسلام دارد وارد شرایط "پسا اسلام گرایی" می شود. البته این به معنی پایان اسلام گرایی نیست. اسلام گرایی در جوامعی که هنوز تجربه ای نداشته می تواند طرفدار داشته باشد ولی جنبش های اسلام گرایی مثلا در ترکیه، مراکش ، اندونزی، لبنان، سودان و حتی مصر در مواضع ایدئولوژیک خودشان تجدید نظر می کنند. ایدئولوگ ها و رهبران و اعضا همواره در حال بحث و جدل هستند. در درون اخوال المسلمین بحث های جدی در جریان است. در واقع حزب "الوسط"، یک جریان پسا اسلام گرا در درون اخوان المسلیمن مصر برآورد. این حزب معتقد به کثرت گرایی، دموکراسی، نقش بارز زنان در عرصه های عمومی و حمایت از اقلیت های مذهبی نظیر قبطی های مسیحی است. یکی از رهبران این حزب "اسلامی" یک مسیحی قبطی به اسم "رفیق حبیب" است.

منبع اولیه تفکر "پسا اسلام گرایی" جدید در واقع جمهوری اسلامی است. شکست پروژه اسلام گرایی در ایران پس از انقلاب برای تحقق حقوق شهروندی، آزادی های اساسی، حقوق بشر و یک زندگی شرافتمدانه برای اکثریت مردم بسیاری از ایرانیان را به سوی دیدگاه "پسا اسلام گرایی" سوق داده که در آن دین محترم است، معتقدین آزادانه عمل می کنند ولی دولت را در اختیار دولتیان منتخب مردم از راه های دموکراتیک و آزاد وامی گذارند.


Friday, January 28,

by vildemose on

Friday, January 28, 2011 Dumb clerics in Iran Cleric Ahmad Khatemi is as dumb as his boss, Ahmadinajad.  He said in a Friday sermon that the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt are part of the "reverberations" of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.  Tell that dude that there was not one Islamic or Islamic slogan in Tunisia or Egypt or Yemen.  Keep on dreaming.


Genie is out

by samak on

People of ME are finally finding the right venue for change. No matter what happens tomorrow, the Genie is out of the box. As was the case in Iran. True, the reformists did not get what they demanded, but who is to say, Iran is the same as what it was two years ago. The seed of change is planted.


Dear Rea: " I come from a country with a poor WW2 record"

by Bavafa on

So I would hope and imagine that you would be far more sensitive and vigilant about preventing similar type crimes and inhumanity that so catastrophically took place in your country.

Or (if I can use this as a metaphor) would be more fair to do as some referee of a game does. When they realized they made a wrong and unjust call, they try to make it up by making another wrong and unjust call but against the other opposite team



Delavar aziz: : "The Jihadists have been on the rise"

by Bavafa on

This is certainly true, including in this very country (USA) as some  believe those such as Tea Party are a Christians version of Jihadist or Jihadist-want-to-be.

But if we are going to judge based on the number of those killed and murdered, specially if we are willing to go as far back as 1400 years ago that you are suggesting, it has certainly far more been killed by the non-Muslims then otherwise. Consider just WWII or how many were murdered by the Serbs just a decade or so ago.

Of course we also should not forget about those who have been killed directly and indirectly as a result of policies by oppressive regimes and their masterminds. You see Jihadist are just trying to mimic and reciprocate against those who they are fighting which of course must be prevented at all cost. At the same time, we should not forget about those crimes that are being committed in the name of fighting Jihadist, much like the one that is being conducted against Palestinians particularly in Gaza.





by Rea on

Moubarak, it's time to go. However, it's not Tunisia, he's got a powerful army behind him. Two very different countries.

As for Israel and Jews, I come from a country with a poor WW2 record. So, yes, I'm rather fussy about it.



by Delavar1 on

"I don't give a hoot what religion they want to practice as long as governors is separate from their religion ."

Excellent point.

However I think The whole world is unfortunately on fire.  The Jihadists have been on the rise.

Algeria is wracked by bitter fighting between Islamic  Fundamentalists and the military. Death toll, 100,000 over a ten year period! Nigeria is in the midst of a war in which Jihadists are Murdering Muslims and Christians alike and burning down their churches. In Egypt Fundamentalism is on the rise. Recently there was a terrorist attack against the copts. In Kenya the Islamic Party has declared Holy War on the government.  In Turkey the secular Muslim government is being challenged by the militant Refah Islamic Party.  A civil war rages in the Sudan between Muslims in the north against the Christians in the south. Sudan's militant Islamist regime is Slautering those who refuse to convert to Islam. In recent years, more than two million Sudanese have been killed out of a population of 35 million as its government used bombings and famine in its war on its own people.  

 Russia is on Fire. The Islamist terrorists attacked the airport yesterday and killed scores of innocents. 

Israel is on fire. They have been dealing with the threat of Hamas , Islamic Jihad and the Islamic Republic's backed Hezolah for years

Ten thousand Lebanese Christians were massacred in 1860s, while over 100,000 were killed in the Lebanese civil war of 1975-1990. Thousands of women were raped. Damour was once a thriving Christian Lebanese village until 500 (primarily young boys) were massacred and its population was expelled.  This sort of violence and intolerance symbolizes treatment of Christians by Jihadists in the Middle East. Why have two million Christians fled the Middle East in the last twenty years?

 Uighur Muslim separatist terrorists are active in Western China's Xinjiang Province.  The Philippines is nearly 95% Catholic/Christian yet the Islamist terrorist rebel group called Abu Sayyaf(“Bearer of the Sword")  have aligned with bin Laden's al Qaeda and want their own independent Islamic Nation. Kidnapping for ransom is so common here that the Philippines has often been described as the kidnapping capital of the world!  War rages between Indonesian Islamists and the Christians in East Timor. Malaysia is a time-bomb ready to explode between Jihadists and the minority Chinese and Indian populations. 

Iraq is on fire. Every day scores aof innocents are being killed by suicide bombings.

India is on fire. The new Islamist terrorists are not so much preoccupied with the "liberation" of Kashmir from India, their objective is a wider jihad aimed at changing India into an Islamic State. Yes, the Hindus in India have even been  burnt alive for being Hindus.

Iran is on fire. Muslims and non muslims alike have been stoned to death, raped and executed by the terrorist Islamist regime in Iran. Bahaies have been executed on very large numbers. Communists and MKO supporters have been executed in unbelievable massive numbers.

The list goes on.

Did you know that over the last 1400 years, 270 million innocent human beings were murdered by Jihadists similar to the ones in the Republic of Islam in Iran today?


Rea: No...

by Bavafa on

but perhaps they can do that after they push Mobarak "out to the sea" :)

Just out of curiosity, should I take your comment as a way of support for the [criminal] regimes and if so, do you feel the same way about the "Islamist IRI" and it was a mere accident to single out the Zionist regime and assume by adding the "push to the sea" to it?

God forbid any one say any thing about the Zionist, the sacred entity.


Immortal Guard

Because of the unrest in Egypt the oil price rises again!

by Immortal Guard on

Because most of the oil is transported through the Suez Canal the unrest in Egypt has caused the oil price to rise again.

Well the long recession in the US has been another reason the oil price has managed to stay high even after the departure of the Republicans who are known as militaristic oil suckers!

For Iran this must have been a boon to the Iranian economy!



by Rea on

And you think people in Egypt have nothing more pressing to do than think about how they gonna push "zionist Israelis"into the see ?



by Benyamin on

I cant stand this guy, he looks like a deev!