Never Seen the Sea

Shepherd girl's dream


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by yolanda on

This little girl is a bundle of joy! I like the way she laughs....very contagious! I can picture her saying "OMG! I am scared!"

Her dad is nice and quiet.......a loving and protective dad.....look at the way he held his daughter!

A Fun clip!


A gem of a father

by reader1 on

There's few things in the world that will move me to tears, and a father's love for his daughter is one of them. Those of us who are lucky to have a daughter know very well the joy this gem of a  father is experiencing. Let’s  hope that she will grow to become an independent woman with the same opportunities  and  rights as her joyful brother.


What a wonderful Father

by fidelio5 on

A shepherd father who obviously loves his treasure of a daughter so much to make her albeit humble dream come true.


Very cute...

by alborz on

...and sweet. 

In the hope for a bright future for their generation.




by yolanda on

LOL! The girl is cute & adorable...she has a machine-gun laughter!

Great clip....I watched three times!


Nice Dream

by jmyt17 on


What a lovely moment. Hope you can make it.

Jahanshah Javid

Sweet Dream

by Jahanshah Javid on

How lovely... may all your wishes come true little one.