Fereydoun Farrokhzad 10 Days Before Death

Speaks about his sister Forough and Iran's political and cultural ills

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Baba, Take it easy Folks...

by mrramin on

Instead of discussing how to celebrate the life and contribution of Farokhazads (Forough & Fereydoun) to the Iranian culture and society we are going down the wrong alley.

I propose a Museum in Honor of the Farrokhzad in the post IRI regime and also I am renaming "khiaboon e Amirieh" to "Khiaboone Forough Farrokhzad" from this day on.  Please as part of the Negative Resistance, start calling the "Amirieh" to "khiaboone Forough Farrokhzad"


We all know that we can not and should not physicaly fight the IRI (At least I hope) so please start with this kind of negative resistance.  A 90 year old man/woman can fight this kind of fight as well.



What has "fart " got to do with "temple"???

by jasonrobardas on

Gooz che rabti be sheghigheh dareh?  I thought the topic of the discussion was "Farokhzads" .....now .......that is not what you are talking about ....is it ?

Goes to prove that some monarchists are unable to discuss issues logically and intelligently ......


Moarchists don't all wear it on their sleave.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Just got this email about how the empire of the usa works and worked in the past and what this family lost too... no wonder the idea of a republic is so repulsive to so many free thinking and educated people today.


Carter during his campaign for Presidency, promised if he wins, he will change two regimes, IRAN and NIGARACOA. Carter action was the core; the rest was a carefully planned CHESS game played by UK, FRANCE & USA Agents in IRAN.  Each player played his part to destroy 50 years of struggle of Reza Shah and his son.   The issue was not corruption; if anyone has doubt can watch the depth of Corruption in west on TV. Just about every Senator, Governor, Congressman is on some special interest payroll. The issue was not Shah getting married to 2-3 wives,  or ALAM Secretary of Court dating a french Woman, watch N.GINGRIRCH, EDWARD…President of FRANCE, President of ITALLY and their dirt .  We all  have read and seen pictures and stories of Churchill and his driver intimate Sex and relationship,  Kennedy with Marylyn Monroe, or Clinton  SEX Scandals in while in white house, or DC Madam with 2000 Politician on her list.
IRAN Prime Minister, after Hovayda, in a week or so from the time he came to power, ordered Monthly payments to close to 7,000 Mullahs through SAVAK, AZMOUN, and NAVIDI (OFFICE MANAGER OF NIOC) to be terminated, in cabinet he stated “payment to all Mullahs, bunch of MOUFT KHOUR must be stopped as of today”. PLAN?  He is alive and lives in Washington, Just check with one or two of his cabinet members). He was the man that Shah paid $30 Million to CARLOS/TERRORIST  took him HOSTAGE as part of   “OPEC MEMBERS were taken HOSTAGE...”
Carter based on plan transferred $150 Million to Khomeini. The same Prime Minister pushed to Move University of ARIA MEHER to ISFAHAN, ignited Strikes by students and professors all over the Country, a planned push to unite students and faculty to join Mullahs, & BAZARIES


     Forough was by no

by jasonrobardas on

     Forough was by no means a monarchist . This would be an outright lie. She was in fact , promoting "freedom of speech" through her poetry in a society that was stagnant , paternalistic and reppressive .  Here's a woman whose lover and companion "Ebrahim Golestan" was opposed to the Shah's regime.  Golestan was not only Forough's lover and companion but  also her guru and idol. Golestan 's film"The secret of the treasure of the Jinn valley depicted the Shah's corrupt regime . He chose exile during the Pahlavi era due to the pressure of cesorship. Interestingly Forough collaborated with him on such films as the documenatry "The house is black'" .

     Forough also rejected the decadance and the manipulation of the masses by the shahi regime through prpaganda .  She believed that the people are lulled (put to sleep ) by what she called in her poetry "Lala eeye Tamadono farhang" (The lullaby of culture and civilization).

    Fereydoon , however , became a defender of monarchy after the revolution. This does not diminish his significance as being the best entertainer or artist .That does not invalidate my praise of him as a lover of Iran .

     Last but not least , have you heard the persian expression   (Beine tab va marg ...tab ra entekhab kard).....choosing between bad and worse .......


Both Monarchists too and supporters of persian culture

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Which is why I am surprised at your praising them jasonrobardas when seeing some of your venom filled comments against the late shah.


Fereydoon and Forough

by jasonrobardas on

      These were truly two of the greatest Iconoclasts in the Iranian history. They both suffered deeply from the torments and hostility of the  backward and culturally underdeveloped Iranian masses of their times.

      Forough was a pioneer in her attempt to break the social chains on women . No other female poet , before her, had ever expressed her thoughts and sentiments so freely ! Fereydoon was the purest essence of an "artist" and one of the best entertainers , Iran has ever had .

     They were both way ahead of their times .