Valentine Ban


(AP) — Cupid beware: Iran says it's cracking down on the symbols of Valentine's Day. The annual homage to romance on Feb. 14 has become popular in recent years in Iran and other places in the Middle East. But Iran's semiofficial ILNA news agency reports Sunday that a state directive now bans any cards, gifts, teddy bears or other tokens of the day — which tradition says is named after an early Christian martyr. The backlash in the Islamic Republic is part of a drive against the spread of Western culture.

01/02/2011 - 13:12

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Shazde Asdola Mirza

Sepaas - Priceless ... Priceless - Sepaas

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


Dear divaneh

by KingReza on

What kind of 5 are you talking about? The 5 I'm talking about is an upside down heart.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

This is a good idea for next toon of mine :=) .


Indeed, worshipping dead ARABS

by Cost-of-Progress on

has been the thing Iranians have done best for the last 14 centuries. Why celebrate life and love when you can go out on the street and bleed for the very arabs that killed, raped and otherwise devastated your ancesteors and your nation?

Is moHHaram over yet?

vaaghean ke reedin baa in deenetoon...hame deen daran maa ham deen darim..





Killing the Soul of a Nation

by masoudA on

When Nicolae Ceausescu was sentenced to death in a Romanian military court, he was told his biggest crime was: Killing the Soul of a Nation.   

King Reza - just loved your idea. 

G. Rahmanian

بازار سياه

G. Rahmanian

You know how these mullahs' sons and daughters smuggle drugs and liquor to sell in the black market. It's the same idea. Put a ban on something and then sell it in the "back" of the stores for several times its regular price. Smart marketing strategy, isn't it?


dead worshipping?

by fussygorilla on

Would you prefer a religion where the dead rose up and up and up and you are waiting for his return? Betcha!


What happened to the "hossein" thread here?

by afyoun on

Is this a kind of self-censorship or pro-regime goons have shown their concerns through flagging?

They are censoring you right in the cradle of "freedom of speech".

Meanwhile they use this very website and the "freedom of speech" in
order to publish their backward and inhuman thoughts and nobody here
ever tags them as an abusive. You know why? Because "we are a
compassionate nation" towards our enemies!! We would like to teach them "what love and kindness is" and punish them with Persian wine and poems. We even censor ourselves to not to slightly insult
their rotten believes! And you know what? each time in power, they hit
us harder than the previous.


no surprise

by azadi5 on

you can't expect much more from a dead worshiping religion.



by yolanda on

IRI bans alcohol, dancing, and being affectionate in public......but people still find ways to drink, dance, and express themselves........I know people over there are under theocracy......but they still have feelings and desires.....I predict that they will go underground and mark Valentine's Day secretly.


Yahoo news says people over there suggested replacing Valentine's Day with Mehregan:



Thanks for correction Arthimis Jaan

by divaneh on

What was I thinking! Sorry I've just been reading too much Faramarz.


party poopers!

by MM on



Dear Divaneh, I understand

by Arthimis on

Dear Divaneh,

I understand your polite concern regarding this and as for solution you can simply turn that "arse" upside down and enjoy sending it as a heart to your sweetheart! lol :D


Dear Arthimis and KingReza

by divaneh on

You guys may think it's an excellent idea, but I still think it's a little rude to send the picture of an arse for your love.


Excellent Idea KingReza!

by Arthimis on

Excellent Idea KingReza! No.5 in Persian and in Red colour is the way to go!! :-) Pretty soon they have to ban everything, Green, Red and now Valentine's!! Because whatever that is real and beautiful is exactly what they are not!

Free Iran and Iranians. 


Dear Etaahdieh Senf

by Arthimis on

Dear Etaahdieh Senf Chaap-Khaaneh Daaraan ( Beh Chaap Beh Chaapeh) Tehran,

It seems your letter was printed back in the year 1325 and on your Grand Opening's day!, so we are afraid to tell you it is old and not readable! Please email to us or facebook your message after the Valentines! 

Happy Valentines to you and Emam Houssein and hazrat abbas in advance... 

2011!!! Can you believe this shiat???


Ok what about

by KingReza on

So anything with a heart or half heart is banned. What's the verdict on number 5 printed in Farsi, in red ?;)

Darius Kadivar

So What are the Anti War Crowd Complaining about ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Let's Make War NOT Love !

DrStrangelove - Ending



Poor print quality on top of

by benross on

Poor print quality on top of that!