Rastakhiz Party Celebration 1976

Aryamehr Stadium


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Mehraban jan: Thank you.

by vildemose on

Mehraban jan: Thank you. It's good to be back. I really hope people open their eyes once and for all and see toxic potion that  the zionists and MIC continue to concoct for Iran and people of the region since 1970's.


Hi Vildemose

by Mehrban on

You were missed in your absence.  You know what always strikes me in the old videos, that there were so few people in Iran.

In the last 30years, the population has increased by 150%.  With 70% of the population under thirty you do the math for the next 30 years.  Your comment is smart, "Cui bono"



Who benefits from

by vildemose on

Who benefits from Iran staying a backward, non-secular, theocratic, non-democratic country?? The IRI,the Military Industrial complex, and the zionists. 

Or let me put it another way, what would happen if Iran becomes a functional, secular, progressive and a democratic political and economic power (a true republic without political Islam) in the region?


good comments by HG and Farmarz jaan

by Bavafa on



Mash Ghasem

خواب خرگوش

Mash Ghasem

"خواب خرگوش به خواب یار میماند بعله" ____________________________________________________________________ Bia berim kooh REMIX by Mehran Modiri




حزب جست و خیز


مرسی مندا، پر از خاطره، زندگی آرام و بی دغدغه!

روزنامه توفیق اسمهای خنده داری برای احزاب شاه داشت، حزب کژدم (مردم)، حزب اینارو ببین (ایران نوین) و حزب جست و خیز!

hamsade ghadimi

banning of opposition

by hamsade ghadimi on

banning of opposition political parties and creating a uni-party (rastakhiz) political system (a la communism) was the beginning of the end of shah's reign.  how ironic that one of shah's biggest mistake is a point of pride for some!

opinionpost: i agree.  the music doesn't go with the video.  it's an over-the-top attempt of demonstraing that we're just like the west.


Shah was a miracle, Khomeini and Mollahs A Curse

by AlexInFlorida on

In this Video Freedom of Iranians and wealth of the poorest 80% of society was somewhere from 10 to 100 times better than today after 30 years of Islamic failure. 


No Wonder the majority of Iranian people within Iran believe that the cause was not corruption or political repression but the work of foreigners and the media.


In every defeat and loss there is a seed of a greater reward... imagine a IRAN free to change away from islam towards anything they want. Its coming sooner than you think... even if it takes 50 years more it will have been worth it.




we look like rest of the world in this video

by opinionpost on

just I don't like the choice of music...


wasted talents

by mahmoudg on

How many wasted talents this worthless revolution left behind.  I was in mammoth this past weekend, skiing with a good friend, who is  tremendous skier.  I have know a number of Iranians in their mid to late 40's who are great skiers, and i was telling him, what would have happened to many of us, in the skiing arena, at least. had this THING not happened.  Undoubtedly Iran would hve ranked very high today in the sport of skiing, mong many other fields.  What a waste of a generation and 30 years of our lives under this Islamic Rapist Cultists terrorist regime.


How horrible

by jasonrobardas on

The gigantic images of The "Great Leader" ,Shah , the powerful , shah the benevolent . Reminder of a dictatorship gone to the dust bin of history .

Yet in all fairness , we had every kind of freedom except political freedom . Now ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Nice to see people so

by PArviz on

Nice to see people so relaxed and carefree. 

The celebration part brings to mind ceremonies organized in North Korea in honour of the "great and beloved leader".

The Islamic Republic has been a "giant leap" for the Iranian women back to the dark ages.

By the way, I worked two summers in the Aryamehr stadium. I started when I was 16 and I was stationed in the maintenance team of the 12,000 seat stadium which was used by the public as a skating venue. Entrance fee and skate rental was something like 10 to 15 tomans altogether.The swimming pool was also used by the general public and the entrance fee was I think 5 tomans. Yade un ruzha be kheir, che khosh o bi khial budim.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


À la mode

by comrade on


Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.