London, Piccadilly: Iranian Films

Overnight screening at festival

UK Iranian Film Festival (UKIFF) invites you to savour with us an all-night journey of exploration through thought. On the 5th of August 2011 we will be screening an array of carefully selected films lasting the entire night. Starting at 11.30pm the screening will go on until 6am the following morning (Saturday 6th August). Your evening will begin with live traditional music by the talented Mr. Adib & Mehdi Rostami. Once tucked into our seats, we will set off on our journey with a set of intriguing Short Films (including animations) to whet our appetites. With a gradual change in mood throughout the course of the night, we will follow with a carefully selected programme composed of one feature film and four documentaries, carefully selected for you >>>




by fereydoon on

Gholame Peyrovaani o eshgh ast :)